Priest explains that Hell is an invention of the church

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  • Dan 2009/05/29 16:00:34 (edited)
    I'm sure this will be the ONLY priest that billions of atheists and other non-Christians will listen to. As for Catholics like this damned fool or other pseudo-Christians who try to denounce God's word (the Bible), they will burn in Hell like everyone else who has rejected both God and Christ.
  • mrigor Dan 2009/05/29 18:57:21
    Loving God: Love me or burn in hell forever.

    Thanks for the laugh...
  • Racquel 2009/05/28 23:37:47
    Hell was created by God. The church mass produces the product that will fill it.
  • Dan Racquel 2009/05/29 16:02:20
    What's that supposed to mean?
  • Racquel Dan 2009/05/29 18:18:58
    It means that God is angry at his church because Corporate Christianity is more interested in politics, making a fast buck, turning the church into a marketplace, and controlling and manipulating people than it is about doing the work that God has for them.....saving souls.
  • average Joe blow 2009/05/28 23:33:30
    average Joe blow
    Hey, Father the more authority you have to lead,
    The more responsibility and accountability you have to answer for.
  • average Joe blow 2009/05/28 23:30:27
    average Joe blow
    I didnt get to hear all of this.
    but it sounds like new age religious views which I am not
    open to. There is nothing new under the sun, that this man is privy to. {lol}
  • oldcavpilot 2009/05/28 21:40:29
    He ain't wrong.
  • digitalDave 2009/05/28 20:04:31
    You are not WORTHY of God's precious love, unless you DO what God says.

    SJ is as stupid as this priest. If a righteous and perfect God did not Judge, than He would not be perfect, heaven would be filled with death and evil. That is why He cast Lucifer out. Sure, you can rewrite the word to fit your lifestyle. We’ll See how that works out for you. I think the priest and SJ are on a hell-bound train!

    cast lucifer rewrite fit lifestyle works priest sj hell-bound train
  • Keen Tojones 2009/05/28 19:31:43
    Keen Tojones
    Nicely said. Religion has done more to kill, steal and destroy than any entity on this planet.
  • roxie 2009/05/28 19:21:19
    Evil was invented by Man!
  • G19G22AR15 2009/05/28 18:38:38
    I do not believe in Christianity but this guy has more truth in him than any other christian person I have met..
  • Peggy 2009/05/28 17:18:59
    This man will bring more people to belief than any hell & brimstone preacher.
  • socokid 2009/05/28 16:49:10
    From a non-Christian's perspective, it certainly seems Hell and Heaven were purposefully contrived.

    This of course goes without discussing that there's no proof of either anyway. ;-) We might as all believe in re-incarnation, etc...
  • Chris 2009/05/28 15:08:49
    It has been said that if there were no God, Man would invent "him". All of religion is contrived social control of ignorant and uneducated masses (erh, that's us!).

    When all of humanity can come together to decide our mores and values without resorting to using religion to back up our laws regarding undesirable behavior, we will be mature as human beings.

    Religion keeps us as children, entering the Kingdom of Heaven with our pacifiers stuck firmly between our puckered lips instead of having us realize that we are all alone, stranded on a piece of rock, whirling uncontrolably through space filled with unknown perils. It could end in a heartbeat. We should be using those lips to kiss our asses goodbye instead of running our mouths with idle conjecture about the "afterlife".

    All we have is the Earth and each other. Is your glass half empty or half full?

    That's my religion and I have no worries regarding heaven or hell because I'm still working on the hardest and most important one of all: Love One Another.
  • MIC 2009/05/28 13:01:23
    If people would read their Bibles, they would have known that what the Church taught as "Hell" isn't in the Bible. The Church wanted the power that comes with keeping people ignorant of God's word....

    Consider: If Hell is a place of torment that a loving God created to punish people forever for something they did in their very short lifetime, and Satan is the 'ruler' of it, then wouldn't Satan be working for God? That, my friends, is NOT in the Bible....

    The Hebrew word 'Sheol' and the Greek word 'Hades' have the same meaning as can be seen from when the apostles were quoting the Hebrew scriptures in Greek. Neither words indicates a place of torment. In fact, in Revelation, Hell is said to be "cast into the lake of fire" and goes to say, "This MEANS the second death (from which there is no resurection), the lake of fire."

    Wake up world!! Look at your religion and ask your self if it is DOING the will of God or, as Jesus said there would be, many saying, "Lord, Lord!" Revelation 18 says, "Get OUT of her my people." Think about it.....
  • kb MIC 2009/05/28 22:01:01 (edited)
    Our Lord is a loving God, the Bible also speaks of his wrath. His wrath is going to be so mighty. It saddens me to know of all those that will spend an eternity in torment, not able to die. I can not imagine taking that chance of not believing and being tormented forever without death. Not being sarcastic, just very sad.
  • MIC kb 2009/06/25 12:49:42
    If God created a place to torment people forever, then he lied to Adam and Eve when he told them that they would die. What did THEY expect? Eternal torment, or the opposite of what they had with life - death?
  • American Male 2009/05/28 11:58:06
    American Male
    he will be so surprised when God explains all about hell just before he sends him there on the Day of Judgement
  • Racquel America... 2009/05/28 23:41:29
    As will many supposed "Christians" when he knocks them off their ivory towers.
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