PSA to Republicans: Romney lost to Obama! Get Over It!

Mopvyzo USA 2012/11/09 09:18:55
It wouldn't have made any difference who was picked as presidential nominee, they still would have not been able to defeat Obama. Barack Obama was going to be a 2nd term president and the Obama supporters made that happen. That is the reality.
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  • Rebel Yell 2012/11/09 14:45:40
    Rebel Yell
    Just read Dick Morris' column. He predicted Romney would run away with electoral votes. Now he is back pedaling. He says Sandy helped Obama win. While a few undecideds may have voted for that reason, by the time Sandy arrived, voters knew who they were voting for. It wasn't just about Sandy. Far from it.

    All those billions Karl Rove convinced wealthy Republicans to part with may have just been tossed on a fire. The NRA spent millions trying to defeat those vying for Senate seats, such as Sherrod Brown. Did not work. Money down the drain.

    Voter supression didn't work either. While watching the news clips of the long lines to vote ( several hours), I noticed those in line were a highly diversified group , mostly black and brown. Republicans worked so hard to keep these voters away, but there they stood, waiting patiently.

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  • Tarheel 2012/11/14 03:27:54
    They are acting like big babies. When Al Gore won the popular vote yet lost the election, I sure didn't sign some stupid petition to "secede" from the U.S. That's idiotic.
  • EdVenture 2012/11/10 19:57:48
  • wildcat 2012/11/10 14:45:12
    Obama won simply because his team out worked team Romney. Simple as that.
  • WankerBait 2012/11/10 14:07:50
  • Thom Payne 2012/11/10 11:12:48
    Thom Payne
    I don't know where the shock is from. Anyone who has paid attention to reality knew that Obama was going to have over 300 EVs and that Romney would have around 200. It has been polled that way since June and has not changed significantly (in the days between the first and second debates Obama dropped to the high 200s and Romney increased to the 220s, but never has Obama not been predicted to have less than the 271 needed to win.

    Oh, and it was not just the Republicans who lost, but this was a rejection of teabagger politics and a national move to a more progressive political agenda.
  • wildcat Thom Payne 2012/11/10 14:47:33
    As evidenced by the Gay Marriage agenda winning in four states and the passing of legalized recreational marijuana in two states. One of those state was supposed to have been a battle ground state.
  • EdVenture wildcat 2012/11/10 19:49:53
    We approved Med Mar
  • wildcat EdVenture 2012/11/10 21:06:56
    that is true
  • Mopvyzo USA 2012/11/10 10:51:47
  • Ken 2012/11/10 02:22:54
    IMO, the Republican lost the 2008, 2012, and 2016 election in 2004 when they reelected George Bush. As I told Republican friends in June, 2004....three things would be true in 2008
    1) America would still have troops in Iraq
    2) Gasoline would be $5/gallon and
    3) America would be in the middle of a recession
    and if the Republicans were in power, they could not be able to blame the Democrats.

    2008 was much as predicted and the Republicans lost. In 2012, despite their best efforts, the Republicans failed to stick blame for this economy on the Democrats and Obama. Will they correct the mistakes of the Bush administration or will they continue to perpetuate the Bush tax cuts? Perhaps if they correct their mistakes, they will have a chance in 2016 ....but based on Boehner's comments today, I suspect the Republicans will lose the Bush tax cuts but still not recognize that cutting taxes while going to war will destroy any empires.
  • Beccy 2012/11/10 01:21:22
    People don;t need to rub it in. I remember when Gore and Kerry lost I was very sad because I worked hard to get them elected.
  • ehrhornp Beccy 2012/11/10 20:43:06
    Gore and Kerry only lost because the elections were stolen. It is silly of republicans to think that they would be able to continue stealing elections.
  • Beccy ehrhornp 2012/11/11 00:19:41
    I know the elections were stoen and it breaks my heart that nothing was done about it.
  • ehrhornp Beccy 2012/11/11 00:44:52
    I agree. One of my disappointments about Obama was that he didn't do something about this or about 9/11. It would have been nice to have a real investigation where so much was not classified.
  • Beccy ehrhornp 2012/11/11 00:50:52
    There is so much that needs to be investigated from the past 12 years it makes my head spin.
  • ehrhornp Beccy 2012/11/11 01:08:42
    True but I doubt it will be. Everything will just be swept under the rug and this will allow the republicans to come back. Disgusting.

