Proof That The Tea Party Is A Racist Organization

I have provided many articles here at Sodahead and in other media showing the direct evidence of the Tea Party racist agenda but here is a compilation of that evidence and you can visit my news blog to see the original articles: http://teapartyexposed.wordpress.com/

First I want it known that I am not accusing or saying that ALL Tea Party activists are racists.

I am providing evidence that proves the Tea Party organization has a racist agenda and has been infiltrated by racists. I believe the majority of members do not consider themselves racist but if they choose to belong to the Tea Party after seeing this evidence then they are supporting racism.

I also believe most tea Party activists have no idea that the Tea Party has a racist agenda and has been infiltrated by racist hate groups which is why I am providing this evidence so they can see the truth and then choose to either change the Tea Party from inside or dissociate themselves with these racists or end their relationship with the Tea Party.


The main evidence that the Tea Party has a racist agenda comes directly from its association with David Duke.

Who is David Duke:

David Ernest Duke (born July 1, 1950) is an
American white nationalist, former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku
Klux Klan,former Louisiana State Representative, and a candidate in the
Democratic presidential primaries in 1988 and in the general election
for President in 1992 as a member of the Republican Party.

describes himself as a racial realist asserting that “all people have a
basic human right to preserve their own heritage”. He speaks in favor of
voluntary racial segregation and white separatism.

Duke has also
unsuccessfully run for the Louisiana State Senate, U.S. Senate, U.S.
House of Representatives, Governor of Louisiana, and twice for President
of the United States.- wiki

The following is a direct statement from David Dukes website showing his connection and his claim that he has THOUSANDS of Tea Party supporters:

Dr. David Duke, a former member of the House of Representatives in
Louisiana who served from 1989-1992, is shortly embarking on an
extended, year-long speaking tour across the United States to gauge
support for a possible entry in the next race for President of the
United States.

He is seriously considering entering the Republican
Party primaries for President of the United States.

Duke also was
elected as Chairman of the Republican Executive Committee in the
largest populated Republican district of Louisiana, St. Tammany Parish
from 1996 to 2000.

David Duke is launching a Duke for President
exploratory committee, and will soon start a year long tour across
America from his home base in Mandeville, LA. He plans to speak in every
state and gauge the political response to his possible entry into the
race for the Republican nomination.

Thousands of Tea Party
Activists and many others have urged him to run for President

believes that he has the support of the rank and file Tea Party
Movement just as he had support of both the Republican conservative vote
and Democratic hard hat vote in Louisiana. Over the past few weeks,
since the release of his, “David Duke Speaks to
the Tea Party
” video, thousands of Tea Party activists have urged
him to run for President.-

This is David Dukes video of him speaking to the Tea Party activists

Now David Duke is a self confirmed racist, former grand wizard of the kkk and HE says he has THOUSANDS of Tea Party supporters.

Anyone that denies this statement is claiming David Duke is lying. If David Duke is lying then why is he going to so much effort to lie and encourage the Tea Party to support his racist agenda ?

The only realistic reasonable answer is that David Duke either has the support he claims OR he sees the potential for that support from the Tea Party.

If the Tea Party was not overwhelmingly white and had at least a majority of racist minded members why would David Duke be going on a national tour to get their support ?

There is only one conclusion that any intelligent person can arrive at. The majority of Tea Party activists have demonstrated through their actions and statements that they would be open to accepting David Duke and his racist agenda!



Stormfront is an infamous white supremacist organization with ties to racial violence, hate crimes and plots to harm or kill government officials.

They have been infiltrating and recruiting at Tea parry rallies and on TPP forums since 2009.

The following are direct quotes from the stormfront website:

The TPAC or The Tea Party Americans Coalition is forming local chapters
to work together at local events and at the July 4th Tea Parties. We are
actively recruiting members from Stormfront and other sites for this
purpose and if you are a White Nationalist who wants to work together
with other White Nationalists to further the cause then please contact
me for details. There is no time like now to start to take back what is
rightfully ours and for aryan men and women to unite behind our common

This coalition of WN's, of all ideologies and beliefs, is
ready to get active and to start to build up and unify our movement. If
you want to do something to save our race and spread our message then
this is the place for you. We have a good core of veteran SF members and
representatives from several excellent WN orgs such as The Nationalist
Coalition and East Coast White Unity amongst others and we are looking
for more people like you who are willing to work hard towards our goal
of a all white homeland. If you are a serious devoted and dedicated
White Nationalist who wants to do more than talk about our problem then

So why not sign on today. It is free and it is just
the start of a series of ideas to propell our movement into the
mainstream and work toward the final victory. Get involved and lets take
back our nation and save our people. Join today!!! 88!!


