President Obama is the ONLY ONE who can lead us out of this Recession!!!

Obama4ever 2012/06/27 16:46:10
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President Obama has shown real leadership in taking control of this depressed economy he inherited from GW Bush.
He single-handedly saved the Auto industry and the MILLIONS of jobs it provides!!
The stimulus SAVED our country from the greatest economic collapse since the Great Depression!!
We have seen jobs start to come back and the economy is recovering but being held back by the Euro-crisis.

That's why we need President Obama to LEAD us FORWARD out of the recession!!
He knows what's going on and how to fix things.

Romney is just a flip flopper who sent jobs overseas and bankrupted companies to make himself rich!!
Romney doesn't care about the Middle Class
, unions or workers and will sell us out to his Wall Street 1% cronies the first chance he gets.
Romney and the GOP Thugs have been obstructing all the attempts to get Americans back to work!!
Romney thinks corporations are people just like you and me.
Romney's just out of touch with what us regular folk are going through. He wants to take away help for the poor, elderly, sick, unemployed, etc... and give tax breaks to BILLIONAIRES!!!



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  • Bob 2012/07/21 15:42:04
    He's done a great job so far.......right..
  • chris 2012/07/12 13:17:28
    Yes he can; not he's not the only one! I can too.
  • WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA 2012/07/06 22:03:50
    WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA
    Are you crazy? Obama will only lead us to economic collapse, he needs to go!

    Are you on the government dole or what?
  • Herb 2012/07/06 20:42:32
    Unemployment in June stayed steady at 8.2 percent, with the economy adding a below-average 84,000 jobs, according to the monthly jobs report released on the first Friday of every month.
    again no major growth lol
    January 3, 2007 was the day that Democrats took control of both houses of Congress. Let's take a factual look at what they inherited.

    The DOW Jones closed at 12,621.77

    The unemployment rate was 4.6%

    The GDP for the previous quarter was 3.5%

    The economy had just set a record of 52 straight months of job creation

    26 million Americans were on food stamps

    47 banks were on the FDIC problem list

    The Social Security program took in the neighborhood of 100 billion more than it paid out

    The national debt was approaching 9 trillion dollars

    Barney Frank took over the House Financial Services Committee and Chris Dodd took over the Senate Banking Committee

    Obama became a Senator from Illinois

    Bush was on record requesting restraint on Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae 17 times

    Since then, it was Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae that dumped trillions of dollars of toxic assets on taxpayers. It was Obama who got the third highest pay-out from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. It was the Democratic Congress that defended them along the way.

    So since it was the Democrats that were really dri...

    Unemployment in June stayed steady at 8.2 percent, with the economy adding a below-average 84,000 jobs, according to the monthly jobs report released on the first Friday of every month.
    again no major growth lol
    January 3, 2007 was the day that Democrats took control of both houses of Congress. Let's take a factual look at what they inherited.

    The DOW Jones closed at 12,621.77

    The unemployment rate was 4.6%

    The GDP for the previous quarter was 3.5%

    The economy had just set a record of 52 straight months of job creation

    26 million Americans were on food stamps

    47 banks were on the FDIC problem list

    The Social Security program took in the neighborhood of 100 billion more than it paid out

    The national debt was approaching 9 trillion dollars

    Barney Frank took over the House Financial Services Committee and Chris Dodd took over the Senate Banking Committee

    Obama became a Senator from Illinois

    Bush was on record requesting restraint on Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae 17 times

    Since then, it was Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae that dumped trillions of dollars of toxic assets on taxpayers. It was Obama who got the third highest pay-out from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. It was the Democratic Congress that defended them along the way.

    So since it was the Democrats that were really driving the car, I think they get the DUI even though they insisted Bush was driving. I think the evidence speaks for itself.


    What Obama Gve us
    The following are 18 statistics that prove that the economy has not
    improved since Barack Obama became the president of the United
    #1 Today there are 88
    million working age Americans that are not employed and that are
    not looking for employment. That is an all-time record high.

    #2 When Barack Obama was elected, the percentage of
    unemployed Americans that had been out of work for more than 52 weeks
    was less than 15%. Today, it is above

    #3 There are 1.2
    million fewer jobs in America today than there were when Barack
    Obama was inaugurated.

    #4 When Barack Obama first took office, the number
    of "long-term unemployed workers" in the United States was approximately
    2.6 million. Today, that number is sitting at 5.6 million.

