Proof!...Racism is alive and well in most conservatives minds.

Manuel 2012/03/08 19:21:58
ORLANDO, Florida (Reuters) - The family of a 17-year-old
African-American boy shot to death last month in his gated Florida
community by a white Neighborhood Watch captain wants to see the captain
arrested, the family's lawyer said on Wednesday.

Trayvon Martin was shot dead after
he took a break from watching NBA All-Star game television coverage to
walk 10 minutes to a convenience store to buy snacks including Skittles
candy requested by his 13-year-old brother, Chad, the family's lawyer
Ben Crump said.

"He was a good kid," Crump said
in an interview, adding that the family would issue a call for the Watch
captain's arrest at a news conference on Thursday. "On his way home, a
Neighborhood Watch loose cannon shot and killed him."

Trayvon, who lived in Miami with
his mother, had been visiting his father and stepmother in a gated
townhome community called The Retreat at Twin Lakes in Sanford, 20 miles
north of Orlando.

As Trayvon returned to the townhome, Sanford police received a 911 call reporting a suspicious person.

Although names are blacked out on the police report, Crump and media
reports at the time of the shooting identified the caller as George
Zimmerman who is listed in the community's newsletter as the
Neighborhood Watch captain.

Without waiting for police to arrive, Crump said, Zimmerman
confronted Trayvon, who was on the sidewalk near his home. By the time
police got there, Trayvon was dead of a single gunshot to the chest.

"What do the police find in his pocket? Skittles," Crump said. "A
can of Arizona ice tea in his jacket pocket and Skittles in his front
pocket for his brother Chad."

Zimmerman could not be reached for comment on Wednesday evening at a phone number listed for him on the community's newsletter.

Crump said the family was concerned that police might decide to
consider the shooting as self defense, and that police have ignored the
family's request for a copy of the original 911 call, which they think
will shed light on the incidents.

"If the 911 protocol across the country held to form here, they told
him not to get involved. He disobeyed that order," said Ryan Julison, a
spokesman for the family.

"He (Zimmerman) didn't have to get out of his car," said Crump, who
has prepared a public records lawsuit to file on Thursday if the family
doesn't get the 911 tape. "If he never gets out of his car, there is no
reason for self-defense. Trayvon only has skittles. He has the gun."

Since Trayvon, a high school junior who wanted to be a pilot, was
black and Zimmerman is white, Crump said race is "the 600 pound elephant
in the room."

"Why is this kid suspicious in the first place? I think a stereotype must have been placed on the kid," Crump said.

(Editing By Cynthia Johnston and Peter Bohan)

You conservatives can write any lie you want on this one...

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  • Freedom4 2012/03/23 17:35:45
    How pathetic. This has nothing to do with conservatives you freaking dunce. Just more democrat baseless race baiting.
  • Manuel Freedom4 2012/03/25 06:18:38
    then disprove it....
  • Freedom4 Manuel 2012/03/25 18:48:19
    So, you make some radical nonsensical claim, with no proof, and then ask me to disprove it. What the hell kind of rational debate is that?
  • Manuel Freedom4 2012/11/27 03:12:05
    lol...I think this election is more then enough proof of were the majority of while male conservatives are at...with racism...
  • Freedom4 Manuel 2012/11/30 12:09:09
    Are you referring to the 96% of African Americans that voted for Obama?
  • Manuel Freedom4 2012/12/03 04:07:09
    I was referring to the to 96 percent of white middle aged conservative uptight males...
  • MorbidCynic 2012/03/14 05:12:42 (edited)
    There is no proof conservatives are racist, you liberals really need to learn to think before you speak or react, it's not that hard.
  • Manuel MorbidC... 2012/03/14 17:59:43
    Well I met Conservatives who are not racists...that why I sad MOST...and not the word ALL...