The Tea Party Americans Coalition is a work group of serious White
Nationalists. It is meant to be a grand project of the entire WN
movement to make use of the opportunities that are presented us.

hope to get not only individuals to work within our coalition, but
entire groups, and organizations.

What we are trying to do is
build a transitional organization in order to gain mass following, and
also to educate the ordinary Patriots who join us.

We see the
situation in America today, and the Tea Party movement as an opportunity
to gain potentially millions of followers. (even if this does not pan
out fully, we will have gained many many new people, and will have built
a stepping stone for future success).

This is the best
opportunity we had in a 100 years. If you are serious about securing the
future of the White race, and ending the crimes and depredations that
afflict us everyday, you should join us, and assist us in grabbing this
opportunity with both hands.

The following are articles from a Blog connected to Stormfront and written by well known Stormfront leaders:

Whites Forward
05-09-2009 01:18 PM

If we're going
to actually
a real independent
we need to
a transitional grassroots White mass movement first...such as TPAC. We must
effective create the mass demand for a pro-White political alternative and
must gather the forces from which a pro-White party can organically
emerge. TPAC can be the genesis of our new White mass movement and the
fertile womb for our pro-White political party.

TPAC can be hugely successful with
the upcoming July 4th Tea Party events. Let's reach these folks with the
TPAC six point agenda, organize the hell out of the Tea Party crowd, and hold
regular grassroots TPAC meetings and events thereafter. You know that if we don't
take this seriously and bust our build and spread TPAC, these
Tea Party
event organizers will drop the ball on the momentum, or they will
mislead it. Let's seize the reins, develop the mass agenda, and organize
thousands of White Americans into local TPAC groups, and unleash the
grassroots power and creativity of these TPAC groups to make an
effective fightback.

Anyone at these Tea Parties who agrees with
us on all of the TPAC six point agenda should be permitted to join, and we
should build
close relations with those who agree with significant parts of the TPAC
agenda. This is not a 'front group', or a typical 'movement' group. Tea
attendees don't have to agree with the full message of WN to join or
work alongside TPAC, and we shouldn't lead them to think otherwise.

serious racialists will initiate TPAC in the real-world, and we will lead it. We have
to prepare this, get other serious racialists involved, make this
coordinated intervention work on July 4th, and build a real independent grassroots
White mass movement from this July 4th intervention onward.

of you are members of racialist organizations and/or have your own pro-White
media outlets. They have a place within TPAC, amongst the more receptive
minority in TPAC. What this means is that White racialist groups like
EAU, CofCC, NCoal, EURO, Patriots Alliance, ANP and so on should work
inside TPAC or alongside TPAC, while maintaining their own independent
existence, holding their own local meetings and activities that include
the more perceptive TPAC minority, and distribute more advanced
racialist materials amongst the more perceptive TPAC minority.
But, if you
and your group don't get involved with TPAC, don't bring us tears
because you remain stagnant and irrelevent while other racialists that
got on the ball with TPAC are growing in mass influence and experiencing
significant recruitment growth.

There will be no public
sectarian in-fighting between racialists within TPAC. Play nice or TPAC
will give the offending parties the boot. Keep racialist group rivalries
and 'movement' gossip about outside of TPAC.
Zero tolerance for
counterproductive BS from racialists within TPAC...we'll have enough
anti-White opponents as it is, so we don't need false friends
that undercut us. Any racialists who act in a counterproductive
unbecoming manner will be expelled from TPAC and I highly recommend that
all racialist groups break relations with the offending parties, before
they screw you over too.

The current imagery ban policy on
Stormfront should be made official policy for all TPAC meetings, events
and activities. Save all that banned imagery--- which you can't display
on SF--- for your own racialist meetings and events, if you so choose. I'm
NS, but you will not see me appearing anything like a typical Hollywood
stereotype inside TPAC.

People have been saying they want a real
relevant pro-White
mass movement for a long time. Well, the opportunity to begin is coming
on July 4th and it's practically begging us to seize it.
Let's see
who really wants a White mass movement, and who's willing to put in the
effort necessary to really make it happen. Let's separate the serious
wheat from the unserious, lazy chaff. Let's prepare to seize the day on
July 4th and begin to build the new White American racial mass alternative.
Join Tea Party
Americans Coalition, and let's get busy.-http://cynthiagee.blogspot.com/

Google Tea Parties,
as many towns with about 20,000 people had small rallies, and not all of
these were announced very far away from where they occurred. But the
group is also about Starting Tea Parties. Call, rent, speak for a room
at the local community center, or a meeting room that can be rented at
the local restaurant/lounge or motel/hotel. A meeting room at a good
restaurant can be attractive to some groups as it could provide food and
fellowship and help break the ice.