    #5 The average duration of unemployment in the
    United States is hovering close to an all-time record high.

    #6 During the Obama administration, worker health
    insurance costs have risen by
    23 percent.

    #7 Since Barack Obama has been president, the
    average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States has increased
    by 90

    #8 Since Barack Obama has been president, home
    values in the United States have declined by another 13

    #9 Under Barack Obama, new home sales in the U.S.
    set a brand new all-time record low in 2009, they set a brand new
    all-time record low again in 2010, and they set a brand new all-time record low once again during

    #10 Since Barack Obama took office, the number of
    Americans living in poverty has risen by more
    than 6 million.

    #11 Since Barack Obama entered the White House, the
    number of Americans on food stamps has increased from 32 million to46 million.

    #12 The amount of money that the federal government
    gives directly to Americans has increased by 32 percent since Barack Obama entered the
    White House.

    #13 According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the
    percentage of Americans living in "extreme poverty" is now sitting at an all-time high.

    #14 When Barack Obama first took office, an ounce of
    gold was going for about $850. Today an ounce of gold costs more than
    $1700 an ounce.

    #15 Since Barack Obama became president, the size of
    the U.S. national debt has increased by
    44 percent.

    #16 During Barack Obama's first two years in office,
    the U.S. government added more to the U.S. national debt than the first 100
    U.S. Congresses combined.

    #17 During the Obama administration, the U.S.
    government has accumulated more debt than it did from the time that
    George Washington took office to the time that Bill
    Clinton took office.

    #18 The U.S. national debt has been increasing by an
    average ofmore than 4 billion dollars
    per day since the beginning of the Obama administration.

    Oh, but Barack Obama is promising that things will be much better
    very soon. Barack Obama is pledging that 2
    million more jobs will be added to the economy in 2012.

    Do you believe him?

    Congress certainly seems to think that things will be getting
    better. Congress has reduced the maximum amount of time that the
    unemployed can receive unemployment benefits to 73
    weeks. That change will go into effect later this year.

    But there are still millions of very talented Americans that cannot
    find work after years of looking.

    So what are they supposed to do?

    A recent Business
    Insider article featured the story of Helen Hatat, a woman from
    southern California that has been unemployed since 2009....

    She lost her job in public relationships in 2009 after more than
    20 years of working in the entertainment industry, the Southern
    California resident said.

    "When you don't have a job, you don't find a job, and
    when you don't have a job, you don't find a home," she said.

    At first she tried moving into a homeless shelter, but left
    because they treated her "like garbage." Eventually she found a friend
    she could stay with, but this arrangement won't last forever.

    "I've found you lose most of your friends, you know. If
    you have money people love you. If you don't have any money people hate
    you. They treat you like you are contagious."

    As government finances get tight, things are going to get really
    tough for women like her.

    When evaluating the health of the American economy, the key is not to
    focus on the short-term economic numbers. Sometimes they go up and
    sometimes they do down.

    Instead, the key is to look at the long-term balance sheet numbers.
    When you do that, it quickly becomes apparent how
    appalling our economic decline has been.

    The size of federal government debt is
    exploding, state and local governments all over the country are
    drowning in debt, our collective national wealth is decreasing and our
    ability to produce new wealth is also being reduced as our economic
    infrastructure is systematically gutted.

    Of course all of the blame should not go to Obama. The truth is
    that the
    Federal Reserve has much more power over the economy than Obama
    does. But the American people are constantly told that the Federal
    Reserve is "not political" and that we should not criticize the Fed.

    So it is kind of ridiculous that presidents are judged by the
    performance of the economy. Yes, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama have all
    greatly contributed to the mess that we are in, but they are not solely
    responsible for it.

    In the end, however, the outcome of the next presidential election
    will probably be very heavily influenced by how the U.S. economy
    performs during the rest of 2012.

    Sadly, as our economy declines it is bringing out the worst in many
    Americans. For example, "sugar daddy" websites are absolutely exploding
    in popularity. Young women that are hungry for cash are selling their
    "services" to sick older men who are willing to finance the lifestyles
    of these desperate young women in exchange for "companionship".

    The following comes from a recent article in
    The Independent....

    In America's booming online dating
    market, few sectors are hotter than so-called "sugar daddy" sites, which
    help rich men to make "arrangements" with attractive and financially
    needy younger women. Between them, these specialist sites now account
    for 10 percent of the entire industry. That's no small beans, given that
    in the US the online dating business now generates profits estimated at
    $700m ($442m) per year and, according to the polling firm GlobeSpan,
    has helped just over one in five Americans to find their life partner.

