Poll: More blame Bush than Obama

Mopvyzo USA 2012/06/14 11:22:43
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  • Wilde~MoonChild ™ 2012/06/14 14:04:30
    It is the fault of Bush
    Wilde~MoonChild ™
    Ugh... that's because it WAS Bush.
    When Bush was in office, you could ask anyone whose at fault for the decline of our economy they'd blame the Bush Admin as well.
    Certain people have selective amnesia to fit their agenda!
    Conservatives call this the 'blame game'. I call it facts about history!!

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  • DavidK 2012/06/23 05:17:54
    It is the fault of Obama
    ROTFL!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently, GURUA2J doesn't have a fricking clue as to the post they are showing! The :annualized Federal Spending Growth chart is NOT about how much Obama has spent! Someone needs to teach you naive, dimwitted libtards a thing or two. The ignorance of you fools is overwhelming!!! I almost pizzed myself after seeing the stupidity of that interpretation!!!!!!! You libtards need to find a new hobby. Politics just make you look LIBTARDED!!!!
  • dragon88 2012/06/18 19:17:13
    I don't care
    They are both puppets to the real men in charge of this country which are people like Ben Shalom Bernanke,Alan Greenspan,Rothschild family,and the Rockefeller's.
  • Gary 2012/06/15 15:10:19
    It is the fault of Bush
    This is why I like history and it tells just who and why we are in this mess in the first place.
    Bush came into office with a surplus a and left with a 10.626 trillion dollars of debt.
    Bush got us into two wars one on a flat out lie. Bush unfunded war CAUSED the tax's payers
    1 trillion dollars. Then Bush took the surplus and gave the lions share to the top 1%.
    Then Obama get elected and had Bush's big debt and his two wars to deal with.
    Bush is no longer president this is true but was is not true that all this debt was Obama fault.
  • JohnT 2012/06/15 14:36:55
    It is the fault of Bush
    It was Bushes fault and you don't clean up 8 years of a mess with a crashing economy in one term. Obama has not exactly been a ball of fire for getting us out of this mess either. So he gets a lukewarm response as far as I am concerned. We have a real lousy selection of dumb and dumber for this upcoming election. NO wonder people don't vote anymore. Lets don't get started on congress or the Senate, FIRE all of them
  • A Lionheart 2012/06/15 05:31:37
    It is the fault of Bush
    A Lionheart
    So the majority got it right. It is actually more about conservative policies than W himself though.
  • D Hanes 2012/06/15 02:39:18
    It is the fault of Obama
    D Hanes
    I do not believe that poll.. I think people , more and more know just where the blame lies. Bush gets his share.. but the bulk of it goes now to the liar int he White House!
  • Oregonian 2012/06/15 02:36:30
    It is the fault of Bush
    Give Obama a submissive congress and eight years and he could get it back on the right track.
  • D Hanes Oregonian 2012/06/15 02:39:55
    D Hanes
    Give him 8 years and we will all be communists.. are you stupid!
  • A Lionh... D Hanes 2012/06/15 05:32:11
    A Lionheart
    No you are.
  • D Hanes A Lionh... 2012/07/11 17:39:49
    D Hanes
    Poor you!
  • A Lionh... D Hanes 2012/07/12 03:04:13
    A Lionheart
    Hardly, I'm well informed and know what I'm talking about. What's your excuse?
  • D Hanes A Lionh... 2012/07/18 18:57:26
    D Hanes
    you don't sound well informed.. you sound like an Obama robot!
  • A Lionh... D Hanes 2012/07/19 02:52:16
    A Lionheart
    As if you would know.
  • Jim 2012/06/15 02:25:49
    It is the fault of Obama
    Obama has been in control for over three years. The national debt has tripled and unemployment is in double digits. It's time to stop blaming Bush and put the blame where it belongs, clearly on the head of
  • A Lionh... Jim 2012/06/15 05:32:56
    A Lionheart
    That's a lie. Obama has increased spending less than any past President.
  • happyday49 A Lionh... 2012/06/16 04:28:53
    How old are YOU? Truth is our President inherited a National Debt (in 2009) of approx. 9 Trillion. And that was from Carter, Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton and Bush 2. The National Debt is now approaching 16 Trillion (2012). DO THE MATH! Also, we realize that Bush over spent. So what is your reasoning for not holding Obama responsible for his spending. We just want to know how's the tax payers money is being spend, and results, and less spending, because somebody has to pay for it!!!
  • A Lionh... happyday49 2012/06/18 01:26:16
    A Lionheart
    I said nothing about the debt, I said spending increase which is what y'all are freaking out about but you have just bought a lie!! Here is a break down of percentage of spending increase under the last 60 years of presidents. Yeah Obama added a lot of stuff to the books that Bush was HIDING off the books meaning the debt went up BUT HE IS NOT SPENDING MORE! Do yourself a favor and quit buying the rights lies and manipulations. You ask how old I am but you are the one that needs to grow up, pay attention and quit buying the soundbites hook, line and sinker.

