Prince Harry admitted to an interviewer that at times he wished he were "normal" and not a royal. How would you feel if you had to deal with public scrutiny as the royals do?

Peripatetic Iconoclast 2012/03/14 17:41:14
The constant pull from forebearers and politicals to maintain a squeeky clean facade may be too much to bear from time to time. It's no wonder that they long for times where they could enjoy a normal outing or vacation us "commoners" take for granted. Whould you want your mother or grandmother to be the Queen of England?
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  • Poet003 2012/03/15 23:17:14
    No , it wouldnt be my cup of tea. Harry could quit but the cameras would still be there some most likely. Harry is the only royal I think is cute which just goes to show how its a
    matter of opinon because I know someone who doesnt find him attractive.If Harry quit
    being royal life might be better for his children and grandchildren concerning pressure
    but I doubt it would change life much for him.Thats what I think would happen. The British
    in Johnny Depps family quit being royal and eventually noone cared.
  • Peripat... Poet003 2012/03/16 13:02:50
    Peripatetic Iconoclast
    Did they quit being royal or was it that it 600 years ago there was a trace?
  • Poet003 Peripat... 2012/03/16 20:34:47
    I forgot how history tells it exactly.Sorry
  • Angi 2012/03/15 00:43:52
    If I am honest no not really. But it might come in handy sometimes, lol.
  • MichaelJ 2012/03/14 18:05:53
    That is pretty easy to say when you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. He needs to try it from my perspective, born with a wooden spoon broke off in my ass.
  • Peripat... MichaelJ 2012/03/14 18:12:45
    Peripatetic Iconoclast
    Thanks for the reply.
  • Leah MichaelJ 2012/03/14 18:59:16
    He didn't choose which family to be born into. I can totally relate to what he is saying.
  • Peripat... Leah 2012/03/14 19:08:40
    Peripatetic Iconoclast
    True enough.
  • MichaelJ Leah 2012/03/14 19:28:14
    Niether did any of us. Perhaps from his perspective it's tough but I suspect that if he spent a little time in the average guys shoes it wouldn't take long for him to realise how great he does have it.
  • Leah MichaelJ 2012/03/14 19:47:09
    People born into royalty/nobility enjoy the perks of that lifestyle, but they also face the downsides to that life on a regular basis. For example, when you are friends with someone, you never know if that person generally likes you, or if they would be hanging out with you if you were not royalty.
  • MichaelJ Leah 2012/03/14 19:50:18
    Leah, I'll bet a lot of us would sure like to swap places with that young man and let him try it from the other side for a year. Wanna bet he would make it perminent?
  • Leah MichaelJ 2012/03/14 19:56:04
    Honestly, yes. I think he would want to make it permanent. He always talks about how much he wishes he were just a "regular guy." Ask anyone that comes from a royal family; most will tell you that it's not as great as it looks.
  • Peripat... Leah 2012/03/14 19:54:51 (edited)
    Peripatetic Iconoclast
    The situation reminds me of the Mark Twain story "The Prince and the Pauper". For me, I would rather be able to live my life the way I want without thinking about how my every action would affect my family. Of course, we all do that to some degree, but not every waking moment.
  • Leah Peripat... 2012/03/14 19:58:34
    When your family is royalty, ever action you do is scrutinized. I just hope that Harry makes the decision that's right for him. Many people think he will move to America one day and leave the royal world behind.
  • Peripat... Leah 2012/03/14 20:13:15
    Peripatetic Iconoclast
    I believe that is what his mother had intended before her death. Living in New York, I was looking forward to her moving here to sort of take Jackie Onassis's place as the "queen" of society. :)
  • Leah Peripat... 2012/03/14 22:09:57
    That's exactly what Diana wanted. I think she knew that William was going to stay in England, because she knew he would become King one day. But I think she wanted to come to the US and live here, away from the monarchy. That's what Sarah Ferguson did.

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