    As the economy gets even worse, millions upon millions of Americans
    are going to become extremely desperate and will do things for money
    that they never dreamed that they would do.

    That is a very frightening thing.

    America is changing, and not for the better.


    Back in November, at the time of the original Keystone XL pipeline decision, environmental groups threatened to pull their backing for Obama if he approved the pipeline. Michael Brune, executive director of America’s largest environmental group, the Sierra Club, is on record as saying that the President’s decision on Keystone would have “a very big impact” on how they funnel their resources—with the obvious implication being that they would not support the President if he didn’t do their bidding.
    Other environmental groups such as the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the Environmental Defense Fund took a different tack but with the same goal. A press release from the Rainforest Action Network promised the President that if he denied Keystone, he would see a “surge of enthusiasm from the green base that supported you so strongly in the last election.”
    Environmental groups clearly understand they have the ability to influence the President’s decisions based on their claims to support—or not support—his bid for a second term. So far, they must be pleased with his administration’s efforts. On Wednesday, April 18, leading environmental groups came out with their official endorsement of President Obama—“the earliest” the groups “have ever endorsed in a presidential election cycle.” According to The Hill, “The groups are planning a mix of advertising and on-the-ground work on Obama’s behalf.” However, Glenn Hurowitz, a senior fellow at the Center for International Policy, thinks the groups should have waited longer before endorsing the President. He believes the early endorsement removes the “greens’ leverage.”

    Most pundits agree that the 2012 presidential election will be a hard fought, close race. In order to win, President Obama needs the four million votes from “greens” the groups represent—and they do not want increased domestic resource extraction. According to BusinessWeek, funding from environmental groups is currently less than 50% of what it was through the same period in the 2008 campaign—one of the reasons cited: “renewing offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.”
    Though receiving little press, the Obama administration is working hard to convince the “greens” that he is one of them.
    very large part of the U.S. population still believes the drivel of Obama and
    they want to believe the economy is getting better so they are buying the crap the
    mainstream media is feeding them. But IS the U.S. economy really improving as
    Obama wants us to believe? The truth is NO it is not. The rate of employment
    among working Americans is exactly where it was when Bush left office three
    years ago and in reality household incomes, at least not those in Unions, have
    actually gone down while Obama has been president. Home ownership levels and
    home prices still are falling. Meanwhile, food, gasoline, and utilities
    continue to become even more expensive. The percentage of Americans that have
    become totally dependent on the government is at an all-time high and the U.S.
    national debt has risen by more than 5 trillion dollars under Obama and STILL
    he wants to raise the national debt again. We simply have not seen this type of
    economic recovery since World War II.

    I don’t know the first thing about economics but I know when something is wrong
    when I see it. The things about the U.S. economy you are about to read are not
    talked about much by the mainstream media. They want you to believe that things
    are going in a direction Obama says things are headed.

    to the American people the way Obama has been doing is not going to help them. It’s
    like you’re speeding in a car heading for cliff, you don’t need anyone telling
    you that you will be fine, instead you want someone to HIT THOSES BRAKES.

    cold, hard fact of the matter is, the U.S. economy is worse now than 4 or 5
    years ago. We never came close to recovering from the last recession and are
    looking at still another very soon. Now, below are 25 facts about the U.S.
    economy Obama does not want you to know….

    The number of Americans owning homes is dropping
    rapidly. According to Gallup, the current level of ownership in America is the
    lowest Gallup has ever measured. www.gallup.com/poll/154124/U....
    Prices of homes have fallen like a rock. They have fallen
    for 6 months straight and are down a total of 35% from the peak of the housing
    bubble. The last time home prices were this low was back the Bush years http://finance.yahoo.com/news...
    or http://money.cnn.com/2012/04/...
    Last year, 53% of all college grads under 25 were
    either unemployed or underemployed. http://theeconomiccollapseblo...
    or http://theeconomiccollapseblo...

    In 2007, 10% of all unemployed Americans had been
    out of work for 52 weeks or longer. Today, that number is more than 30% http://www.financialarmageddo...

    When Obama became president, the number of in America
    was 2.6 million. As of the date of this blog, it’s at 5.3 million. http://www.bls.gov/news.relea...

    The average unemployment in America is 3 times as
    long as it was back in the year 2000 after the Clinton years. http://research.stlouisfed.or...

