Poison Fruits of the “Progressive Democrat” Party

☆astac☆~PWCM 2012/09/16 03:28:54
“The deed is everything, not the reputation.” I believe we are now seeing the ripe fruits of the Obama Administration’s Foreign Policy. Think like an American, and not like the Marxist Internationalist media wants you to think. Consider the following:

1.I read a report that our “nowhere man” President, knowing that explosive events were unfolding and that his Libyan Ambassador and certain staff were missing, went to bed and slept until morning.
2.Should he have instead “pulled an all-nighter” ... had the Situation Room abuzz, and manned with himself and all key Cabinet members present? If I were the President, it would have been an “all-nighter.” How about you?
3.There are news reports that the Administration had advanced warnings and credible intelligence. If so, did he ignore them? ... lose them? ... eaten by the dog? What?
4.Events suggest that the White House all but ignored that which was the Eleventh Memorial of 9-11 worldwide. Do you think we should have been on guard? Post-event analysis suggests that all of the smoke-screen nonsense about film messages and a Protestant Minister were merely used to manipulate an already planned attack.
5.Why have we not already suspended Foreign Aid payments to these governments who fail to protect our Embassies [which are, in fact, sovereign American Territory].
6.Would we tolerate such behavior in China or Russia? ...No. ... And, neither would those governments allow such a thing to happen to our Embassies [inimical to our interests though they may be]. They might “bug” our embassies or restrict staff movements and activities “for their protection.” But they willingly would not allow mobs to burn, loot, pillage, rape, and murder our staffs.
7.Our Secretary of State, Ms. Clinton, is still apologizing.
8.The President sees this all as “inevitable historical Forces” in the world. This deliberate reference by Obama to the words “historical forces” Marxist-Communist dogma and terminology. America is asleep, and apparently, ignorance is bliss.

Think of what it must be like to live in Israel right now. I have never been to Israel, but allow me to speculate:
1.Civil Defense plans have been activated. Rosh Hashanah will be observed; the Armed Forces stand guard.
2. Anti-Terrorist warnings and measures are in full effect.
3.Police Police and Nation Security Police are on double shifts.
4.Intelligence ears and countermeasures “on.”
5.Armed Forces making combat preparations, Air Force on full alert, Air Defenses up. Security Checkpoints are given orders to shoot all probers and intruders.
6.Citizens are shoring up their food, medical, and emergency supplies, radios, and making generators ready.
7.Evacuation routes to safe-sites are activated. Emergency transport is being readied.
8.Daily routines are curtailed, citizens become more observant, and curfews are in effect.
9.National Public transport and airports are on heightened , no BS security measures.
10.They are not counting on an Obama White House for support. Like the 1948 War, 1967 War, the raid on Entebbe to save Israeli Hostages from terrorists, and the 1973 Yom Kippur War, they will go it alone.
11.Netanyahu is having to fight politically on multiple foreign policy, at home and abroad, for the survival of Israel ... and President Obama will not meet with him.
12.Meanwhile, Israel watches as Mahmud Ahmadinjihad, the Iranian Madman President is preparing to spew his evil Hitleric venom and religious fantasies at the United [Third World, America-hating] Nations General Assembly.

Incredibly, as I write this short speculation on the morning of September 14, Republican Presidential Candidate Willard “Mitt” Romney is still the chosen bogeyman of the mainstream press. Fourth Estate? What Fourth Estate? They have essentially become official press outlets for Obama. They are American Mainstream Media versions of of PRAVDA and ISZVESTIA. [Note: “Pravda” was the paper associated with the Communist Party of the USSR, “Iszvestia” was the USSR’s broadsheet newspaper of record. You get the point. Both papers still serve the Russian government today.]

The “Modern Democrat Party” is not your Daddy’s Democrat Party. The Modern Democrat Establishment is a Party of Progressives, Marxists, Fascist-opportunists, GLBT Fringe Radicals, Abortion Activists, Palestinian Fronts, Union Fronts, Capitalist Cronies, Leftist Revolutionaries and Anarchists of every stripe from Occupy Wall Street, aging 70s Feminists, and Hollywood dupes who think this election is an “American Idol” contest. It is a party-Party. The Democrats are not serious, and certainly not competent in any affairs of State, from the Economy, the National Defense, to Foreign Policy. They frame an argument around ideas alien to America, lose that argument, and then twist their own words as if they were arguing over cheating in a game of “Monopoly.” The Progressive Democrats will lie, cheat, and steal and tolerate those who do, in order to remain in power. This type of behavior should offend any honest person’s values. It should be an affront to every American’s honor code. Is it? To my thinking, this shows how far we have fallen away from the Founders’ values in this Modern Age.

This rank amateurism reminds me of the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” [Der Zauberlehrling], a poem by Johann von Goethe written in 1797, and later associated with the music of French Composer, Paul Dukas. This story was popularized by Walt Disney within his 1940 animated film, “Fantasia.” This story involves an untrained sorcerer’s apprentice whose duty it is to carry water to a cistern in the magic parlor of his master, a Merlin-like Sorcerer of great power and capability. When the master must leave for a time, the ambitious apprentice arrogantly dons the master’s robes and prepares to make magic. The apprentice has heard a few incantations and he uses this very incomplete knowledge to animate a broom to carry his water. The only trouble is that the apprentice has no idea of how to finish what he has started. The apprentice’s lack of experience quickly roils nature and events spin out of control. It is only when the master returns and restores order and castigates the apprentice that normalcy returns. There is a powerful message in Goethe’s poem and Dukas’ music.

There is also a powerful subliminal message in the attached commercial. Listen closely to the background music it identifies this crowd ... you will know the composer. It struck me like a bolt of lightening and sent a chill up my spine! It is a warning to all who watch it. The Nazis deliberately exploited the anti-Semite Richard Wagner’s heroic themes to serve their Aryan purposes and plans for a Jew-free, Thousand Year Reich. This particular music is excerpted from Wagner’s Funeral March of Siegfried.

I have heard this same theme background in old Nazi anti-Semitic propaganda films. Can we hope to understand this growing malevolence? We all had better. The Jewish people have decreed “Never Again!” The Jews will not allow their faith and their people ever again to be threatened by fanatical anti-Semites and haters of God. Islamist acts should cause us all to wonder who the Muslim’s really worship: God or Violence. Compare the “Father God"of Christianity and Adonai, Elohim, or YHWH [some Jewish names for G-d] of the Chosen People and Allah, the God of Islam. The God of the Old and New Testaments is not a murderous God, but a God of Perfect Justice. The doctrines found in the Koran like those to have no Christian or Jewish friends, to kill the Infidel [i.e. non-Muslims], and to kill Christians and Jews, and all who will not submit to Islam, are not the teachings of loving Creator God. God and his city Jerusalem are eternal and just. The Modern Democrat Party is anything but.

Take stock. I implore all traditional Democrats, those few remaining who have not converted to Marxism or Islam, to turn away from this growing Party of Collectivism known as the Modern Democrat Party. The truth is often painful but facts are stubborn things. Think about this all as you watch this short political message.

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  • TheTruth1313 2012/09/16 06:19:00
    No question about it that these attacks are the direct result of the failure in chief obama's irresponsible and dangerous foreign policy.
  • ☆astac☆~PWCM 2012/09/16 03:29:27
    It is too late, the democrats have sold their soul to the devil

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