    President Years Average percentage increase per year
    Carter 1977-1981 16.4
    Nixon 1969-1975 13.5
    Johnson 1964-1969 11.0
    George W. Bush 2001-2009 10.2
    Reagan 1981-1989 8.6
    Kennedy 1961-1964 7.1
    George H.W. Bush 1989-1993 5.8
    Clinton 1993-2001 4.0
    Eisenhower 1953-1961 3.6
    Obama 2009-2013 1.4
  • happyday49 A Lionh... 2012/06/18 06:38:28
    Believe me, I am paying attention!!! I read the article and understand federal spending and the different figurations that were being used. I also understand debt, as you stated you did not mention and I can understand why - and the National Debt has increased by $6T and that's bothersome. You sounded childish when you called one of the poster's a liar or that they lied. Also, I really don't need your advice as far as who to get my advice from - no thanks!!! I am doing quite well with my research.
  • A Lionh... happyday49 2012/07/12 03:08:04
    A Lionheart
    It was a lie. That increase in debt didn't come from Obama, it came from Obama putting Bush's spending on the books. Yes the national debt has increased but NOT because Obama is spending more. Do you get that?
  • happyday49 A Lionh... 2012/07/12 06:06:21
    NO, I don't! I get that Pres. Bush did increase the national debt, as president's do, so is Pres. Obama - by much more!!! And he needs to own his spending - that's it!
  • A Lionh... happyday49 2012/07/14 19:02:23
    A Lionheart
    Then keep your head buried in the sand rather than learning some actual facts.
  • happyday49 A Lionh... 2012/07/27 13:40:56
    I have all the real facts I need. I read and research quite a bit. So I am covered. You need to be concerned about yourself!!!!
  • Erok 2012/06/15 02:18:59
    I don't care
    Our problems started with the federal reserve enacted by a what (democrat) thanks then the spit hit the fan with the fool in office that thought everybody should own a house and that killed us (democrat) thanks And now we all have to play this game over and over and we all pay no matter who is in office.
  • SirJim 2012/06/15 00:56:27
    It is the fault of Bush
    President Bush and his cronies screwed this country good and it's going to take more than 4yrs to get this country back on track. Now that doesn't even begin to cover fixing any of the problems he created or how to put this country back on top again.
  • LindaM 2012/06/14 22:55:34
    It is the fault of Bush
    Proof is out there.
  • Jim LindaM 2012/06/15 02:27:34
    State your proof.
  • LindaM Jim 2012/06/15 02:32:16
    The poll was "more blame Bush than Obama" . The proof is in the provided web site
  • Peach 2012/06/14 21:48:49
    It is the fault of Bush
    The recession began when Bush was in office; Obama has not done much to get the US out however.
  • findthe... Peach 2012/06/14 22:52:40
    A fully supportive Democratic super majority is required for him to achieve that. He has tried numerous times to help the economy, but the Republicans won't support any of his ideas unless they are changed to reflect the GOP ideas that got us into this economic mess to begin with. It only takes a little real, logical common sense to understand that.
  • Jim Peach 2012/06/15 02:28:08
    Obama has made everything worse.
  • A Lionh... Jim 2012/06/15 05:35:01
    A Lionheart
    Nope, Congress has made everything worse. Thank the do nothing, obstructionist republicans for that.
  • Raymond Allamby 2012/06/14 21:48:41
    It is the fault of Bush
    Raymond Allamby
    he certainly destroyed my economy.
  • findthelight2000 2012/06/14 21:41:37
    It is the fault of Bush
    More proof that it would be a totally stupid move to vote for Romney!
  • William Zimmerman 2012/06/14 19:34:05
    It is the fault of Bush
    William Zimmerman
    Barak Obama inherited all of the economic woes from the Bush Administration. The Republicans are trying to convince the American Voters that every thing was great when Bush left office, but everything had actually gone to hell. Obama has spent his first term trying to correct the problems caused by the Republican economic policies put into place during the Bush Administration. Its funny how they are never responsible for anything and have the only plans which will restore America to greatness. They really make me sick.
  • Tedster 2012/06/14 19:13:25
    It is the fault of Bush
    So the American people aren't as stupid as the Obama critics would like to think.
  • ={WGO}=captnesti 2012/06/14 16:59:58
  • #Justice4Trayvon 629 BLOCKT... 2012/06/14 16:37:36
    It is the fault of Bush
    #Justice4Trayvon 629 BLOCKT CONS
    With some blame going to Clinton for the repeal of Glass-Steagall. "Laissez fair" capitalism is the most dangerous form of capitalism because it assumes if you leave everything alone it'll straighten itself out. To assume that greed will never enter the situation is fool-hardy because greed is in the heart of many.
  • aibohphobia 2012/06/14 16:37:18
    I don't care
    I think they are both at fault, because Bush really messed a lot of stuff up, and Obama hasn't really done anything to help.
  • A Lionh... aibohph... 2012/06/15 05:37:06
    A Lionheart
    He can't as long as congress works against him, which is exactly what they are doing. The POTUS cannot just enact laws, Congress has to propose and pass them for him to sign.
  • aibohph... A Lionh... 2012/06/15 16:54:21
    Even if Congress would cooperate with him he hasn't tried as hard as he should to fix the economy.

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