Flyers announcing the event
can be casually distributed around town. The very fact that these events
are not in every town leaves an immense opportunity for us to provide

Enlisting the aide of conservative people in the area,
basically any non-liberal who owns property and is willing to help, can
aide you the individual if this seems too big a project all by your
lonesomes. Hey, many of us are new to this and we will make mistakes, so no
one think they have to be perfect in this. Remember, as I often post,
85% of anything is just showing up every day. If we have the willing spirit
and are willing to get out in the community and talk to people, we will
individually be able to 'pull this off'. The project will have it's own
momentum, trust me. It's time is here.

(As a side note: the
reason I say try and attract Conservative property owners and not
liberals is that Libs seem to be staying with their party's lines and
opposing the Tea Parties. Plus, some libs, if brought in, could try and
seize leadership of your unit for their own agendas. Liberals are not
useful idiots and are only going to oppose our agenda further on down the
road. Better to not 'ferment the loaf').

Property/home owners are
the main victims of the tax increase but it is also increases in other
areas of our lives as well. Definitely enlist help and rope, collar,
enlist as many people as you can.

Even if you lose control of the
leadership of the group, (and I think at some point here eventually we need to
discuss how to retain leadership or at least 'voice' in the local tea party
groups) the very fact that a tea party group is in your local
area subverts the plans of the Marxists, establishes a 'beach head' for
us in an area and spreads a bona fide causa bella for popular

We effectively fan fulmination and discontent against
the plans of the Marxists. This discontent will, later, spread from
taxes to other things Marxist, as the masses/sheeple actually learn to take
those Baby Steps that Whites Forward eloquently mentioned. We have
to actually
help them to see that 'getting mad' is okay. They are mad and angry
now, but it is a fragile anger, a fire able to be snuffed out easily by
As you can clearly see from these stormfront articles the white supremacists have been infiltrating the Tea Party since 2009 and have even created their own Tea Party affiliate called TPAC Tea Part American Coalition. If you want to believe that they have been unsuccessful you can but the evidence is clear that they are inside the Tea Party and that means the Tea Party is now tied to racists. It also means the White Supremacists see great opportunities to recruit at Tea Party events and in forums.


The racist signs at Tea Party rallies are well documented and some TP will say these were planted by other parties trying to make the Tea Party look bad. Do these look like plants to you ?

tea party rallies documented tp planted parties tea party plants

This picture is of an Organizer of a Tea Party

tp planted parties tea party plants picture organizer tea partytp planted parties tea party plants picture organizer tea party

These are average Tea Party activists that you can find attending any Tea Party rally.

While some people may be able to excuse this as just a few radicals and not representative of the Tea Party majority there is NO denying that the Tea Party has racists members and when you consider all the other evidence it is clear to see that these are active members that represent at least a portion of the Tea Party.


The Te Party has come out in direct support of candidates and two of them are RON and Rand Paul.

Ron Paul claims to be a Libertarian but his ties to white supremacists and stormfront are well documented. Ron Paul has accepted donations from Stormfront and KKK meber Don Black.

"WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Republican presidential
hopeful Ron
has received a $500 campaign donation from a white
supremacist, and the Texas congressman doesn't plan to return it, an
aide said Wednesday.

Black, of West Palm Beach, recently made the donation, according to
campaign filings. He runs a Web site called Stormfront with the motto,
"White Pride World Wide." The site welcomes postings to the "Stormfront
White Nationalist Community."

welcomes postings stormfront white nationalist community -httpwww msnbc msn comid22331091

Rand Paul recently won his primary with the huge support of the Tea Party. Here is Rand at a Stormfront sponsored event called Knobcreek shoot out asking for support and donations:

Here are the Stormfront entries calling for its members to donate to Rand Paul's election campaign:


Since primary election campaign funds are not released it is impossible to determine how much if any money Paul received from Stormfront but there is no denying he was courting stormfront and they were willing to donate.


While the Arizona immigration reform may not appear to be a racist agenda the Tea party has supported it and the AZ bill was written by a Tea Part member who also has direct ties to Stormfront and white supremacists:

“Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, who submitted the bill has,
for many years, been associated with local Neo-Nazi and white
supremacist groups.

In 2006, he came out speaking enthusiastically
about the 1950’s deportation act “Operation Wetback” and for sending
email to his supporters reminiscing the greatness of this program. In
this email he included an attachment from a white supremacy group and
made the conspiratorial claim that journalists pushed the view of: “a
world in which every voice proclaims the equality of the races, the
inerrant nature of the Jewish ‘Holocaust’ tale, the wickedness of
attempting to halt the flood of non-White aliens pouring across our

In 2007, Pierce was photographed with J.T. Ready
spokesman for the National Socialist Movement, better known as the Nazi
Party. They refer to themselves, “the premier white civil right
organization in the world.” The group claims to be true patriots
claiming that they are only against non-white immigration. J.T. Ready
has said that closing the borders is crucial to preserving the white
race. “Let’s face it,” he said. “We’re not being invaded by Swedish nuns
here. We’re on a border with a country that is a hostile country.”
Pierce is also known for speaking at Neo-Nazi rallies and conferences.”

