Pre-Occupy America - August 20, 2012 By Craig Covello

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It’s 8:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning at 30,000 feet en route from Dallas to California. Hopefully, the view from above will give me some perspective, because I am somewhat depressed and a little jaded as I reflect upon the journey. No, not the flight. I am speaking of past four years. This has been a ridiculous journey for America. It is hard to single out one specific grievance amid all the fodder generated by this White House. Equally disturbing is the death of investigative journalism by most major news organizations as they trip over themselves to become extensions of the White House press office. It is difficult deciding where to begin, so let me offer just a few examples of the hundred or so.

Hope and change was sold to the masses in 2007, but today all we seem to be getting is fear and blame. If there is any change, it’s that the nation’s mood has gotten worse, much worse.

We were told by Team Obama that Democrats would unite and heal this nation, yet we have never been more divided as a people, at least not during my lifetime. We were promised that the deficit would be reduced. Now it has doubled to 15 trillion, 977 billion dollars. 16 trillion is just around the corner. And as if that’s not outrageous enough, our Democratically controlled Senate under this president’s watch and Harry Reid’s leadership has never passed a federal budget. With no budget in four years, it is easy to understand why there’s no spending limit in sight and no strategic path towards solvency. Remember when government transparency was this president’s new mantra? That belief got him elected, but it wasn’t long before we witnessed the exact opposite, with a president who avoided press conferences, forced nationalized health care without debate, sealed his college records, spent millions to obfuscate his background, wrote an autobiography of composite fiction and forced his radical agenda by abuse of executive orders and executive privilege while bypassing Congress. Remember that he said he couldn’t wait for Congress to act. That translates into an imperial presidency, doesn’t it?

And in the course of this ridiculous journey, we slowly have come to realize exactly who we elected to chart our future as a nation. His open proclaimations and closed-door, back-room deals have uncovered the man behind the mask. And it is a very different face from that of the 2008 campaign. Allow me to summarize what I observe to be some of Obama’s core beliefs:

-The Constitution is a flawed, obsolete document. In today’s America, the federal government should not be restricted in it’s power.
-The United States is no greater than any other nation. In fact, we owe an apology to the world for our success.
-True free-market principles do not work. They have never worked.
-We should model our economy after Europe.
-The wealth in our country was not created by the brightest and best among us. No, it was stolen from the poor and middle class.
-The private sector did not build anything. On the contrary, the government is a major, indispensable partner in creating wealth, opportunity and innovation.
-Energy independence can only be achieved with “green” technology, as defined by this White House. Oil, coal and gas are obsolete solutions, so Americans should be squeezed at the pump. This president and his energy secretary believe you deserve to pay $9.00 for a gallon of gasoline, which is in line with European prices.
-Our nation can only achieve fiscal solvency through increased spending. There is no upper limit.
-American business cannot be trusted to make strategic and operational decisions without government intervention in the form of increased regulatory oversight. We must assume, therefore, that the politicians and bureaucrats who write and enforce these regulations are more trustworthy and require little or no oversight, particularly in the executive branch of government.
-Most American citizens cannot succeed without federal assistance. Individualism and self-reliance simply don’t work in today’s complicated world.
-If someone has more money than you, regardless of skill, work ethic and/or talent, it’s just not fair. The concept of equal opportunity has been replaced with a belief in equal outcome, even at the expense of everyone being equally miserable.
-Some companies in our country are simply to big to fail and should not be subjected to bankruptcy laws, implying that there are no adverse consequences to bad management. Just ensure that wrong decisions are rewarded with taxpayer bailout money. The labor force should not be redirected to more efficient, smarter businesses who deliver products and services that consumers actually want.
-Unions should always be given preferential treatment when influencing government policy and receiving government procurement.
-The Justice Department can selectively enforce laws based upon the politics of race, ideology and geography.
-Voters should not be required to identify themselves.
-Our national borders should not be protected.
-Oh, and the private sector is doing just fine.

So it must come as no surprise that this president’s belief system has caused staggering hardship, harming the very people who elected him.

-The labor market has been permanently damaged and will take decades to recover.
-Your kids now owe a national debt so large that it will limit their future.
-American foreign policy has become a joke. Our allies no longer trust this White House.
-Both small and large businesses have difficulty planning more than a few weeks ahead because of irrational Democratic leadership, often characterized as unpredictable, disingenuous, capricious and punitive.
-Our military has been weakened by inadequate funding. It has been further compromised by national security leaks traced directly back to the White House. Just ask a Navy Seal about their thoughts on Obama. Better yet, ask the CIA informant who led us to Ben Laden. He was outed by Obama and now serves a life prison sentence in Pakistan.

I will stop generating bullet points, since this list only scratches the surface. But allow me to add just one last hardship under Obama’s presidency. It can be termed as pre-occupation. Not occupation. We’ve all seen the results of the Occupy Wall street crowd. No, I’m talking about preoccupation. The preoccupation that comes from worrying about the agenda pushed by this man in the Oval Office. It saddens me to realize that so much of my energy during these past four years could have been channeled into things other than politics. More fufilling things. More creative projects. More inspiring endeavors.

But instead, my eyes have been focused on Obama, who sees to it that he is always front and center in the news. He demands our undivided attention, if not adulation. He behaves as if Americans have no other interest than to serve at the pleasure of the President. He lives for the narrow spotlight of soft ball interviews by New Mexico radio stations and People Magazine.

Yes, I admit to being preoccupied with this celebrity-in-chief, but perhaps we should do something about it in November, before preoccupation becomes real occupation… by the government.

Photo credit: Michael Kappel (Creative Commons)

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