    But I can at least appreciate that the march to Oceania has been stopped in its tracts.
  • Beccy ehrhornp 2012/11/11 21:02:05
    The democrats let little george do things that were illegal
  • ehrhornp Beccy 2012/11/11 21:13:29
    Unfortunately there is a lot of truth to this. They should have called for impeachment after GW said no one ever anticipated such an event as 9/11. Then on his desk was a memo warning of such an attack.
  • Beccy ehrhornp 2012/11/11 21:43:18
    I totally agree. Friends called me the one woman impeachment team. Stopped trying after they bailed out the bankers.
  • ehrhornp Beccy 2012/11/11 21:47:48
    Unfortunately money talks in today's world.
  • Beccy ehrhornp 2012/11/11 21:49:06
    It seems that is all that is important
  • Chokmah 2012/11/09 22:58:55
  • scbluesman13 2012/11/09 20:08:23
    If the GOP ever wants to get a president into office again, they HAVE to shed their fundamentalist right wing, and re-establish the moderate wing of their party. That's the ONLY way they will get moderates, independents, and swing voters to come back to their camp in large enough numbers. What ever happened to the compassionate conservative? Why are all the candidates just mean a**holes now?
  • sjalan scblues... 2012/11/10 17:29:17
    The same voters that elected President Eisenhower (personally he was the BEST Democrat of the 20th century) will have to see a Republican Party that stood on those same planks of their platform then.
  • ehrhornp scblues... 2012/11/10 20:45:32
    Republican instituted a purity test. An Eisenhower wouldn't be allowed into the Republican party today.
  • Queen B ehrhornp 2012/11/11 00:46:42
    Queen B
    Neither would Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt.
  • ehrhornp Queen B 2012/11/11 00:51:22
    True. Today once a republican fails he ceases being a republican hero and instantly becomes a RINO.
  • scblues... ehrhornp 2012/11/14 01:25:06
    Exactly! And I find that such a sad state of affairs, not just for the GOP but for the entire country.
  • ehrhornp scblues... 2012/11/14 16:21:20
    It is good to have at least a two party system. If there is only one party, corruption can seep in easier. But republicans have to start being logical. Science is what has advanced the world. To deny it is just idiotic.
  • #Justice4Trayvon 629 BLOCKT... 2012/11/09 18:43:05
    #Justice4Trayvon 629 BLOCKT CONS
    It is quite obvious to me that a good majority of the American people feel as I have said for years on Sodahead's message boards. They were not going to reward the Republican party for their childish temper tantrums, their obstruction of everything that would improve this country's fiscal house. Republican leadership on Capitol Hill made a bone-headed decision to do ANYTHING (including further wrecking our economy) to make Barack Obama a one-term president. It didn't work, even after the SCOTUS handed them the tools to accomplish it via Citizens United. There's work to be done & my president is ready to move forward to accomplish the people's work. I just hope the Republicans are also. Otherwise, they'll hafta contend with US in 2014.
  • ehrhornp 2012/11/09 17:37:47
    Well who knows what would have happened if the republicans had an Eisenhower in their ranks. But Eisenhower wouldn't be allowed into the republican party today. I hope that republicans will dump it's big intrusive government mentality and start acting conservative again. May not vote for them but even Nixon was a lot better than the idiots the republicans had running this year.
  • wildcat ehrhornp 2012/11/10 14:51:21
    Dwight Eisenhower quotes Dwight Eisenhower quotes

    No truer words were ever spoken, ehrhornp great job
  • ehrhornp wildcat 2012/11/10 16:11:59
    So sad that the republican party has separated from its roots. Growing up one key thing about republicans is that they respected history and past leaders. Obviously no more. Now chances are good that they will start calling Romney a RINO and move even more to the luny right. Pathetic.
  • sjalan ehrhornp 2012/11/10 17:32:20
    And what separated it from its roots was the 1980's pledge and vow by the Rabid Radical Religious Reich to turn our country into a Fascist Theocracy.
  • ehrhornp sjalan 2012/11/10 17:58:52
    Yes, remember that well. The marriage to the phony christian fundamentalists. Prior to 1980 religion didn't play that much of a roll.
  • sjalan ehrhornp 2012/11/10 18:38:34
    Well you have to go back to the Prohibition era and the early 1900's Here is an quote from an article on the period

    "Coming to Maturity.

    As "the American century" dawned, the country's religious bodies faced a distinctly modern world, one in which the United States would often take center stage. If the Civil War had represented the growing pains of the nation's adolescence, the twentieth century clearly saw America attaining maturity. The country still faced a long and difficult task of defining what its role in the world should be, and its churches likewise had to clarify their place in a changing society. Economic, social, and intellectual trends that had begun shortly after the Civil War continued to transform American society, often in ways that challenged traditional religious values. Many religious leaders observed an increasing secularization that threatened the effectiveness of churches both in shaping public policy and in maintaining the loyalty of their members. Many theologians wrestled with two parallel concerns: if, and how, the churches should adapt to keep up....."

    As you can see, it has always been a battle between Religious Theocracy and Secularization of our society.
  • ehrhornp sjalan 2012/11/10 20:58:22
    That is true. Just talking about during my life time. Nixon didn't seem particularly religious. Carter did but in a sincere way. Eisenhower didn't seem to talk about it but I was pretty young then. I just remember him playing golf and my aunts had a I like Ike dress.

    All changed in 1980 but in a phony way.
  • sjalan ehrhornp 2012/11/10 21:03:46
    Yep the 1980's was the start of Televangelism and the march towards a Fascist Theocracy.
  • ehrhornp sjalan 2012/11/10 21:06:10
    Yes shame that Reagan really started the process. Papa Bush really described Reaganomics perfectly when he called it Voodoo economics. Papa Bush would have been better back in 1980. May have prevented the republican party from becoming crazy.
  • sjalan ehrhornp 2012/11/10 21:17:06
    Nope. The Rabid Radical Religious Reich was set to take over local city governments, then county then state and aimed at national positions 8 years ago. And have been successful in their conquests until this 2012 election cycle.

    See www.theocracywatch.org for more explanation of of just how scary this attack on our US Constitution really is.

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