Phone calls show George Zimmerman told his wife to make bank transfers to bail him out... and he joked about having a hoodie to help him leave jail unnoticed

doctorwho_guru.†=♡ 2012/06/18 17:08:33

And George replies saying-

"It doesn't matter if car that picks him up from jail has tinted windows...Well, I have my hoodie."

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  • jujunme 2012/08/02 19:57:59
    i'm not surprised at any of his callous,uncaring statements.He has proven by his own words how he no regrets for shooting and killing Trayvon Martin.Even if we are to believe his self defense claim(which i certainly do not) anyone with any kind of decency would feel sorrow or regret for taking the life of another human being the fact Zimmerman does not shows what a sociopath he truly is.
  • art1ej 2012/06/21 05:47:37
    i hope he gets life or lethal injection if they still do that there...
  • Eoghan 2012/06/19 18:56:51
    Is it right for us to be listening to this conversation. I'm sure he didn't think it would reach the public when he made it!!
  • lara 2012/06/19 12:43:53
    Although there is no evidence to justify that he killed the boy for justifiable defence, in my opinion, race discrimination is an important factor. He killed an innocent boy, but the words he said and the behavors suggested that he had nothing guilty. How can he did that?
  • Me 2012/06/19 03:48:55
  • beach bum 2012/06/19 02:37:38
  • LindaM 2012/06/18 22:11:09
    Real nice guy. Sly, slime and all the rest.. He's showing his true colors.. I wonder if they have a double occupancy in jail.
  • luvguins 2012/06/18 22:00:05
    He and the wife both need jail time for lying about their finances. What scumbags, and Zimmerman doesn't seem to have any real remorse about murdering Trayvon either. Their money transfers nail both of them. I just hope his trial won't be a stand your ground charade getting him off.
  • 4dc luvguins 2012/06/18 23:29:08
    agreed...wouldn't want this to turn out like the O.J. trial
  • Nikki 2012/06/18 21:46:03
    all i know is i'm sick of this whole thing with him and this case.i know there going to let him go anyway,but if he ever starts hanging out in public again and certain folks start to recognize him..... he's dead man... better move somewhere your not recognized....
  • Red_Horse 2012/06/18 21:12:44
  • dallas 2012/06/18 20:29:55
  • Contarded Guru Chickenhawk 2012/06/18 19:53:34
  • C. C. Rider 2012/06/18 19:49:52 (edited)
  • Son Of ... C. C. R... 2012/06/18 19:56:56 (edited)
    Son Of Anubis™
    Actually wasn't he coming home from shopping when he noticed Martin and then started to follow him? He wasn't on 'regular' patrol that day and he was armed because he was outside shopping and had his gun with him which is what a CCW allows you to do...he wasn't patrolling with his gun that particular night...regardless let it go to court and see what happens.
  • ProudPr... Son Of ... 2012/06/18 20:11:20
    It was Martin who was coming home from shopping, not Zimmerman. And his neighborhood watch specifically discouraged the use of guns by neighborhood watch volunteers. They job is to watch, not to get involved. If they see something suspicious they are supposed to call the police, which is what Zimmerman did at first. Then the police told him again not to get involved and he ignored them, chased down Martin because, as he said "they always get away with it", and when he caught up to Martin and Martin had the audacity to try to defend his life, Zimmerman killed him. That's not "watching". That's murder.
  • Son Of ... ProudPr... 2012/06/18 20:22:00
    Son Of Anubis™
    Zimmerman said he was driving to the grocery store when he spotted Trayvon Martin walking through the neighborhood. Zimmerman's father said that, while his son was not on duty that night as Neighborhood Watch captain, there had been many break-ins and he thought it suspicious that someone he didn't recognize was walking behind the town homes instead of on the street or the sidewalk. Zimmerman therefore called a non-emergency police line to report Martin's behavior and summon police.[154][155] During the call, Zimmerman told the dispatcher that Martin was "coming to check me out."[5] A source to the Orlando Sentinel said that Zimmerman later told investigators that at one point Martin was circling his vehicle, and he rolled up his window to avoid a confrontation
  • ProudPr... Son Of ... 2012/06/18 20:33:17
    Neither Wikipedia nor Zimmerman himself could remotely be called credible. Martin had no reason to approach Zimmerman, and likely did not even know he was there until Zimmerman began chasing him. That's when Martin called his girlfriend to tell her he was being followed. Soon thereafter Martin's screams for help started.
  • Son Of ... ProudPr... 2012/06/18 20:49:18
    Son Of Anubis™
    Regardless we should all just wait for the case to go to trial...then again we still don't know if that will satisfy everyone given Casey Anthony and OJ cases
  • ProudPr... Son Of ... 2012/06/18 20:55:22
    Fair enough. Hopefully they will draw a jury with more respect for the law than they had in the O.J. case.