    But the racists that I have met and have known many were conservatives including some blacks who hated blacks... and as far as blacks go that hate whites, if they are members of the Black Muslim of Islam...or The New Black Panthers party they might as well wear a sign saying ...I am a racist...and all white supremacy groups are conservatives who will support Ron Paul and now also Rick Sandroum...?...might have Rick's last name spelled wrong... and that's the way it really is....
  • MorbidC... Manuel 2012/03/15 01:22:15 (edited)
    Most conservatives aren't racist, liberals just have a bad habit of assuming anyone who is a racist must be conservative, and if a white person who isn't a liberal doesn't like someone or some people who aren't white liberals jump to the conclusion they must be racist. Also, libertarians support Ron Paul the most.
  • Manuel MorbidC... 2012/03/15 04:41:37
    Most conservatives aren't racist...that what I said...but the white racists I met told me they are conservatives and hate even whites that are liberals like me and don't like blacks unless they know their place in a white society..which of course is not in the W.H........ and I am not talking about white supremacy people here...
  • MorbidC... Manuel 2012/03/15 04:54:11 (edited)
    Seems like the only reason those people are calling themselves conservative is because they believe the lie that all conservatives are racist, and since they're racist thay decide to become a conservative. Also, I've never met a conservative who was racist.
  • Manuel MorbidC... 2012/03/15 05:04:21
    I never met a racist liberal anywhere....but the south is full of racist conservatives... we used to call them Dixiecrat...surely you must know this....
  • MorbidC... Manuel 2012/03/15 05:11:31
    Jsyk, simply disliking people of a different race for whatever reason(s) doesn't make one racist, hating people solely because of their race and only loving their own makes them racist.
  • Manuel MorbidC... 2012/03/15 05:26:49
    it depends...on the inside...there's a very fine line in what your saying ...so fine it an easly hideout for racists...
  • MorbidC... Manuel 2012/03/15 05:12:24 (edited)
    Also, a lot of liberals believe blacks (and mexicans) are weak and need government assistance to get by, and those who don't need government assistance are branded as sambo, uncle tom, etc.
  • Manuel MorbidC... 2012/03/15 05:32:28
    no that's a racist conservative skewed view to hide behind...because many whites need government assistance to get by as well....and we Libs know this about many white people and many other races born here...government assistance isn't a black program which is what the right wing presents it as...that's insulting and racist if you ask me.......government assistance it's for anyone that needs it...
  • MorbidC... Manuel 2012/03/15 05:34:44 (edited)
    But liberals see no problem with living on government assistance permanently, especially for mexicans and blacks since they see them as weak and hate them when they don't need it, which is racist.
  • Manuel MorbidC... 2012/03/15 07:52:40
    that is another racist right wing view....
  • MorbidC... Manuel 2012/03/15 05:35:52 (edited)
    Also, have you noticed abortion clinics thrive in black populated areas? Courtesy of the liberals.
  • Manuel MorbidC... 2012/03/15 08:11:35
    they don't thrive any where...they do 2% of abortions in the whole U.S.population.

    It's nonsense like this you put up that make conservatives look hateful and resentful and even racists...

    against people that are Muslims and,

    people that speak Spanish so you think they just have to be here illegally.

    You hate gay rights...You hate pro choice but hate to see your tax dollars keep crack babies alive...

    and you guys hate all women's rights...you guys really think they just belong in the kitchen...

    You don't mind if your tax dollars are used to make war weapons to kill others.. but you flip out if your tax dollars feed or clothed or shelter the poor...

    you guys all think just like Archie Bunker...lol....sad man that's just to pathetic for this day and time...
  • MorbidC... Manuel 2012/03/26 03:44:24
    Tax dollars don't help the poor, and if you care about the poor so much you should donate to them more and encourage others to do the same.
  • Manuel MorbidC... 2012/03/26 04:00:11
    First off ...I do help the poor...I teach guitar...and teach poor kids for free...and once a week make free lunch with some of the money I make from students who can afford lessons...to hand out to random street people...that's just my little helping hand...and I don't do it to get a medal pinned on my chest or to get put up on a pedestal...

    And tax dollars do help the poor...many poor have gotten out of poverty because of getting job skills or going to college and graduate and get jobs..or put into a rehabilitation drug program and got clean and became a productive citizen...