    Although the mainstream media wants us to believe,
    the truth being is the percentage of working age Americans employed is not
    increasing. In March 2010, 58.5% of all working Americans were employed. In
    March 2011, 58.5% of all working Americans were employed. In March 2012, 58.5%
    of all working Americans were employed. So, can someone please tell me how Obama
    can EVEN claim the employment situation in America is getting better? The
    employment rate is still standing exactly where it was when the last recession
    was supposed to have ended. http://data.bls.gov/timeserie...

    In 1950, more than 80% of all men in the U. S. had
    jobs. Today, fewer than 65% of all men in America have jobs. http://research.stlouisfed.or...

    In 1962, 28% of all jobs in America were
    manufacturing jobs. Last year, 2011, only 9% of all jobs in America were
    manufacturing jobs, all others have been outsourced or have moved to avoid
    paying the higher taxes. http://finance.yahoo.com/news...

    Now why am I not surprised to know that in some
    areas of Detroit, Michigan it is possible to buy a 3 bedroom home for less than
    a $1,000 but the problem is it will cost you thousands of dollars to make them
    habitable. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/ne...

    According to a recent survey, about 1/3 of all
    Americans aren’t paying their bills on time at this point. http://heraldnews.suntimes.co...

    Since Obama came to the White House, the price of
    gas has risen over 100%. I have a receipt from BP dated 10/15/2008 where I paid
    $1.96 a gallon and as of this past Sunday I paid $3.71 a gallon. You do the
    math. http://www.republican.senate....

    The student loan debt continues to rise at an
    extremely fast pace. I just found student loans in America have passed the $1trillon
    mark. http://www.consumerfinance.go...

    Did you know that 1 out of every 4 jobs in America
    pays $10 an hour or less. http://www.mybudget360.com/lo...

    Household incomes all over America continue to
    fall. After adjusting for inflation, median household income in America declined
    7.8% since December 2007. http://economy.money.cnn.com/...

    Over the past 40 plus years, the people dependency on
    the government has soared in America. The following is described to how the growth
    of social welfare benefits in one recent article… In 1960, social welfare
    benefits made up about 10% of all salaries and wages. In 2000, welfare benefits
    made up about 21% of all salaries and wages. As of 2012 the welfare benefits
    make up about 35% of all salaries and wages. http://www.cnbc.com/id/41969508 or
    In November 2008, 30.8 million Americans were on
    food stamps. Today, over 46 million Americans are on food stamps. http://www.fns.usda.gov/pd/34...

    Right now, over 25% of American children are on
    food stamps. http://endoftheamericandream....

    According to the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau, today 49 percent of all Americans live in a
    home that receives some form of benefits from the federal government. http://news.investors.com/art...

    Over the next 75 years, it is said that Obamacare’s
    Medicare is facing unfunded liabilities of more than $38 trillion dollars. That
    comes to $328,404 for each and every household in America. http://cnsnews.com/news/artic...

    During the first quarter of 2012, America’s debt
    rose by $359.1 billion dollars. U.S. GDP only rose by $142.4 billion dollars. http://www.zerohedge.com/news...

    At this point, the national debt is rising by more
    than $2 million dollars every single minute. http://endoftheamericandream....

    The national debt has risen by more than $5
    trillion dollars since Obama first took office. In just a little over 3 years
    Obama has added more to the national debt than the first 41 presidents
    combined. I have often said that Obama spent in 3 years what took Bush 8 years
    but I guess according to Obamanomics More is less if you are a Liberal and Less
    is non-existent if you are a Conservative. http://www.treasurydirect.gov...

    The Federal Reserve bought up approximately 61% of
    all government debt issued by the U.S. Treasury Department during 2011. http://www.moneynews.com/Head...

    The Federal Reserve steadily destroys the value of
    the U.S. dollar. Since 1970, the U.S. dollar has lost more than 83% of its
    value. http://theeconomiccollapseblo...

    all over America are feeling that something has changed. Businesses around for
    generations are shutting their doors and there’s more fear in the air. I read
    an article from a guy named Yamarone who says …”You have to listen to what
    the small businesses are telling you and right now they are telling you, ‘Hey,
    I’m the head of a 3rd or 4th generation, 75 or 100 year old business, and I’ve
    got to shut the doors’ or ‘I’ve got to let people go. And if I’m hiring anybody
    back, it’s only on a temporary basis.’ Sometimes they do this through a hiring
    firm so that they can sidestep paying unemployment benefit insurance. So that’s
    what’s really going on at the grassroots level of the economy. Very, very,
    grossly different from what you’re seeing in some of these numbers coming out
    in earnings releases.”

