Protests Get Violent Across the Middle East Over Anti-Muslim Film: Should the Film Have Been Made?

AdriHead 2012/09/14 19:00:00
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As if the death of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other U.S. officials wasn't enough, violence continues in the Middle East in protest of an American-made, anti-Muslim film that portrays Prophet Mohammed as a womanizer, killer and child molester.

Clashes between protesters and security forces outside the U.S. Embassies in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Sudan have resulted in a handful of deaths so far. Protesters continue to burn U.S. flags and attempt to storm U.S. Embassies across the Middle East.

Do you think the controversial film should have been made in the first place? Or was it a poor move considering the hyper-sensitive relationship between the East and West right now?

CBSNEWS.COM reports:
Clashes outside U.S. Embassies in Sudan, Tunisia and Cairo; At least 3 dead in demonstrations held in several nations after Friday prayers, as protesters denounce anti-Islamic film
3 dead demonstrations nations friday prayers protesters denounce anti-islamic film

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  • Daryl 2012/09/14 20:02:19 (edited)
    I'm not sure
    1. It was not an 'anti-Muslim' film. It was a youtube clip critical of Mohammed.

    2. The murders and riots are not anti-film, they are anti-US

    3. The liberal narrative is to blame the movie because if they did not, it would lead them to the obvious conclusion: Obama's foreign policy of bow and scrape generates more violence against Americans.

    Obama foreign policy failure

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  • manfrommars46 2013/12/25 19:23:36
    Yes, it's free speech
    But Mohammed was a womaniser, killer and child molester. The film is just telling it like it is. Muslims believe in a criminal and monster. That's their problem. The solution is to renounce Islam not murder innocent people.
  • Big Al 2013/03/24 20:00:47
    Yes, it's free speech
    Big Al
    Wow, did this hoax turn out to be the smoking gun or what??? Obama, The BENGHAZI BUTCHER, turns out to be the only reason behind these 4 great American's death'S!!!!
  • Mj PINKYFINGERDOWN 2013/01/03 21:37:29 (edited)
  • sglmom 2012/10/24 04:50:30
    Yes, it's free speech
    These idiots ..
    are all rioting over a ..
    shall we say ..
    low-budget SPOOF ..
    Good Grief ..
    the ones participating in these THREATS ...
    need to grow up already ..
    and stop with living in the dark ages
    (of violence, hate .. all whipped up deliberately .. )
  • Sister Jean 2012/10/24 00:00:37
    No, it's a politically sensitive time right now
    Sister Jean
  • Little Angel 2012/10/23 23:39:55
    No, it's a politically sensitive time right now
    Little Angel
    Some may think it was free speech but I think it was made to provoke the Muslims & I am sure other Religions wouldn't have liked one made against them. Sometimes....Silence is Golden.
  • Steve Little ... 2013/12/30 19:22:03
    The other religions wouldn't have KILLED PEOPLE, and destroyed property!!! PLEASE wake up AMERICA, these ANIMALS UNDERSTAND ONE THING AND ONE THING ONLY!!!!

    Proud Conservative
  • Dave 007 2012/10/07 15:00:05
    Yes, it's free speech
    Dave 007
    If they don't like it.......F THEM!
  • verra lancaster 2012/10/07 09:54:28
  • susy 2012/10/07 02:51:04
    Yes, it's free speech
    The death of the US Ambassador has nothing to do with the stupid poorly made film and much to do with the terrorists that replaced the American flag in the Embassy with theirs. Attacking an Embassy constitutes an act of war but our President instead of doing his job chose to stay on Vegas with his campaign and later blamed the stupid movie on the terrorist's attack. He again turned down Netanyahu but went to listen to the crazy Iranian and then declared we were to blame for the attacks on our Embassies!
    I don't see any Christians getting up in arms for the many films depicting the one whose name was changed to 'Jesus' as everything from a homosexual to a womanizer... Those films are considered free speech but let anyone say 'moo' against Islam and then all hell breaks loose and our President once again, excuses their terrorism blaming a dumb film.
  • Art DLG 2012/10/07 01:14:58
    Yes, it's free speech
    Art DLG
    I really don't care what people outside our country think of us and our laws!
  • Tee Wolf 2012/09/26 16:45:36
    Yes, it's free speech
    Tee Wolf
    If there culture and laws say no.......When your there, they must respect ours in return!!!
  • iamthemob ~ the 444th Guru ~ 2012/09/25 15:59:18
    No, it's a politically sensitive time right now
    iamthemob ~ the 444th Guru ~
    I just don't think it should have been made because it's terrible in every conceivable way.

