President of NOW opens phase 2 in the Democrat attack on Ann Romney and stay-at-home moms

RJ~PWCM~JLA 2012/04/13 18:46:19
Terry O'Neill, the President of the National Organization of Women, said on MSNBC last night that Ann Romney lacks the "life experience" and "imagination" needed to understand most Americans.

O'Neill didn't explain how she arrived at this conclusion, since she apparently doesn't know Ms. Romney.

She also didn't explain how the President of a radical left-wing organization would have the "life experience" needed to make this judgement.

Read More: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/mark-finkelstein/2012...

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  • RJ~PWCM... whitewu... 2012/04/13 19:31:37
    That sums it up nicely!
  • Maci 2012/04/13 19:29:57
  • RJ~PWCM... Maci 2012/04/13 19:32:47
    Well apparently an awful lot of people care, since the last Democrat operative who attacked her - you know, Hillary Rosen, on Wednesday night - was denounced by everybody from 0bama down to the gardeners at the Capitol!
  • Maci RJ~PWCM... 2012/04/13 19:38:13 (edited)
  • RJ~PWCM... Maci 2012/04/13 20:49:40
  • Maci RJ~PWCM... 2012/04/13 20:54:38
  • ProudPr... RJ~PWCM... 2012/04/13 20:37:49
    She wasn't a Democratic operative. She made one poor choice of words in an otherwise surprisingly accurate assessment of how completely out of touch Mrs. Romney is from the needs and struggles of the average American and unlike conservatives, actually apologized for her statement.
  • BIGBlac... ProudPr... 2012/04/13 21:29:52
  • RJ~PWCM... ProudPr... 2012/04/13 21:59:10
    She works for Wasserman-Schulz, DNC chair.

  • Mr. Smith Maci 2012/04/13 19:46:48
    Mr. Smith
    Even Obama disagrees with you, but you keep thinking that, I'm sure the liberal attacks on her will keep working out in your favor. LOL!
  • Maci Mr. Smith 2012/04/13 19:50:18 (edited)
  • Mr. Smith Maci 2012/04/13 19:58:05
    Mr. Smith
    What reproductive rights? You want me to stay out of your bedroom (fine), but then you want me to pay for your contraception and the abortion? You can't have it both ways, I prefer to stay out of your bedroom, you go right ahead and pay for your own contraception and go ahead and have 15 abortions.......just stay out of my wallet. How's that?

    And my party? Oh, you assume I'm a Republican......sorry, you're talking to a libertarian, both the Dems and the GOP suck.....the Dems just suck more!
  • Maci Mr. Smith 2012/04/13 20:01:52
  • Lady Wh... Maci 2012/04/13 20:07:16
    Lady Whitewolf
    WELL SAID!!!!
  • RJ~PWCM... Maci 2012/04/13 20:53:11
  • Maci RJ~PWCM... 2012/04/13 20:57:20
  • Maci RJ~PWCM... 2012/04/13 20:59:11
  • Maci RJ~PWCM... 2012/04/13 21:01:10
  • Maci RJ~PWCM... 2012/04/13 21:01:40
  • Lady Wh... Mr. Smith 2012/04/13 20:07:32
    Lady Whitewolf
    Grow up, huh?
  • Mr. Smith Lady Wh... 2012/04/13 21:00:10
    Mr. Smith
    I am grown up, I'm tired of little girls like this saying that I'm trying to take away her reproductive rights when all I'm asking her to do is pay for her own freakin' contraception. If you don't like the facts when I thrown them back on you, then don't play the game.
  • RJ~PWCM... Maci 2012/04/13 20:50:35
    OMG, now you're gonna start in with "reproductive rights".

    Stupid troll moron.

    troll be gone
  • grandpa6 2012/04/13 19:26:19
    Just what is needed the president of the feminazis telling us who has more life experience and imagination her or a stay at home mom. What kind of life experience does she have . A parent raising children learns more about life experience in one day than she has learned all her life.
  • Dee 2012/04/13 19:26:00
    Why doesn't NOW ever come to the defense of a conservative woman?
  • whitewu... Dee 2012/04/13 19:32:22 (edited)
  • BIGBlac... whitewu... 2012/04/13 21:31:53
    The REAL Rosie!

    ugly rosie odonell
  • RJ~PWCM... Dee 2012/04/13 19:33:56
  • ProudPr... Dee 2012/04/13 20:39:58
    Because conservative women are often the ones that people need to be defended FROM.
  • Dee ProudPr... 2012/04/13 20:57:33
    What did Ms Romney do or say that warranted an attack by NOW?
  • boneman1 2012/04/13 19:20:56
    I guarantee Ann Romney has more in common with more Americans than Terry O'Neill and Sarah Rosen combined.
  • ProudPr... boneman1 2012/04/13 20:40:52
    Bullsh*t. I guarantee you that neither of them have an elevator in their house just for their cars.
  • Bastion 2012/04/13 19:15:15
    YES YES YES PLEASE oh please make the issue of women's personal life choices a campaign issue please please PLEASE
  • RJ~PWCM... Bastion 2012/04/13 19:16:20
    They already have.

    They can backtrack all they want, but they'll be hearing about this from now till January 20th 2013 when they're moving out.
  • Bastion RJ~PWCM... 2012/04/13 19:17:25
    Thank you! That's GREAT!
  • ProudPr... RJ~PWCM... 2012/04/13 20:42:38
    That's what we're counting on. Just keep demonstrating to the American people how hypocritical the right wing is on just about any issue that comes alone. It's already obvious that the Right can't deal with actual ISSUES (like the fact that they haven't lifted a finger to try to create jobs in this country since they took over the House) so just keep pointing that out.
  • RJ~PWCM... ProudPr... 2012/04/13 20:58:04
  • DJPanicDC 2012/04/13 19:12:35
    Why is everything that anyone says taken as "the Democrats"? Terry speaks for NOW not for the Democratic party HOWEVER to answer your question

    "how the President of a radical left-wing organization would have the "life experience" needed to make this judgement."
    She is a mother and has a daughter
    She was married to an abusive man at 22 but escaped
    She is elected to the highest office of the largest feminist groups in the US(she knows what women care about)
    She ran the campaign that lead to the election of Louisiana's first woman U.S. senator
    as well as got 2 NOW members elected in MD
    Just a brief over view but she does have the education, personal experance, and political experience to understand Americans
  • RJ~PWCM... DJPanicDC 2012/04/13 19:14:10
    Please, spare yourself the trouble.

    Everybody knows that NOW is very closely allied with the Democrat party.

    And so she has a life story.

  • DJPanicDC RJ~PWCM... 2012/04/13 19:21:41
    NOW is Allied with the Democrats sure, but they do not speak for them was my point
  • RJ~PWCM... DJPanicDC 2012/04/13 19:35:04
    I know, but I don't buy it.

    We now know that Media Matters meets weekly with the White House "communications team". I don't believe that any of these groups speaks out on a current issue without coordinating with the Democrats.

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