    over the place, millions of Americans are desperately looking for work. They
    have been told by Obama and his crew “the recession is over”, but they are finding
    it incredibly difficult to find anyone that will hire them. Oh, there is work
    out there flipping burgers or waiting on tables in restaurants that are
    frequented by those already employed but the tips are usually non-existent or
    are like 1% of the check.

    the mean time Obama and his family continue to live the high on the hog at the
    expense of the U.S. taxpayer. Even some Democrats are starting to get upset
    about this.

    line it is not right that Obama and his family be spending millions and millions
    of taxpayer dollars on luxury vacations when so many Americans are deeply
    suffering. What was his quote “We all need to pull our belts in during this
    economic crisis” or something like that. But, you see Obama doesn’t want you to
    know any of this stuff. He just wants you to buy into his propaganda once more
    time so that he can continue to occupy the White House for another four years.
    This time I have a feeling that should he succeed he will to something to
    change that part of the Constitution that limits the term of a president.
  • AM 2012/07/06 20:24:09
  • CUDDLY BUT STILL CRABBY 2012/07/06 20:19:47
    Real leadership? Where? Blaming former President Bush? For sure. Blaming ATM's? Sure, that's Obama.


    No matter what you brain-dead followers of his and the main stream media say or report.
  • HOMBRE 2012/07/06 20:17:52
    The Obama Government's Plan to Seize Private Retirement Accounts, continues..

    The Federal Reserve and The Treasury Department, need your Retirement Accounts.

    China No longer buys our Treasury (debt) Bonds, the Feds are Forced to Buy Over 61% of Unsold Treasury Bonds. The Treasury Department needs New Buyers... You! The Equity in IRA's & 401k's, will keep the System from Total Collapse!

    The Supreme Court's ruling on Obama Care, has Opened the Door for more Socialistic Government Programs. Discover the New Steps that have been taken toward Nationalizing IRA's & 401k's!


    ✓ Who's behind the Plan

    ✓ The New Proposed Legislation

    ✓ Who will be in charge of the equity

    ✓ What States are already in the works

    ✓ What will they do with Your IRA's & 401k's
  • AMERICAN 2012/07/04 06:03:30
    Are you people freakin serious? This idiot has taken this country down the deepest hole in our history. He has no clue, no leadership ability and obviously no idea how to get us on steady ground. His only thought is to make government larger, which is insane as government cost money it doesn't make money. The only way it makes it, is by printing it, which decreases it's value. WAKE up America and eject the jerk wad in November.
  • Red Buckeye 2012/07/04 03:05:27
    Red Buckeye
    Amatuer hour is over. Time for the adults to move in and clean up Barry's mess. All he and the Dems know how to do is spend, tax, blame others, and lie.

  • Gooky 2012/07/03 23:42:19
  • Nimitz 2012/07/03 21:38:49
    This recession is a FUNCTION and MANIFESTATION of too much control. It cannot be mitigated by more of the same.
  • Bobbi 2012/07/03 17:54:25
    not no but HELL NO...
    we an our children can not afford another 4 years
  • Patric 2012/07/03 17:53:32
    seems like there is some confusion with this post..

    obomma is the cause of this current recession ,,

    it is because of obomma , and all he has done is make it worse...
  • Ken 2012/07/03 17:47:08
    He obviously causes nothing but chaos.
  • Muver 2012/07/03 15:42:21
    NO, NO and HELL NO,,,,and you my friend, must be excited that the OBozo Healthcare
    Bill, that was shoved down our throats, is going to pay for your pre existing condition of Brain Deadedness....Not a word you say, Not to worry...OBozo will make it so with another of his Gestapo Executive Orders, done in the dark of the night....You are covered, while the rest of us just got screwed...Again....by this lying administration...I, for one, can't wait to throw out the government garbage in November...
  • hasher 2012/07/03 15:26:22
    leadership?? you call shoving the obamacare down our throats and making it the biggest tax increase in history leaedership??? what koolaide are you drinking?? and here is some more failures of obamas leadership: obama economic record obamas economic record obamas economic record
  • hasher hasher 2012/07/03 15:26:57
    if this is " leadership i dont want no part o it!!!!
  • Dogzebra~PWCM~JLA 2012/07/03 15:22:11
  • cmdrbnd007 2012/07/03 15:19:56
    Leadership? What the Hell ever! The only thing he has done is spent more than any other president before him.
  • Willy 2012/07/03 15:04:57
    unemployment, inflation, gasoline prices, food prices and everything else is now twice as high as it was when the America hating obama took over and it will only get worse under him.
  • Charles E 2012/07/03 14:57:44
    Charles E
    He took a poor economy and made it a disaster.
    He took high unemployment and raised it even higher, in spite of millions of people droping out of the work force and thus not counted.
    He rules by decree rather than govern by law.
  • Dwight 2012/07/03 14:22:48
    I guess that you could say that our guide to the middle of the swamp should be capable of leading us out finaly. But I'm not willing to pay more for the full tour.
  • Bronar 2012/07/03 14:20:17
    You're kidding, right?
  • Will on the road again 2012/07/03 14:19:32
    Will on the road again
    Leading his way out of a paper bag would be a huge accomplishment for him at this point!