2008, Pierce sponsored Senate Bill 1108, which would make it impossible
for students at Universities to join groups based in whole or part
because of their ethnicity, claiming it would indoctrinate people with
anti-American mentality. As if the relationship could not be any
clearer, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer yesterday signed a bill targeting a
school district’s ethnic studies program, Arizona law now prohibits
classes that promote ethnic solidarity, that are created primarily for
students of a particular race or that promote resentment toward a
certain ethnic group.”



The evidence is now here for anyone that wants to check the sources and links.

While no Tea Party member may admit that they are racist the evidence that the Tea party has been infiltrated by racists is overwhelming. Some Tea Party members may not be supporting David Duke but the evidence shows he has thousands of Tea Party supporters.

Not all Tea Party activists are racists but the pictures of activists at rallies with racist signs proves that some if and probably many members are.

The Tea party has supported candidates Ron and Rand Paul that have direct ties to white supremacists as the evidence proves.

The Tea Party has a member that wrote the Arizona immigration bill and has direct ties to white supremacists as the evidence proves.

While some may say this is circumstantial evidence it should be known that all US courts will convict on overwhelming circumstantial evidence and in this case the evidence that the Tea Party is infiltrated by racists and promoting a racist agenda is overwhelming.

Case closed!

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  • kannonmcafee 2012/01/02 15:33:06
    Very well written summary of the situation. Best I've seen.
  • LinkX 2010/07/21 12:02:30
    You know this thread is true because the right cannot wait to destroy it.
  • #Justice4Trayvon 629 BLOCKT... 2010/07/21 05:40:08
    #Justice4Trayvon 629 BLOCKT CONS
    Thank you & you are so correct, Case Closed!
  • NakedWombat 2010/05/31 21:01:16
    What a long irrational rant!

    You have proved nothing but you are unable to accept view but your own.
  • Lord Nils 2010/05/31 17:15:16
  • twocrows Lord Nils 2010/07/21 20:17:35
    hee hee!
    when you have no argument, just call names. what a profound way to prove your case.
  • Lord Nils twocrows 2010/07/26 01:37:01
  • betz 2010/05/31 13:17:59
    Before you throw too many stones have you conveniently forgotton the friendship here? throw stones conveniently forgotton friendship
  • Merl 2010/05/27 07:31:44
    Propaganda, over half of your links are expired. Name, names instead of saying sources, your case is weak at best. Propagandist.
  • ExTeaParty Merl 2010/05/27 13:35:09 (edited)
    Every link provided is directly to the stormfront and David Duke website. These are their words not a news source. Your refusal to accept facts will not make the facts go away.

    You asked for proof and I have provided it. Now if you do not accept that proof or provide anything to oppose that proof as evidence then all you have is your opinion and your opinion is biased by your personal agenda!
  • Merl ExTeaParty 2010/05/27 14:01:40
    As is yours
  • ExTeaParty Merl 2010/05/27 14:41:16
    I am honest about my agenda to expose the racism, greed, and corruption of the Tea Party and proud of that work. Standing up to these hate groups makes me a true patriot!
  • Merl ExTeaParty 2010/05/28 06:07:54
    In your own mind you are a patriot, to those of us who make this country work you are a propagandist with no more than an internet connection.
  • ExTeaParty Merl 2010/05/28 13:49:20 (edited)
    This country works because patriots fight against tyrants promoting an agenda of racism, greed, and corruption. The Tea Party and Stormfront are just another Hitler to be exposed and destroyed!

    The pen is mightier than the sword!
  • Merl ExTeaParty 2010/05/28 14:52:18
    Writing without truth destroys a nation, propagandist.
  • Estick Merl 2010/05/28 22:02:21
    "Writing without truth destroys a nation, propagandist."

    Says the guy with this picture as his avatar.

    writing truth destroys nation propagandist guy picture avatar
  • ExTeaParty Estick 2010/05/28 23:53:36
    Good Catch!!!

    Spreading fear and hate is the creed of the Tea Party and is the same tactic used by Hitler to get followers!
  • Estick ExTeaParty 2010/05/29 00:04:39
    Well I do believe that some in the Tea Party are good intentioned people... and many aren't racist, but many are. I just think they've been duped by groups like FreedomWorks and such...
  • Merl Estick 2010/05/29 02:04:59
    See how easily you are turned on by a propagandist.
  • Estick Merl 2010/05/29 02:08:46
    What? You need to elaborate further...

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