    Even if it didn't potentially spark violence, it shouldn't have been made.
  • David L. Carlisle 2012/09/24 22:24:21
    Yes, it's free speech
    David L. Carlisle
    Of course it's freedom of speech! Obama lies every single day and he is protected by the same freedom. We Americans who believe in GOD, as Christians, know that mohammed was, and is, a false prophet and is due no respect. Do those Satanic muslims show any respect for our GOD or prophets, NO! Double standards.
  • Jawaria David L... 2012/09/25 02:32:44
    The "obama lies every day" part really made me crack up lol. it just sounds so funny...
  • susy Jawaria 2012/10/07 02:53:06
    Laugh all you want, obama lies every day and so do his croonies...
  • Steve Jawaria 2013/01/29 03:59:36
    BUT OHHH SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!

    Semper Fi
  • Jawaria Steve 2013/02/04 16:04:09
    Lolllll ;D
  • Anarimus David L... 2012/09/25 04:37:41
    Actually Muslims hold Jesus in high respect as a prophet as well as all of the Old Testament prophets they just disagree that he was a Messiah or the son of God. If the film was a thoughtful and logical argument against Islam it would be right speech but this film's intent was just to piss people off and be as offensive as possible. I criticize all religious as being modern mythology that people are conditioned to believe but i wouldn't make a video of Jesus cornholing a donkey or anything.
  • tytyvyllus Anarimus 2012/10/07 22:37:31
    yes, I have heard that the followers of Allah hold Jesus et. al. in high regard it is just Christ's followers that they want annihilated. I think the film was a great excuse for them to celebrate 9-11 in that fun loving way they have around anniversaries and holidays.
  • Anarimus tytyvyllus 2012/10/25 22:17:02
    They hate us atheists even more..trust me...they do.
  • tytyvyllus Anarimus 2012/10/25 22:35:55
    you are trusted. thanks
  • nynaeve Anarimus 2012/10/15 06:47:15
    Actually Jesus in the koran is indeed the messiah, although muslims have no idea what a messiah is. Muslims SAY they respect all prophets but the only one they give a rats arse about is Muhammad
  • hhanker... nynaeve 2012/10/22 18:19:48 (edited)
    In all actuality Muslims denigrate Christ and Muhamnad does his best to renounce Christ as the Son of God. They view Christ as merely a prophet and add his mother to the Holy Trinity. They also state that she was born a little over a 1000 years before she actually was and call her the sister to Moses. Muhammad refers to himself as the seal off the prophets despite Christ referencing himself as that when he says that he is the Alpha and the Omega.
    The point is that Islam is man made and contradictory in every way. It declares war and terror in all those who oppose it and in its very core knows nothing of peace although it attempts to veil itself in it. Believers are encouraged to deceive unbelievers until they gain the upper hand.
    The Bible that I read and study has a very different God that the one in the Quran.
    I debate these issues with Muslims regularly and the result is the same. They curse me, call me names, get angry, while I bless them. The truth indeed cuts like a knife.
  • nynaeve hhanker... 2012/10/24 03:27:32
    Yes indeed. Just to be clear on what I was saying Isa ibn Maryam is the messiah in the koran but its a meaningless title. Do you go to Paltalk?
  • hhanker... nynaeve 2012/11/19 13:40:33
    No I never heard of it.
  • nynaeve hhanker... 2012/11/23 22:00:29
    Check it out, social issues, human rights section or the religious section. You will find a lot of interesting discussion there about the ROP.
  • mountai... David L... 2012/10/06 15:55:57
    Thanks for saying it all for me. I happen to have a description from a Muslim Woman about the life of a Muslim Woman. She is actually only one of many, sometimes marrying as young as 9, and having marriages consummated withing days of the marriage. Pedophiles, false prophets, anti-christ in the beheaddings of all who do not accept the mark of the beast, on and on I can go.
  • Jsodadog 2012/09/24 22:15:01
    Yes, it's free speech
    This movie is so bad, that if it wasn't for a few angry Islamic clerics that heard about it (didn't even see it because that would be blasphemy) then made sure their community got angry and rioted; NOBODY would know about this movie. It would be a free speech non-event. You can yell fire, but not in a crowded movie theater. The islamic world created the movie theater after the fact. Perhaps this film director should have used the name Mike instead of Muhammed. What about Monty Python's Life of Brian? Christians didn't riot to a movie that insulted and trivialized the era of Jesus.
