Progressives do not want the responsibility of caring for their family members, instead they want the government to do that.

☆astac☆~PWCM 2013/02/07 14:02:04

The following clearly shows the mindset of the greedy selfish progressives, they do not even want to care for their parents

(CNSNews.com) - It's the job of government, not families, to take care of grandma, says Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.), a member of the House Ways and Means Committee.

McDermott, appearing on C-SPAN Tuesday, said he opposes cuts to Medicare, the government program that paid his own parents' medical bills: "Now we have a Medicare program, where my father -- and my father lived to 93, my mother to 97 -- and my brothers and sisters and I did nothing for them, except pay their taxes."

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  • Southern Man 2013/02/07 14:40:33
    Southern Man
    My Mom passed away in 91 but if she was still with us I would have no problem taking her into my home and make sure she had everything she needed and wanted she took very good care of all us kids for 18 + years it would be the least I could do to make sure she was well taken care of ... Do you think that Jim had a drink or 2 before he went on camera he looked a little tipsy to me

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  • Ken Bennett 2013/02/08 23:39:21
    Ken Bennett
    omg ASSHAT wrote this comment??? bwahhh... no wonder. I have to start looking at this stuff. Asshat is an idiot... lol
  • Captamerica 2013/02/08 21:16:14
    So sad but true. Liberals prefer security to liberty, and want others to pay, so they don't have to!
  • Dogman 2013/02/08 10:36:51
    This is the kind of ignorant, hateful nonsense that cost the GOP the election. Wake up! I thought the GOP was supposed to stop being the party of stupid.
  • ☆astac☆... Dogman 2013/02/08 13:35:12
    This is not hateful, nor is it nonsense. This is just the progressive ideology at work

    McDermott, appearing on C-SPAN Tuesday, said he opposes cuts to Medicare, the government program that paid his own parents' medical bills: "Now we have a Medicare program, where my father -- and my father lived to 93, my mother to 97 -- and my brothers and sisters and I did nothing for them, except pay their taxes."

    So this progressive explains how he and his siblings did nothing for their parents
  • Dogman ☆astac☆... 2013/02/08 21:38:34
    Medical care is a right for citizens in great countries.
  • susan Dogman 2013/02/08 15:03:23
    McDermott is a democrat.
  • Dogman susan 2013/02/08 21:40:48
    I didn't say that he wasn't.
  • ☆astac☆... Dogman 2013/02/09 02:55:03
    And he pointed out what you progressives really feel
  • Ken Ben... ☆astac☆... 2013/02/09 12:19:56
    Ken Bennett
    You have no clue what other people think... thats your mental illness at work man.
  • ☆astac☆... Ken Ben... 2013/02/09 18:20:46
    I know what you progressives think, as we have to know the enemy, and you progressives are the enemy
  • Ken Ben... ☆astac☆... 2013/02/09 19:40:02
    Ken Bennett
    And that is exactly whats wrong with you. You are to stupid to possess that ability. You don't know any real progressives... You just imagine you do cause thats what Fox and limpnuts have taught you. Pitiful Liar.
  • ☆astac☆... Ken Ben... 2013/02/09 19:41:40
    Keep crying, we know what you are
  • Ken Ben... ☆astac☆... 2013/02/09 19:49:56
    Ken Bennett
    No one is crying... you know your faults and limitations better than I. If you cant make a contributing comment you will make up some imaginary crap and swear its the truth. You are stupid... lol Its really funny too. Please don't stop... I laugh every time you post your ignorance. :)
  • ☆astac☆... Ken Ben... 2013/02/09 20:18:33
    You are
  • Ken Ben... ☆astac☆... 2013/02/10 16:37:37
    Ken Bennett
    This is just a sissy insult fest. If I had known you wrote that retarded statement I wouldn't have bothered posting. You have a very low IQ don't you. I feel sorry for you. Be gone.
  • ☆astac☆... Ken Ben... 2013/02/10 17:03:17
    The ones with the low IQ are those that support obama
  • Ken Ben... ☆astac☆... 2013/02/10 23:22:00
    Ken Bennett
    lol you are so lame... grow up sissyboy.
  • ☆astac☆... Ken Ben... 2013/02/11 00:21:49
    Oh, sissyboy, what are you, like 10 or something. You progressives are such asswipes
  • Ken Ben... ☆astac☆... 2013/02/11 05:37:05
    Ken Bennett
    Move on sissy boy... lost interrest in you half wit retorts. you aren't even any fun to insult. To simple to get it I suppose. So long Asshat. You might be the most hateful, deluded, paranoid,idiot I have had the misfortune to converse with on sodahead. You enjoy your miserable existence sheeple tard!
  • Cat 2013/02/08 08:22:24
    What about parents who beat and molested them. Should they still have to care for them and support them?
  • Ahzz 2013/02/08 06:59:08
    I guess that's why I , a lifetime progressive, pay for everything that my step daughter needs to attend college even though she qualifies for some state aid.

