President Obama is the Worst President in U.SA. History Ever !!!!

President Obama is the Worst President in U.SA. History Ever !!!!

The Moron screwed up everything He could lay His hands on when He had a Super-Majority and still was not able to achieve Squat ......Except F**K-Up everything He indeed had laid His hands upon ( Like the Opposite of a Midas Touch ......Where He has the Moron - Screw - Everything - Up - Touch instead !!!! )

The Lib-O-Rats achieved their Super Majority via all the lies being fed to the public about G. W. Bush by the Leftist Media Bias ( As well as being the ones who nearly took down the stock market via their sabotage )/ To have the Dem-O-Rats gain power through selling Us only Lies about Bush!!!! ........And their biggest lies were about Iraq [ So lets look at that for a moment shall we ]

Saddam Hussein was nuts .....and thought He was Sennacherib II and Nebuchadnezzar II reincarnated ....And even minted coins to that effect .....began to rebuild the city of Babylon .....And wanted to Destroy Israel ......He committed more War Crimes then one could imagine ( from gassing the Kurds, etc.., ........To starving 10's of thousands of children under 5 years of age in Iraq to death ......When He diverted the "Oil For Food Program" monies for His weapons programs .....And He also had a massive amount of Weapons Of Mass Destruction ......Which He shipped in trucks to Syria, etc.., .....As well as having started to heavily develop a Nuclear Weapons Program ........Which He dismantled to Outlast the United Nations / and the U.S.A. ......Which He planned to start up again once He had hoped to have successfully outlasted The patience of the U.S.A. .......And so while Our Troops found none of the Nuclear Weapons Program Materials { because He shipped what He had achieved out of Iraq } ......But Our Troops did find all of the hidden paperwork on the Research He had kept / The sum total of all of His successes to that point in developing Nuclear Weapons .........So He could start that program back up once He had outlived Our will to keep after Him !!!!

And So for His desire to destroy Israel / Develop Nuclear Weapons / Have the Pride as if he were God - In effect attempting to Mock God with His Demonic Pride / And for all of His War Crimes / And Crimes against Humanity .......God Clearly Judged Him .....And Both Bush Presidencies were clearly doing the Will of God / In respect to dealing with that Demonic Tyrant !!!!

And yet the Left Mocks Bush / And Lies to the U.S.A. Public / So as to bring Dem-O-Rat Libs back into power !!!!

And after doing so ......feeling primed for an Obamageddon Progressive of their own ........Via the Treason the Left committed to get their Obamageddon in office as their "Token Progressive" ....... Who they thought they could pull the Race-Card every time He would be challenged .......When the Trans-Nationalist Socialists tried to destroy Capitalism Worldwide !!!! ......They did so by flooding the Stock Market of the Big Financial Institutions that caused the collapse with millions and millions of non bogus stock shares to drive the price of these institutions through the floor )

Because in the Stock Market / When people promise to buy or sell stocks / when the stock is not available at that moment { whatever serial numbers that denote the actual blocks of stock in existence } ......The Stock Market System uses "Phantom Shares" / in stead of actual stock as I.O.U. Vouchers / As the promise of the transactions / Until the actual Stock Info is transfered.

So in using the "Phantom Shares" as a technical device / Millions and Millions more Shares then were ever even issued by the Big Financial Institutions were flooded into the Stock Market / To drive down the value of the Stocks in Question / As More Supply of Phony Stock then there is a Demand for / Causes the Stocks to Tank !!!!

And this Idiot Obama / After Scaring the Public to death / And Sweeping into office With High Treason and False Hope and False Change .........This Idiot could do nothing but Screw Up everything The Evil Left attempted !!!!!

And Now that the left has also been judged { For their evil and Godless Agenda / Which they try and pretend is Godly in and for everyones good / in their sick and twisted logic / Which no one but Mindless Libs believe by the way } .......Now that everyone is Done being frightened by what the Left did on purpose in the 1st place .....And momentarily had convinced the country that Bush did it all ........And Now they have been judged / And the measure of their downfall / is Directly related to How Much people have been turning to God in Prayer for deliverance from the Godless left !!!!!

And now Moron-Obama is trying to play the Populist .......And is making an even bigger fool of himself ....In trying to pretend that He is all { Angry } as a { Populist Hero } ..........Trying to Claim that the Same Anger that elected Scott Brown / Is what Elected Obongo in the 1st place !!!!!!

Really ???? ........Obongo was elected via the Anger the Dem-O-Rats had manufactured against G.W. Bush .......via lying to the public .....By trying to blame Bush ......for their own attempting to destroy the stock market { Just as their Community Reinvestment Act / And Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae / And Acorn / And the same Radicals from the 60's who tried to destroy the System from within / By purposefully trying to overburden and destroy the Wealfare System / To destroy Capitalism )

So after trying to destroy the system from within { And Finally getting themselves a super majority in the process } .....They rode the wave of manufactured anger against Bush / which they shoved down our throats till the majority believed it

And Now Moron-Obongo { in trying to play the populist } .....Is now saying the Anti-Obongo and Anti-Progressive anger that swept Brown into office ......Is the same Anti-Bush anger they created ????

Obongo is an even Bigger Moron as a Snake-Oil-Salesman-Populist-Fake then He was an an Elitist Progressive !!!!!

And Now the Idiot is trying to tell us with all His Fake Populist Anger and Fist Pounding And Angry Words { Just Like Adolf Hitler } .....On how He was only concerned about Jobs ?????

All that Lying Sack 0f S**T known as Obongo was trying to do / Was attempting to Destroy Capitalism !!!!! ........The same agenda of the Progressives from day one .......The same agenda of the Radicals from the 60's through the Monkeys Carter, and Clinton .....To the New Monkey Obongo .......And no one is buying His Feigned Populist Bull S**T .........Except the Moronic Left !!!!

