Pippa Middleton's Gun Photo: Harmless or Reckless?

News 2012/04/17 13:00:00
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Yet another photograph taken from the rear of Pippa Middleton is making worldwide news, but this time she isn't the centerpiece, and neither is her rear. The press is circulating a shot of the 28-year-old socialite in a car sitting next to a man who appears to be pointing a handgun at the paparazzo taking the photo. However, both Pippa and the photographer say the gun was fake.

The Sun, a London tabloid, initially reported that the photographer was "considering his options," and that even if the gun was fake, using it to threaten someone like that could land the man brandishing the pistol a two-year sentence under English law. But ABC News claims the photographer knew it was fake the whole time, and has no intention of pressing charges. After all, he probably got a pretty penny out of The Sun for it. But was the man's use of the toy gun harmless or reckless? And is it scandalous that Pippa Middleton was somehow involved?

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  • KoAm 2012/04/17 14:06:54
    A toy gun? Everyone involved knew it was a toy? Nothing to see here.

    And this is in a country, no less, where a member of the royal family lost her life in a car accident that very well may have had to do with paparazzi chasing her.

    If the Brits should be peed off at anyone, it should be these paparazzi types -- not the innocent people who are just trying to move from A to B without a pack of idiots chasing them.

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  • StevenM 2012/04/18 02:26:12
    we don't really have anything else to talk about.
  • PeggyAnn 2012/04/18 02:13:36
    Grow up Pippa and re-think your selection of friends. True you may not have asked for all the extra attention but you are a role model. Toy gun or not... we live in a world where such behavior may be expected of a child and not an adult. Do you think it is all about you? Your actions reflect on others you say you love and care about... start showing it and like I stated...grow up!
  • KentPerry PeggyAnn 2012/04/18 02:27:34 (edited)
    He isn't a Role Model Jack ass and if it were not for people like YOU, this would have got the attention it deserved. NONE because there is NOTHING to see here,
  • HotPuht... PeggyAnn 2012/04/18 04:06:35
    That guy gets super emotional about this subject. Watch out. Haha
  • Fashion... PeggyAnn 2012/04/18 13:37:40
    This Kentperry guy sent me a ranting reply as well over my six words opinion about Pippa being reckless. Imagine if he is in front of us with a gun?
  • Whyputaname 2012/04/18 01:16:41 (edited)
    You can tell the intelligence of the Reichties on here by their comments....They never, never have anything intelligent to say......

    So they do it because they are being paid to be stupid by their masters, now that is what I call Mental Minions!!!!

    On the other hand the I can see the Paparazzi hasn't changed since Diana's death....Kinda reminds me of the Reich....They don't have a clue!!!......

    Quick Reichties get you guns and your bibles out.....
  • RogerCoppock 2012/04/18 01:04:40 (edited)
    There has got to be more than a thousand things in this world more newsworthy than Pippa Middleton. Why was there even one photographer or reporter following her?
  • Captain-Morgan 2012/04/18 00:21:39
  • Aingean Captain... 2012/04/18 13:28:36
    That's true, didn't think about that. In that case she is lucky that someone that saw her that didn't know it was fake didn't intervene.
  • csrdrunner 2012/04/18 00:14:56
    Give me a break, isn't there anything else to talk about.
  • CMR 2012/04/18 00:12:08
    I think it's nuts that the Brits are so afraid of guns that a fake one can get you locked up!
  • Max7 2012/04/18 00:11:37
    Where Pippa is concerned, it would be different if she were pointing the gun, I'd say that the young man that she's with should receive some verbal warnings regarding the message that he's sending to the youth. Pippa on the other had is grown, but should be cautioned about the company that she keeps.
  • RastaFan 2012/04/17 23:39:41
    A joke. An apparent joke. All parties in it were joking.

    The press may be going nuts because deep down, the gun geasture may express exactly what most people would like to see done. Just take a deep breath and imagine some irritating, rat bastard paparazzi with a neat little hole in the middle of his forehead as he topples to the ground, his camera flopped beside him. Now tell me truly ..... are you really crying?
  • Andrea 2012/04/17 23:38:41
    Maybe if more celebs pointed guns at those vultures they would take a hint.
  • Erin Burton 2012/04/17 23:27:46
    Erin Burton
    its just a picture it doesnt matter and you can barely even see the gun and its fake so watever.
  • RoyJLores 2012/04/17 23:22:39
  • stowles RoyJLores 2012/04/17 23:30:26
    libtards of course...
  • RoyJLores stowles 2012/04/17 23:57:28
  • Whyputa... stowles 2012/04/18 01:09:52
    Can tell you are typical Reichtie with nothing intelligent to say....