    This is just more vile lies by the right wing meant to tear this nation apart. Shame on you for believing in them.

    As for the quote, if I pay in my 40 credits over my career into the social security system then I deserve to get my benefits back out. If you don't earn your credits, or are married to someone that has, then you don't get Social Security benefits.

    In short: It's not a handout. It's a retirement account system.
  • Ken Ben... Ahzz 2013/02/09 12:21:50
    Ken Bennett
    true... to bad you wasted your time explaining it to these brainwashed sheeple though... they can't understand anything that isn't cloaked in a story that causes fear and panic.
  • William 2013/02/08 06:38:20
    The progressive plan under the U.N. Agenda for the 21st Century (otherwise known as Agenda 21), is to quantify every person and thing and make a judgement call regarding that person's benefit or detriment to the "community". Those who are deemed beneficial will be preserved. The others, ... not so much.
  • urwutuis 2013/02/08 05:40:48
    Rumpelstiltskin, is that you?
    the mindset of the greedy selfish progressives? Man, you just don't see it do you?
    Do you think grandma wants to have to live with her kids?

    Speaking of greed, why wouldn't you want to contribute to the care of the elderly?
    It wouldn't be because you want more in your pocket would it?
    But, by all means, keep spinning
  • s2k 2013/02/08 04:50:51
    This isn't new
  • Tree 2013/02/08 04:26:34
    Okay what about when im 40, my husband and I are BOTH working our asses off, then I have to take care of my mom, and his (which I have no problems with if we could) but we dont have the money to keep our family plus them afloat? What are we supposed to do then?
  • ☆astac☆... Tree 2013/02/08 04:29:13
    This is not about those truly in need, this is about how the progressive ideology encourages people to abandon the family fabric
  • Tree ☆astac☆... 2013/02/08 04:50:29
    Where? Show me an instance.
  • ☆astac☆... Tree 2013/02/08 04:52:56
    The progressive left look at the article here,this is one of your wealthy leftist progressives admitting he did nothing for his parents
  • Tree ☆astac☆... 2013/02/08 05:13:39
    What is one good reason that people have started living longer? Healthcare. Because of the increase in technology and knowledge about different diseases that we didnt previously have. My Aunt for example, has cancer. She is 67. If it wasnt for those government funded programs we wouldnt be able to pay for her chemo, her constant trips to the hospital or anything else she needs to either be comfortable or maybe even beat this thing. Ive seen the good these programs can do. If he stood there and didnt do anything for his parents thats his and his brothers fault. On the other hand I have a grandmother who just turned 79. Her check from social security is around 800 a month. She can barely live off that. Lucklily for her she doesnt have to pay a house or property bill because my grandfather promised her that when he was gone that she wouldnt have to worry about that. When my sister and I came to stay with my grandma she was extremely worried. None of us could drive, we had no car, grandma has never had a license in her life and she had no idea how she was going to provide for all three of us on her little 800 dollar check. If anything Ive seen how much these programs help people.
  • ☆astac☆... Tree 2013/02/08 05:14:57
    They do not help people
  • Tree ☆astac☆... 2013/02/08 05:35:31 (edited)
    ....right. after I pour my heart out to you about the medical hardships my family has had and how if it wasnt for them my family wouldnt get the medications and procedures that they needed to live longer so that I can have more time with them. Especially because I dont have the money myself to even pay for half their medicine. You're really very heartless. And if you really dont have a better argument other than that they do not help people I think ive proved my point.
  • socokid Tree 2013/02/08 11:15:37
    He thinks living in a world where poor and old people died in the streets would be just AWESOME.

    He really, really does.
  • ☆astac☆... socokid 2013/02/08 13:35:58
    Wrong again, that is what you want
  • Tree ☆astac☆... 2013/02/08 14:36:53
    Then why cant you give a reasonable counter to my argument?
  • ☆astac☆... Tree 2013/02/09 02:55:25
    You do not have an argument
  • Tree ☆astac☆... 2013/02/09 03:08:04
    More like you dont have an answer because you dont have a counter argument. I think ive made my point.
  • ☆astac☆... Tree 2013/02/09 03:19:09
    More like you do not have an argument, and are just a taker
  • Allie May Tree 2013/02/09 04:15:03
    Allie May
    Mr. Astac has nothing left to contribute. When he is done, he accuses you of being a "taker," without explaining what that means.
  • ☆astac☆... Allie May 2013/02/09 04:19:19
    More takers running their traps

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