Proof UN Soldiers Are Actively Operating On American Soil?

~ The Rebel ~ 2012/08/18 19:12:37
As talk of the US government’s police state expansion heats up and the threat of martial law becomes the topic of conversation for many who are concerned about recent legislative actions and Executive branch orders, many Americans remain skeptical that foreign troops have even stepped foot on American sovereign soil.

They argue that there’s no way that we’d allow foreigners access to our military, technology, strategies or tactics.

Where’s the proof that there are thousands of United Nations soldiers and units in America?

It turns out the proof is right here.

Not only are foreign troops under the banner of the United Nations stationed within the continental United States, they are and have been actively training, and not just for traditional military engagements.

As depicted in the following video, troops and personnel under the command of the United Nations have been training all over the United States in joint exercises that include policing operations and terrorist suppression:

Read More: http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2012/08/heres...

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  • cowboy 2012/08/21 16:36:35
    videos are old. but I expect it is still going on today.
  • shotgun the 3rd 2012/08/18 21:21:50
  • Lagdh 2012/08/18 19:30:35
    And now we can see how the people of Europe feel when we set up our bases there.
  • ray Lagdh 2012/08/18 19:40:18 (edited)
    Those bases in Europe were to protect the Europeans .
    The UN in America has no purpose other that to attack Americans.
  • Lagdh ray 2012/08/19 04:22:38
    We're still on their land buddy, get too close and they can shoot you. How'd you feel if Great Britain made a base a few km from your house, hey they're our ally right? They'd be protecting us!
    Okay well I don't know about you but that sounds like a stupid plan.
  • ray Lagdh 2012/08/19 04:35:18
    Yes, stay away from barbed wire fences and men with guns or you will be shot .
    That applies to military bases in America also.

    Do you know any history on why those bases were built ? or why they remained ? or why the Host countries want them to stay ?
  • Lagdh ray 2012/08/19 12:17:45
    What I know is that I lived in a country where those bases were established(other than America of course).
    Go get shot by people that aren't my own people. Sure they may be nice for Europe's defense but it's still an insult to me and I'm not the only one that shares that opinion.
  • ray Lagdh 2012/08/19 12:30:09
    Who would you be preferred to be shot by ? Those bases may be the only reason you haven't been shot .
    If you think that the Military bases are an insult , take a close study of European history of the early to mid 20th century . Those whom lived in that time period are getting mighty rare . If you visit the Old age homes or the Veterans organizations and speak to any who lived during the war years you would understand . Speaking to first hand survivors is far superior to any book you will ever read.

    The military bases serve only as a trip wire , should those bases be attacked ( IE the host country ) it would be considered an act of war against the US .
    With the support of Nato defending that country. In this way wars are prevented .
  • Lagdh ray 2012/08/19 12:39:25
    I think I'd rather Prefer to be shot by my own but considering I'm not a lawbreaker that shouldn't be a problem.
    Oh well, opinions rarely change. It's just a case of how would you feel?
  • ray Lagdh 2012/08/19 12:59:03
    Stay away from the military bases is standard anywhere in the world .
    Those people are on a 24/7 alert for an attack , their survival depends on a hair trigger.

    Do learn the history , just for your own sake .
  • Lagdh ray 2012/08/19 14:59:13 (edited)
    Yet still another nation's base? We shouldn't freak out. And I'll say that living in it and hearing about it are two different subjects.
  • ray Lagdh 2012/08/19 15:33:18
    There are no foreign forces on American soil for American benefit .
  • Lagdh ray 2012/08/19 15:45:05 (edited)
    But Imperialistic apples still fill our basket, we're in the U.S so are we really going to think that our soldiers are over the ocean for no benefit to that nation? The Afghans certainly don't think so, my cousin has at least one mortar strike his base every day. Oh and did you hear about that suicide truck bomb recently in Afghanistan? Yep, that was at his base too, over 50 MIA.
  • ray Lagdh 2012/08/19 15:52:31
    That is why those soldiers are there. The Afghan government is to weak to establish and maintain a viable Military , police and economy. Americans have no desire to remain , the death and carnage that will result if they left today is beyond description .

    Look closer at the condition of Afghanistan 15 and 25 years ago , there were no American forces then .
  • Lagdh ray 2012/08/19 16:02:07
    I still don't believe we need to shove our own Gov't down their throat.
  • ray Lagdh 2012/08/19 16:37:42
    Where did you get the impression we were?
    The insistence that the Afghan's form and elect their own government is one of the things that has delayed leaving .

