President Obama against striking teachers?

jt 2012/09/11 23:33:27
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  • ProVega 2012/09/26 11:00:19 (edited)
    President Obama is for all of us, even the 1%.
  • ☆ Queen... ProVega 2012/09/26 14:23:45
    ☆ QueenAline
    Barry is for Barry..If you think he gives a flying you know what about you, then you are sadly mistaken...Narcisists don't care about ANYONE but themselves...
  • ProVega ☆ Queen... 2012/09/26 20:26:11
    Are you a psychologist or just a Faux News addict?
  • ☆ Queen... ProVega 2012/09/26 20:43:08
    ☆ QueenAline
  • none 2012/09/12 17:39:49
  • ProVega none 2012/09/26 11:01:43
    You got big guts?
  • MYSTIC MYSTIQUE 2012/09/12 15:34:22
    of course we need them.
  • Todayisgoingtobegreat 2012/09/12 11:43:28
    The teachers are failing, but they now want to work only 5 hours aday, and don't want a 4% increase every year for 4 years, they want 15% increase every year for 2 years. Reminds me of the car industry.. Raising themselves out of a job. Unions were good, but greedy people have made them BAD
  • ☆ QueenAline 2012/09/12 00:18:16
    ☆ QueenAline
    "Do you find it interesting that the White House is claiming not to take sides in the Chicago teachers' strike, because I certainly do.

    The man who has made a practice of sticking his nose in situations where he can divide the people, suddenly decides to remain silent in this situation. He couldn't wait to give his opinion about the Cambridge Police Department and the way they conducted police business pursuant to Harvard's Professor Gates. In fact he told the world that their actions "were stupid." He had no problem injecting himself into the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman situation. He told the American people that if he had a son, "he would look like Trayvon." In the case of Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood Terrorist Muslim, he injected himself, telling Congress not to get involved. And he can we forget his earth-shatteringly important phone-call sticking his nose in Sandra Fluke's sex life?

    Obama has made it a practice of injecting himself into everything from meaningless basketball games to criminal situations, that he should have stayed out of considering his position, but in matters such as this he quickly retreats and becomes the invisible man.

    Real leaders lead, real leaders make tough decisions. Persons like Obama blame others, make excuses, and sit on their mouths rather than hold unions accountable. "

    Mychal Massie...and he's right on target
  • ProVega ☆ Queen... 2012/09/26 11:04:19
    You should wright fiction. You have a great imagination. Or, maybe you should wright RobMe's speaches.
  • Todayis... ProVega 2012/09/26 14:30:53
    Learn how to spell Write. Right. Wright.
  • ☆ Queen... Todayis... 2012/09/26 15:33:11
    ☆ QueenAline
  • Todayis... ☆ Queen... 2012/09/26 14:36:02
    Actually I am not surprised because we all know this is just another way to dumb down America. We have people teaching, or lack there of, our children. And then the you have the results like ProVega who can not use the correct Homonym in his sentence.
  • jubil8 BN-0 PON 2012/09/11 23:50:04
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    Are you surprised?
  • John Hall 2012/09/11 23:49:28
  • ProVega John Hall 2012/09/26 11:04:47
    Nice language.
  • John Hall ProVega 2012/09/26 11:38:14
    John Hall
    I don't play political correctness Obama didn't have the balls to come out and take sides .
  • Mark In Irvine 2012/09/11 23:41:47
    Mark In Irvine
    Romney is against them, according to something I heard on the national news this morning driving into the office.

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