  • Nohahim... Jsodadog 2012/09/25 04:52:55
    Nohahim Ben Elohim
    I have news for you, "The Life of Brian" portrayed Israel to a tee back then; as to how gullible and ignorant they all really were! Anyone who spoke any words that had any bit of wisdom to them, they were believed to be a messiah or prophet. That is why it was so easy for the devil to rape a virgin and produce one that because of their ignorance is believed to the Christ, the son of David! Again it is needed be asked, "Howbiet ye still say the son of David be Christ? When David called him Lord? Howfore then can he be his son?" The answer to this question no one has ever gotten correct! All I hear is rationalization after speculation after rationalization! The answer overlooked by man is: HE COULDN'T BE and THEREFORE HE IS NOT!
  • danny 2012/09/24 17:11:31
    Yes, it's free speech
    The people in that part of the world just don't get it. They are used to being told how to think about everything, and they are afraid to speak if they have a different opinion. So they have a "pack" mentality, and when the pack gets excited, they can get crazy!
    They also show their loyalty to the leaders of the pack by marching and screaming like crazy people.
    Truth is, they don't know anything else, because they live in a closed society, with filtered information, and limited education.
  • cottineyedjoe 2012/09/24 17:09:05
    Yes, it's free speech
    Yes, politically it is a sensitive time. But that is no reason th infringe on free speech
  • Luisa Hank 2012/09/24 14:36:18
    Yes, it's free speech
    Luisa Hank
    As usual, you are missing the point. The movie was released in June. The administration is using it as cover to claim that this was a spontaneous crowd uprising. It was terror, was allowed by the government we installed and we need to stop sending them aid. ALL aid.
  • Amnah Al-Mushiri 2012/09/23 11:36:11
    No, it's a politically sensitive time right now
    Amnah Al-Mushiri
    Its unethical! because it deals with peoples religious belief system.
  • susy Amnah A... 2012/10/07 02:59:23
    So the Inquisition was fine becuase the Catholics did not like the Jews' belief system?
    You can write as many books and make as many movies as you want critical of any religion in the world and that is no excuse to go up in arms about it. If a person's beliefs are that weak that they feel insulted or threatened to that point then its time they rethink their beliefs...
  • tytyvyllus susy 2012/10/07 22:43:20
    I don't think the Diasporas and some of the other atrocities shown the Jews were a matter of religious differences at all. I think because the Jews were the money lenders they could get rid of the Jews and not have to repay the debt. who can we get rid of to get rid of our national debt?
  • BiteMe 2012/09/22 22:02:47
    Yes, it's free speech
    I'm not going to apologize to anyone for my answer. I have served and been in those areas. They have always tried to dictate to the US how WE should do things and if we didn't do it the way they wanted it done, they rioted, they killed and they burned. And they alway blame it on someone else. When they start accepting responsibility, then and ONLY then will I recognize them as anything other than a target to shoot.
  • Amnah A... BiteMe 2012/09/23 11:48:52
    Amnah Al-Mushiri
    I am an American and live over here and I hope I, along with many others stay out of your scope if you do decide to open fire! The highest majority of people over here are very kind and do not agree with the indiviuals that are doing the hate crimes the Americans, Palistinians, Iraqis, and other neigboring countries are doing! there are fewer bad then good people in our world! It is culture that is making misunderstandings happen over here and the fact that there is no laws yet ordained. If you were over here and didnt see this then shame on you. Maybe the reason that you were over here was blinding you from seeing real people! Please don't misunderstand me, I am so sure you have seen bad in action but do not forget there was also good.
  • tytyvyllus Amnah A... 2012/10/01 21:17:58
    dear Pollyanna:
    why, then I ask, are these wonderful people, who you claim to be in the majority, not speaking out against the atrocities perpetrated by the few 'bad' folks? you strike me as more than a tad naive. your experience in the middle east is markedly different from the reality expressed by the appropriately unapologetic 'biteme'.
  • Amnah A... tytyvyllus 2012/10/04 21:56:19
    Amnah Al-Mushiri
    Up until recently there was no speech let alone the idea of freedom in your sense of it. It is all new but people are starting to grown and become aware. It will take time.
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