    Now I also understand that this doesn't mean everyone being helped this way with tax dollars makes it...some just stay on the Welfare because that's the way it is...and some just abuse the system...but lets not forget those that use the tax programs system to better themselves and get a decent life from a new skill or eduction from tax dollars...So for them...I don't mind my taxes doing this kind of good...IMHO helping some people recover is worth it to me...
  • MorbidC... Manuel 2012/03/26 04:16:26 (edited)
    Tax dollars don't bring the poor out of poverty, the poor bring themselves out of poverty (with some help) if they have a desire to be self reliant. And if what you said about you helping the poor is true then you should encourage as many people as possible to do what they can to help the poor instead of relying on taxes.
  • Manuel MorbidC... 2012/03/26 04:21:19
    lol...Tax dollars did that for me dude...and should I encourage you to help as many people as possible?
  • MorbidC... Manuel 2012/03/26 04:25:45
    Some poor people want to live on tax dollars (welfare/food stamps) forever. Tax dollars alone can't help bring the poor out of poverty, they must have a desire to get a job and be self reliant.
  • Manuel MorbidC... 2012/03/27 03:47:50
    you must be deaf or blind or both....these programs that our tax dollars pay for do help some people to just get above poverty or better...and as far as poverty goes...millions` of poor people actually work...some two or 3 jobs and still cannot get out of poverty ..if it was that easy to get out of poverty nobody would be in poverty...

    Like being rich...not everybody is rich...you are not rich...and you never will be.....
  • MorbidC... Manuel 2012/03/27 04:01:18 (edited)
    Sorry to burst your bubble (not really) but I'm not deaf or blind, and having 2 or 3 low paying jobs is enough to have shelter and enough to eat, and I know I'm not rich, you don't need to tell me that.
  • Manuel MorbidC... 2012/03/26 03:37:27
    ....most are....and that's not to hard to see...
  • MorbidC... Manuel 2012/03/26 03:42:23
    Bullsh*t. You're entitled to your own opinions, but you're not entitled to your own facts.
  • Manuel MorbidC... 2012/03/26 04:01:40
    most are...that's from 50+ fact years of living...
  • MorbidC... Manuel 2012/03/26 04:13:15
    Being a racist doesn't make one conservative, nor does being a conservative make one racist.
  • Manuel MorbidC... 2012/03/26 04:24:09
    To my knowledge there are two groups that hold racists views ...Nomads and Conservatives...now that doesn't include all of them...but that is where the birth of racism comes from...
  • MorbidC... Manuel 2012/03/26 04:28:01
    Conservatives aren't racist, and there's no proof they are.
  • Manuel MorbidC... 2012/03/27 03:55:11
    You do understand Racism was started by whites in the founding of this Country dude...And many of the conservatives today are those bloodline racists....all your white Supremacists groups are conservatives dude...And black racist's groups are Nomads ...because they hate white Liberals and white conservatives and white Libertarians...and white Jews...are we getting through to you now?
  • MorbidC... Manuel 2012/03/27 04:03:48 (edited)
    The parties didn't switch sides and white supremacist groups aren't conservatives, those are lies made up by liberals to make themselves look good and to make conservatives look bad. And who the hell is we?
  • Manuel MorbidC... 2012/03/27 04:36:02
    you wish dude...I know Supremacist whites are conservatives...Ron Paul is one of them...I was attacked by them for handing out literature at Gen Beck's rally...Neo Nazis' were all over that place....And there are racists in the Tea Party as well....and it's mostly conservative racists who hangs the Confederate flag on their flag poles...

    And the we are the ones that are not Racists...You can't be a Liberal or a Moderate if your a racist...But conservatives hold both...non racists...and racists... that's a fact. You can say what ever you want...you can dance around it all you want...

    And the parties don't matter....Because Conservatives were the majority in both parties before the 60's...The Democrats in the south were conservatives...the Liberals Democrats called them Dixiecrats because of their racist views that conservative republicans approved of..

    But in the 60's things changed...The Republicans that voted for civil rights were moderates. And the Democrats that voted for civil rights were Liberals...But the conservative side of the GOP's voted with the Democrat side of conservative Dixiecrats against civil rights...There were crossovers with many as time went on...some Moderates became Liberal...and some Dixiecrats became GOP members...Today the new name for Dixiecrats is Blue dogs...And the Democrat party still has some of them...but they are all slowly leaving and becoming Republicans..
  • adeenmc... Manuel 2012/11/24 23:43:30
  • Manuel adeenmc... 2012/11/27 03:34:06
    thank you...I been around and do know about all this...
  • adeenmc... Manuel 2012/11/27 03:55:18
  • Manuel adeenmc... 2012/12/03 04:11:34
    That's what I get for living too long and studying politics... :)
    Thank you for your complements. But America is now at at a real crossroads ...If the Republican Party doesn't get it's act together...they may be going the way of the dinosaurs in time...
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