Prez eats the ribs....but doesn't pay the bill.

snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cliques 2012/06/20 17:17:42

Earlier this week, President Obama sat down for a Father’s Day lunch
with military veterans, but after chowing down on pork ribs and posing
for a photo-op, Obama and his staff left the restaurant without paying
the tab. The $55.58 bill for four at Kenny’s BBQ on Capitol Hill went

The irony of this particular situation is incredible considering the
President’s recent remarks about Republicans running up the tab.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: "They [Republicans] baked
all this stuff into the cake with those tax cuts and a prescription
drug plan that they didn’t pay for. So all this stuff’s baked in with
all the interest payments for it. It’s like somebody goes to a
restaurant, orders a big steak dinner, martini, all that stuff and then
just as you’re sitting down, they leave. And accuse you of running up
the tab".

Representatives at the White House ultimately settled the bill, but
not before the President proved (once again) that he is not as fiscally
responsible as he claims to be.

Nice going, Mr. President!
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  • Annette 2012/06/20 18:30:10
    Fiscally responsible? This classless POS isn't even mentally responsible, much less having any class! This is the kind of thing that just leaves you shaking your head and hoping to God he will be swallowed by a manhole cover when he leaves!

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  • Lanikai Kat ♪ ~ ♪ 2012/06/21 14:07:23
    Uh, there was a LOT of footage of Clinton and Bush paying at cash registers. A LOT.
  • snell/G... Lanikai 2012/06/21 19:46:20
    snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cliques
    intelligent politicians.....they knew the media.
  • onetirednurse 2012/06/21 01:03:30
    He is so used to having everything paid (by tax payers) for him. I bet he has forgotten how to open his own wallet..
  • Ozzyboy onetire... 2012/06/21 02:15:10
    Ours are the only wallets he is interested in.
  • Lanikai onetire... 2012/06/21 14:08:05
    For all the years he was a systemic college financial aid user, then all the years as a "community organizer" I would be he has rarely EVER paid for anything.
  • Franklin 2012/06/21 00:55:34
    ...now if only he had done that with all his wasted stimulus BS ...you know tell GM and all those bogus green companies that he was going to give them the money and then walk out on the bill ...that would have been a good idea!

    so how many pardons do you think he is going to hand out ? We know he has to beat Clinton's record but by how much ...I am thinking 3K to 5K .
  • John Hall 2012/06/21 00:49:17
    John Hall
    He's the king and the king eats free .
  • snell/G... John Hall 2012/06/21 19:49:39
    snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cliques
    ....well hopefully this king is about to lose his crown in November!
  • John Hall snell/G... 2012/06/21 22:38:24
    John Hall
    Let's hope it happens.
  • DebraJMSmith 2012/06/21 00:31:46
  • ALPEAUX 2012/06/21 00:19:00
    NOBAMA 2012! With the NEW Executive "ODERS", BO can go to hell! Alpeaux
  • GoodEncounter 2012/06/21 00:18:38
    It's okay-It's Obama! Heaven forbid it was George Bush! It would have been on the front page of all the newspapers.
  • Captain-Morgan 2012/06/21 00:11:54
  • Bryan Longworth 2012/06/21 00:09:26 (edited)
    Bryan Longworth
    I believe Barack Obama is without class for treating soldiers to lunch but leaving without paying the bill. http://www.sodahead.com/unite...
  • AL Bryan L... 2012/06/21 00:27:10 (edited)
    LOL! Obama even has a welfare Aunt that he refuses to support as well!
  • Ozzyboy AL 2012/06/21 02:16:52
    Why should he pay for his Aunt when he knows that we taxpayers will foot the bill?
  • Bevos AL 2012/06/21 10:44:11
    And a separate Uncle. Got picked up for DRUNKEN driving awhile back and put in jail.
  • Lanikai Bevos 2012/06/21 13:59:36
    And was released, go his driving privileges restored "to go to and from work" and STILL has not been deported EVEN though there was a standing order.
  • Justin Teufel Hunden 2012/06/21 00:09:17
    Justin Teufel Hunden
    I'm sure he has a few fan replacements w/ his pro gay antics ... So tube-steak is always available and free of charge I'm sure!
  • TuringsChild 2012/06/20 23:58:24
    What did you expect?? The Emperor doesn't eat on his OWN dime!
  • Kat ♪ ~ ♪ Turings... 2012/06/21 01:20:46
  • snell/G... Turings... 2012/06/21 19:51:48
    snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cliques
    obama the emperor ...."uh, where's the pork?"??
  • Reggie☮ 2012/06/20 23:55:53
    He thinks he can just take, take, take.;
  • Lanikai Reggie☮ 2012/06/21 02:30:44 (edited)
    and so far, he has, has, has, so haS his wife.

    Remember, she put the kids down as STAFF for the Africa trip so she would not have to pay for them.
  • Reggie☮ Lanikai 2012/06/21 03:17:56
    The things these people do just make me sick.
  • Dave0626 2012/06/20 23:55:39
    When one iz morally bankrupted...I don't expect 'em to pay their own way.....for anything....

    iz morally bankrupted expect em pay
  • Libertarian 2012/06/20 23:50:53
    what a bitch this guy is
  • mustangluver 2012/06/20 23:46:16
    I actually heard that he eats free all the time, every place he goes. Ppl are afraid to say, ah, like excuse me, but you too have to pay to enjoy our wares!!! He has no class and feels he is entitled.
  • SharonJohnson 2012/06/20 23:43:36 (edited)
    No suprise he thinks that he is owed. OBama bum
  • Rodney 2012/06/20 23:40:19
    This is HIS sense of entitlement!
  • Marek 2012/06/20 23:39:32
    Nice going,...jacka..., he does exactly what he accuses others of doing.
    He is the would be emperor. It is very telling that he does not pay the bill and then has the staffers pay with taxpayers money. If he had any class he would have had paid the bill himself out of his own pocket. He gets paid enough to be able to afford it.
  • ReconMa... Marek 2012/06/23 01:49:35
  • Selketskiss 2012/06/20 23:38:03
    When you walk out of a restaurant without paying the bill it is theft, stealing. Well that is Obama, taking tax payer monies that does not belong to him and giving it to fix mosques in a foreign country so why would anyone be surprised..I'm not.
  • ReconMa... Selkets... 2012/06/23 01:52:39
  • Jack Sprat 2012/06/20 23:29:17
    Jack Sprat
    Why would he, it would cut into 'Bama's stash" as the intellectual genius' of Detroit called his bail outs, they didn't get a dime of.
  • abubincrazy 2012/06/20 23:26:06
    That's just how this freeloading, anti-American douche rolls!
  • tncdel 2012/06/20 23:22:29
    Raved and shared.

    Apparently BO believes he's entitled to eat free at places trying to earn money.
  • Selkets... tncdel 2012/06/20 23:42:11
    His free loading stench could cause the place to have to lay off employees or shut it down..it has happened in the past when he visits businesses...LOL
  • Lanikai Selkets... 2012/06/21 02:33:33
    I still will not eat at Five Guys because they ALLOW him to eat free at their DC location.

    NOPE< I am NOT helping pay for his free loading.
  • Selkets... Lanikai 2012/06/21 13:35:17
    These owners keep reinforcing his entitlement attitude by letting him eat free, some think it is awesome to have him eat in their place. What has he done but rip this country down and crap all over it's people. If they want to give a free meal sometimes it should be to a first responder who actually does something good for this country and the people...not to a loser..

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