    It would have been so much easier to establish a Military occupation , establish a government and then leave as was done to post WWII occupied countries. With this approach we could have left years ago.
  • Lagdh ray 2012/08/19 22:58:39
    They aren't a western country either, it's not their culture.
  • ray Lagdh 2012/08/19 23:05:20
    How does that matter ?
    Military Occupation can install any culture they want it to be .

    Japan was not a Western culture at the end of WWII . Military occupation and the Worship of the Emperor was ended and modern Japan began .
  • Lagdh ray 2012/08/19 23:16:48
    It is a lot more westernized than the other Asiatic countries too. We should realize that the reason many nations hate us is because we are Imperialists. Many Europeans don't hate the people but rather the policies and actions of the government. Btw they think Romney is mental and he sure seems like a militaristic type.
  • ray Lagdh 2012/08/20 12:24:46
    how so imperialist ?
    Where have we profitted other than trade ?
  • Lagdh ray 2012/08/20 12:28:11
    It's right in front of us, it should be easy to see.
  • ray Lagdh 2012/08/20 12:38:54
    Ok , so where ?
  • ~ The R... ray 2012/08/20 12:46:51
    ~ The Rebel ~
    You're talking to a 16 year old that has no doubt been influenced by his liberal education...
  • Lagdh ~ The R... 2012/08/20 13:58:27
    And/or an old coot who still lives in the politics of his childhood and perhaps has next to none worldly knowledge except of that from his backyard. An older opinion isn't a better opinion, but rather a sunk in arrogant one.
  • ~ The R... Lagdh 2012/08/20 15:52:59
    ~ The Rebel ~
    And a younger opinion is usually formed through the lib/prog education system... right?
  • ray ~ The R... 2012/08/20 14:16:44
    I knew , just curious as to the depth of understanding or merely parroting the liberal agenda .
    Probing as to if this was something that had been taught in school or where they would have learned such ideas.
  • Lagdh ray 2012/08/20 21:20:58 (edited)
    My history teacher was a self proclaimed conservative. I myself was raised conservative but I changed.
    Where did these ideas come from? Let's just find something to blame shall we. Not to mention nearly everyone at my school sides with the right, so to talk that way of our education is just another way to point your finger.
    The older generation barely needed to go to school by the way.
  • ray Lagdh 2012/08/20 21:34:30
    The last question directed to you was a request for a demonstration of imperialism .
    Can you point to where such imperialism exist ?

    The older generation barely needed to go to school by the way.
    You don't even want to go there , I can show the test the Rural children took in junior high that brings shame to today's college liberal arts students.
  • Lagdh ray 2012/08/20 21:49:49
    You don't need to go to school, just go overseas! You can't speak until you've seen the world and get to know other people. As soon as a problem, who's there? That's right, the U.S. is on the helm. Classic example, Iraq war. Nobody of the older generation of my family finished school, they all did fine.
  • ray Lagdh 2012/08/20 22:05:23
    "Nobody of the older generation of my family finished school, they all did fine. "
    Ninth or tenth grade education of 100 years ago rivals a college liberal arts degree today.

    IRAG war is what you would choose to demonstrate imperialism ?
    Let's check the record . No Government and religious fanatics controlling the country performing beatings and executions . Terrorist training camps staging bombings and attacks around the world . After many attacks against the US war was declared against the Terrorist.
    Having beaten the terrorist back , insist that the Iraqis write their own constitution and elect their own government . At our expense we support their government , train their military , Train their police and agree to protect the country until such time as the government is strong enough to care for itself .
    The end result is we will spend hundreds of Billions to allow a country to be self sustaining and independent .

    This is what you would call Imperialism ?
  • Lagdh ray 2012/08/20 22:11:35 (edited)
    What gives us the right in other country's business? Not to mention the reason we invaded in the first place?(We sure love our Kuwait too!) We are way off the point of the whole post haha, just an observation. Anyway the older generation didn't need the education(just a piece of paper). To point fingers at education or anything for that matter is just an easy excuse.
  • ray Lagdh 2012/08/20 22:17:31
    The Cole , the Nigerian Embassy , the WTO center and host of other attacks give us to track down and kill those responsible anywhere in the world .

    What did we get from the Liberation of Kuwait ? The Coalition , lead by America , repelled a invasion and then returned the country to the Kuwaitis and left .

    Yes ,your correct we have tried the patience of the host beyond reason . Last comment to you and I will bid you fare well .
  • Lagdh ray 2012/08/20 22:20:03 (edited)
    Thank you, to be honest I actually enjoyed getting a different opinion :) I don't really want to leave with bitterness. No sense in continuing with your last comment.
    In the end we all just want the same things.

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