    find way out of paper bag
  • Latti Ice Nerd Gangsta of P... 2012/07/03 14:19:04
    Latti Ice Nerd Gangsta of PHAET
    Politely stating no; in addition congress controls the purse strings.
  • Lee The... Latti I... 2012/07/03 14:24:10
    Lee The Hybrid Snowflake
    So true girl. I wish we could start fresh all the way around!
  • Latti I... Lee The... 2012/07/03 14:26:01
    Latti Ice Nerd Gangsta of PHAET
    :-) Yup, me too. Congress as a whole is screwed up although I found a few gems in each party while looking at some politicians records. Sadly though; the majority of them a corrupt to the core or just ignorant.
  • AMERICAN Latti I... 2012/07/04 06:07:30
    So vote the idiotic ones out in November. Find the ones you approve of and tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter to vote for them and get rid of the idiots. YOU HAVE THE POWER.
  • TruBluTopaz 2012/07/03 14:13:45
    I think he's totally lost. He relies on academic experts who have never worked in the real world and pushes away business owners and operators who have had to meet a payroll.
  • Reichstolz 2012/07/03 14:02:04
    The auto industry is currently a 19 billion dollar loss to the taxpayer
    He hasn't saved us from anything only prolonged the recession.
    If forward is piling on more debt, chasing the spirit of entreprenuership from our shores, and a vindictive stance on personal liberty, then Wonder Mutt is your guy.
    I value individual liberty, I will be voting against all incumbents including this vapid suit.
  • Denny 2012/07/03 13:39:26
    Him and his friends Chris Dodd and Barney Crank got us into this mess.
  • Charles E Denny 2012/07/03 15:01:17
    Charles E
    BHO is always blaming Republicans so Chris and Barney must be Republicans.
  • Denny Charles E 2012/07/03 16:45:14 (edited)
    Not sure. Don't think he's thrown them under his bus yet, just won't talk about them at all, kind of like Jimmy Peanut.
  • Cognito22 2012/07/03 13:06:40 (edited)
    President Obama was the least qualified person to hold that office both this century and last century.
    The fact that you would make this statement with overwhelming evidence to the contrary shows that you are either braindead or brainwashed.

    - No financial credentials or experience
    - No military credentials, qualfications or experience
    - No business experience, credentials or qualifications
    - No managerial credentials or qualifications
    - No foreign policy credentials, qualifications or experience
    - No economic credentials, qualifications or experience

    unemployment 2012
  • Muver Cognito22 2012/07/03 15:35:55
    This person has had sooooo much of the koolaid, in enema form, the brain has ceased to exist..
  • Cognito22 Muver 2012/07/03 15:45:48
    His brain was flushed out his ears. LOL
  • Muver Cognito22 2012/07/03 16:09:04
    I agree....can't wait to hear back from this dumbo...:S
  • crotchrot 2012/07/03 13:04:13
  • Lee The Hybrid Snowflake 2012/07/03 13:01:32
    Lee The Hybrid Snowflake
    No, he's had 4 years to have us at least in the right direction but unemployment is still way too high.
  • dasimon1 2012/07/03 11:44:25
    Is this a joke or is somebody brain dead.The mind is like a parachute...it doesn't work unless it's opened.Barack"the Muslim"Obama is the woirst piece of garbage ever to sit in the Oval office. The only place he's leading us is to oblivion and i'm not going !! The garbage goes out 0n Nov 6th.
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2016/02/13 23:52:37

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