    (And don't be surprised to see a plea bargain.)
  • Son Of ... ProudPr... 2012/06/18 20:58:54
    Son Of Anubis™
    I agree and I hope the antics and tactics used in both those cases won't act out here. We don't need any catch rhymes or slimy lawyer tactics....just presebt the facts and the case and let the jury decide, although given the media circus around this case I think they will be hard pressed to find 18 people who have never heard about this case or the 'facts' presented in the media
  • Red_Horse Son Of ... 2012/06/18 21:15:20
  • Son Of ... Red_Horse 2012/06/18 21:39:30
    Son Of Anubis™
    I have never blocked you or anyone else...in fact I have you marked as a friend. LOL

    I get it, you're answering PP's comments through me since he blocked you.....ok I get it now....lol
  • Red_Horse Son Of ... 2012/06/18 21:41:22
  • LindaM Red_Horse 2012/06/18 22:13:56 (edited)
    Nice one red... Zim is looking guilty. Nice couple, the kind you want for neighbors..
  • Red_Horse LindaM 2012/06/18 22:16:49 (edited)
  • LindaM Red_Horse 2012/06/18 22:19:43 (edited)
    Money money money. He lied.
  • Red_Horse LindaM 2012/06/18 22:22:42
  • LindaM Red_Horse 2012/06/18 22:27:01 (edited)
    LOL they've got it on tape, she lied in court about not having money, they got'em.. How much more proof do you need. As far as guilt with him killing the kid, that's up to a jury. BUT they are guilty of lying about the money they supposedly didn't have. This isn't a racial issue, it's about MONEY right now. Why do you put words in my mouth. I wasn't even talking about the killing of the kid. Stick to the facts.
  • Red_Horse LindaM 2012/06/19 02:00:45
  • jujunme Red_Horse 2012/08/02 20:06:48
    Those screams were Zimmerman's.

    FACT it has never been proven and can't be
  • Red_Horse jujunme 2012/08/02 21:30:20 (edited)
  • C. C. R... Son Of ... 2012/06/18 20:45:00
    C. C. Rider
    OH don't worry IT IS going to court and he is going to do some hard time. I don't give a crap about his excuse for the gun, he murdered that young man. If he was off duty then he should have notified the one who was on duty they and gone home with his ole gun. OR as soon as he went on the WATCH take the gun off.

    HE had alot of choices, but the one He thinks of the most is..."WE don't need you to do that" and dumbass did not. HE caused the death of Martin and he will pay for it. HE is a proven liar and now so has his wife. I can't wait till they drag in the whole family for lying under oath including papa judge and his wife.
  • Son Of ... C. C. R... 2012/06/18 20:55:22
    Son Of Anubis™
    Well I don't care one way or the other (won't affect mine or really anyone else's life whatever the outcome) but that fact the dispatcher told him that means nothing....it carries no legal weight and was a suggestion as they have no authority to order him not to do it. Now if he had spoken to the cops and they told him that...that is a different matter.
  • C. C. R... Son Of ... 2012/06/19 00:05:30
    C. C. Rider
    The cops that night wrote up the police report as HOMICIDE withOUT PROVACATION on Zim for the very reason he did not listen to the 911 operator and he knew the cops were on the way.
    The out come will effect other lives, more people will breathe a sigh of relief the murdering bastard is put away along with his wife.
  • Tarheel Son Of ... 2012/06/19 03:37:42
    A "neighborhood watch" doesn't have the authority to do anything other than to report suspicious behavior. The dispatcher did have the authority to tell him to stop a certain behavior as they are answering the phone and in charge of sending the appropriate people for the call (ie, medical, police, etc).
  • Paige 2012/06/18 19:47:56
    It definitely think it was poor taste to make that joke, but it isn't criminal. The fact that he lied to the court about the amount money he had is against the law.
  • MsTLynne 2012/06/18 19:27:22 (edited)
  • Pm 2012/06/18 18:39:07
    After the media convicted him, the libs call for his head, and a fight for his life, at least he is in good spirits.
  • #Justice4Trayvon 629 BLOCKT... 2012/06/18 18:07:01
    #Justice4Trayvon 629 BLOCKT CONS
    I read the transcript & it's hard for me to contain my anger. They clearly lied about the money. While I think it smacks of bigotry that people on the right would jump to his defense & raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for his "defense fund" they have a right to do so. That does NOT mean that George Zimmerman & his wife have a right to lie to the court about their finances. For him to even JOKE about a hoodie shows the content of his heart. I hope the DA plays that tape during the trial. The jury needs to hear it.

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