    How much is the corporation paying you to be a Troll???....I hope the Koch Bro's are paying you well.....

  • Whyputa... RoyJLores 2012/04/18 01:12:33
    If you were a smart Reichtie you would know that the Reichties are running England right now....But there again Reichties live in bubbles anyways.....The only thing they have intelligence for is the 2nd amendment nothing else matters....They only believe in the constitution when it is convenient otherwise they can't stand what it stands for!!!!!
  • RoyJLores Whyputa... 2012/04/18 02:50:18
    Are you really going to start a debate about the constitution and the 2nd ammendment over a fake gun? Let's begin by cutting the crap of the Left/Right/Centrist myth. What really divides our world are individualists on one end of the spectrum and Collectivists on the other. You move toward the extreme end of Collectivism and you get total government you move to the absolute extreme of Individualism and you get no government whatsoever obviously neither extreme works.

    Which is why the right spot is the middle of those extremes which is a constitutional republic which limits government power and protects the individual's natural rigths to life, property, freedom of speech and off course the right to bear arms in order to protect themselves and more importantly being able to protect those rights. Because in the end only strenght can preserve liberty against those that would readily take it from you.

    At least that's how it's supposed to work because we know that thanks to statists both Liberals and Neocons this is far from the case.
  • john doe 2012/04/17 23:07:26
    john doe
    Leave the poor girl alone, the photographer that took the picture new it was a fake gun and no one is pressing charges. I wonder how much money the photographer made from that picture?
  • Bleach the Limit 2012/04/17 22:56:48
    Bleach the Limit
    I'm absolutely astonished by how many ignorant people here voted "Reckless" just because they didn't read the article.

    News flash, everyone!

    It's a toy!
  • HotPuhtaytuhs 2012/04/17 22:30:55
    It's not her fault but that fella is dumb as pissfor thinking that there wouldn't be some repercussions
  • john doe HotPuht... 2012/04/17 23:08:42
    john doe
    Never pointed a fake gun at anyone?
  • HotPuht... john doe 2012/04/17 23:10:24
    As an adult? No sir, I've got sense like its going out of style.
  • KentPerry HotPuht... 2012/04/18 02:31:49
    No ya don't
  • KentPerry HotPuht... 2012/04/18 02:31:13
    Yeah I guess he should know there are morons like YOU out there that like to make a mountain out of a molehill
  • HotPuht... KentPerry 2012/04/18 02:57:57
    Sorry I hurt your feelings champ
  • KentPerry HotPuht... 2012/06/26 15:45:17
    Don't flatter yourself chump, you couldn't hurt my feelings because I don't value your opinions because they come from your colon
  • Sperry23 2012/04/17 22:21:51 (edited)
    Not just reckless, but downright stupid. Had an armed officer, say an undercover cop, seen him, he'd most likely have been staring down the business end of a police-issue Glock or Walther, or whatever the Brits are using these days.

    It also speaks to his lack of good judgement. If you're doing a gag photoshoot (if it was indeed a joke), using weapons or weapon-like toys, you make damn sure it's not anywhere in the public view.

    On the other hand, what little of his face is showing bears a striking resemblance to Russel Crowe. Maybe that explains it.
  • KentPerry Sperry23 2012/04/18 02:36:43
  • hippietim Sperry23 2012/04/18 02:42:37
    The resemblance is definately there!


  • Fashionable60s 2012/04/17 22:11:36
    Stupid as well and terribly declassee.
  • KentPerry Fashion... 2012/04/18 02:57:14
    what would YOU know about class. Ill tell ya what sweetcheeks, you can stand outside on a clear day right next to pippa or the guy aiming the fake gun for the photoshoot, and the sun is gonna shine on all of ya
  • Fashion... KentPerry 2012/04/18 13:33:12
    We do not know each other but there must be something in those six words that triggered your mystifyingly angry rantings?."..the sun is gonna shine on all of ya"????
  • KentPerry Fashion... 2012/06/26 16:00:20
    the whole thing is a setup a to make a photo of a guy pointing a gun. Whats next, are you going to bitch about all of sylvester stallone's movies of him aiming a gun at a bunch of people who know his are fake with cameras rolling also?
  • KentPerry Fashion... 2012/06/26 16:01:55
    what six words? I don't see any post of yours containing only six words
  • Ang74 2012/04/17 21:41:47
    Serves them right. They should quit attacking people with their cameras!
  • hari 2012/04/17 21:28:46
    just a play

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