Pink Slime (or Feeding Our Kids Connective Tissue for Lunch)

Gassenjunge 2012/03/07 00:50:34
Ban Pink Slime as a Questionable Food
Pink Slime Will be Loved, Trust Me
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Credits to Huffington Post for the image of "Pink Slime". I'm grateful to them for having published the below noted article (URL submitted) for public consumption. I hope each of you will take a minute to scan the contents and form an opinion that you can post under this question.

There's little doubt most of the commercially made foods we devour have contents in them that'd make our stomachs roil if we knew the true statistics on their influence with our health. Bringing "Pink Slime" to the tables of our school children makes me wonder where the collective minds of the federal government is at when it okays the quality of beef such as this.

Please read Huffington Post's article (a short one) when you have time, and anyothers that refer to the food stuff, then come back and post your comment.

Maybe I'm being over-concerned about this wonderful food and at least one of you can set me straight - good luck :)

Read More: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/05/pink-slim...

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  • Think Free 2012/03/07 12:11:25 (edited)
    Think Free
    They just love to f#%k with our 'food':

    Ideally, we'd educate ourselves and avoid these types of 'food', thus taking away demand and therefore letting the free market decide. Unfortunately most people don't care where their food comes from, much like cows on a feedlot, ironically. As long as it tastes good they could care less. That is, until they get diabetes or cancer of course.
  • Gassenjunge 2012/03/07 00:58:18
    Ban Pink Slime as a Questionable Food
    Any food or beverage contents that raise a question earn a don't-put-it-out-on-the-table response from me. I'm aware we end up eating and drinking liquids and foods that have additives which are supposed to be okay - we hope, anyway - and I'd be hard-pressed to find off the shelf brands that don't have at least some strange things included, but the ammonium hydroxide additive and connective tissue issue gives me a lump in my throat that's not related to poignancy.

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