President Obama set to argue against extending the Bush-era income tax cuts. Where do you stand?

mavrick_03 2010/09/08 06:26:45
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  • free minded voter 2011/09/15 22:00:06 (edited)
    WTF, I don't care either way.
    free minded voter
    Would have liked to see extended if.... My view if they want the tax cuts fine as long as they start making their products here in the USA and hire workers at a fair living wage. My question is this what will corporate America do when we go into another great depression and China holds all the cards? Lets look at our recent history, Congress and the Bush administration offered companies a similar tax incentive, in 2005, in hopes of spurring domestic hiring and investment, and 800 took advantage. Though the tax break lured them into bringing $312 billion back to the United States, 92 percent of that money was returned to shareholders in the form of dividends and stock buybacks, according to a study by the nonpartisan National Bureau of Economic Research. We know the U.S. economy is very much consumer-driven; companies aren’t hiring, many business owners say, because people aren’t buying. The past behavior of corporations that have received huge tax cuts has not necessarily been to use the money to hire more people; the Bush-era tax cuts had been in place for a decade, and the unemployment rate was still 9.1 percent however executive compensation had grown. Executives may feel entitled to earn more and more if their companies are doing well and expanding. But without customers, those companies will go bust. In the end any country that is a consumer based economy that makes very little will fail! Without manufacturing jobs support industries go out.
  • jdemme 2011/08/20 17:30:54
    Yes, The tax cuts should end.
    How about they cut taxes for the middle class instead of the super-rich?
  • Rocky 2011/04/24 21:02:08 (edited)
    No, the tax cuts should be extended.
    If both sides of the frigging floor of the House would tell the truth...we'd never have to make our opinion known. When Tax-Cuts are enacted...small businesses thrive...and big business takes off on a hiring spree. When you are taxed out the gluteus to the maximus...and have no money to invest...and are going broke because the government is spending tax revenues as fast as it comes in...nothing goes back to those Companies or Industries that rely on the tax-breaks accorded in the Tax-Cuts. "Nothing equals Nothing"..no matter how tyou compute it!
  • salukijack 2011/03/17 16:05:36
    No, the tax cuts should be extended.
    This goes to show that President Bush and his advisors were correct. If we are ever going to get out of this recession and get people back to work, we must have tax cuts for business. This is so businesses can expand and create jobs. It has worked before and it will work again.
  • hippy 2010/11/15 02:36:30
    Yes, The tax cuts should end.
    The country can not afford to extent the tax cuts for anybody! Certainly mot the top 2% Let's everybody help cut the deficit and let the Bush tax cuts expire, we can't afford it.
  • Carl 2010/09/23 00:31:50
    No, the tax cuts should be extended.
    The President said he would not raise taxes. If he lets the current tax rates expire, all income groups will be taxed more.
  • mavrick_03 2010/09/08 06:38:27
    Yes, The tax cuts should end.
    We want the economy to grow right?

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