He pissed away any momentum the super majority left could have had { to try to fool Us that they really want to help / in stead of the truth that they want things to be so big and overburdened / for the sake of being big and overburdened } .....To take down Capitalism ......Because the Progressives only Worship the Godless System of Communism !!!!!

And The Moron is Too Stupid as well to pull of His now new Feigned-Populist-Leader Shuck and Jive Act ......As he was Too Stupid to Pull off His .....Bigger Is Better { With Death-Care, and Cap And Fade, etc.., { Shuck And jive Act !!!!


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  • Athlete 2010/01/23 04:16:40 (edited)
    Mike, this is one of the best blogs I have seen about the past dealing with Iraq and what transpired,because the liberal press did a great job from keeping alot of this info. from the American public and it was Soros' concerted effort to do this that made the Iraq campaign fall on deaf ears with most of the American public. Only I and you and a few others knew where they transported the weapons of mass destruction, yet no one in the media ever talked about it and Syria still has it to this day. Bush was a great leader and didn't get the credit he deserved due to this.

    Obama is the worst President of all time in one year!! With super majorities in the House and Senate many things could have been accomplished to benefit us and they weren't. He and Soros were hell bent on destroying this country from within since day 1. Jimmy Carter looks like a great President next to this epic failure!! soros bent destroying country 1 jimmy carter president epic failure soros bent destroying country 1 jimmy carter president epic failure

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  • mike 2010/11/07 23:41:58
  • phoenix AFCL-PWCM 2010/01/24 20:24:29
    phoenix AFCL-PWCM
    Gee, Mike... tell us how you really feel !!.. lol.. Couldn't agree with you more, my friend. The man is an idiot, plain & simple. He even makes Carter look good and that takes some doing. The people (shadow government) pulling his strings are the brains and the ones I fear.
  • bluejacket 2010/01/24 18:27:40
    Com'on now!

    Obama still has 3 more years to be EVEN worse that "the worst."
  • '' Hammy '' 2010/01/24 17:47:31
    '' Hammy ''
    It is sad .. he still doesn't get the massage........ America, does not want his Left wing Bull Shit pushed onto them.. he and their very vocal minority still blame his being black and Bush................STUPID LIBS! Quit crying.....and move to your right.......or be left in the dark ages.......Idiots! blame black bush stupid libs quit crying dark ages idiots
  • McCate 2010/01/24 16:03:23
    Great Post! I could not agree more. I also see how Ronnie Hit it dead on.

  • Autarchic 2010/01/24 16:02:32 (edited)
    What you have done, is fallen for the the stuff that has happened as a diversion to keep you from seeing the real problem. It's all smoke and mirrors, to keep you from seeing the big picture. It looks like it works on you! The International Banksters own the media, they own the WHOLE country, they are the puppeteers pulling the strings, they are the ones you never hear about. It is all about divide and conquer.

    The Chinese figured out five thousand years ago, that if you can make the enemy believe they can't win, they would not fight. Obama is just a man following orders, he has no power to do anything he's not told to do.

    For crying out loud, you're acting like this man is your god. He's not my Daddy or is he my boss, he cannot fire me, I do not sleep with him, so I do not care what he says.

    Executive Orders only apply to the people under his authority, they have nothing to do with the people of this country. Do you concern yourself with executive orders coming from the CEO of IBM? Not unless you work for IBM.

    The real problem is right here below!

  • Sherloc... Autarchic 2010/01/24 16:41:02
  • Autarchic Sherloc... 2010/01/24 17:07:08
    Dang, I didn't have any idea that you would get so excited. You sure spend and lot of time on Obama for some reason. He is just a pawn in the games that are being played against the people of the world. Good Day!

    Your .................. is are doing the job you must believe it is.
  • Sherloc... Autarchic 2010/01/24 18:51:21
  • Autarchic Sherloc... 2010/01/24 20:21:35
    Okay, I get the picture. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
  • Sherloc... Autarchic 2010/01/24 22:07:28
  • Sherloc... Autarchic 2010/01/24 19:18:32
  • '' Hamm... Autarchic 2010/01/24 18:06:42
    '' Hammy ''
    at first i was questioned by your demeanor. but, i had to watch the video to understand what your demeanor actually was.. yes, everything boils down to the NEW WORLD ORDER. Of which O'duma.. is a puppet for....... However, if he is there puppet and he is.. he deserves to be blasted with an unending disdain for him and his cronies...... world order oduma puppet puppet deserves blasted unending disdain cronies world order oduma puppet puppet deserves blasted unending disdain cronies
  • jc 2010/01/24 14:14:23
  • Dwight Mann 2010/01/24 11:45:47
    Dwight Mann
    In short, this administration is failed,and can not be trusted with anything.
    I say "Get a Rope", for a treasonous bastard. . .

    administration failedand trusted rope treasonous bastard
  • dico 2010/01/24 09:47:49
    mike take a look at this picture.. I did not touch it....

    great blog..and so great to see you back!!!

    mike picture touch blog
  • Matt Wayne 2010/01/24 06:05:12
    Matt Wayne
    Obama is without question the worst president in our history. His entire cabinet is incompetent and corrupt. I don't know if Obama is that lazy, that stupid or just doesn't care. His failed presidency is an embarrassment. We are a joke around the world. I hope that the Massachusetts election is just the start of a revolution to rid Americans of Obama and all liberals. Obama, Emanuel and Axelrod are like the bungling three stooges. If the Obama white house wasn't so damaging to the country it would be laughable.
  • AL 2010/01/24 05:44:27
    Thats only because he works very hard at being the wrost!
  • Lucy 2010/01/24 04:30:19
    I do not think so
  • Sherloc... Lucy 2010/01/24 06:22:53

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