Personal Trainer Is Getting Fat to Prove a Point: Cool or Crazy?

News 2011/10/19 16:00:00
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Drew Manning is really letting himself go. No, seriously, he's letting it happen. On purpose. The formerly-but-hopefully-soon-to-be-again personal fitness trainer is taking six months off his obsessive workout routine and eating whatever he feels likes in order to document how he gets back into shape. He calls it "Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit."

The 6-foot-2-inch trainer was ripped at 193 pounds of what we can only assume is pure muscle mass back on May 7, when the first picture was taken. As of October 15, a mere five months and one week later -- bam! 263.4 pounds. (Yeah, he's been eating a lot of mac 'n' cheese.) FatFighterTV interviewed Manning last week and asked him all the important questions, like... Is it awesome, getting to eat all that crap when he's been living off wheat thins and protein bars for the last decade? (We took liberties with the wording.)

He responded, "Yes and no. To some extent, all of these foods that I’m eating (sugary cereals, granola bars, juices, white breads, white pastas, sodas, crackers, chips, frozen dinners, mac n cheese, etc.) taste delicious. But then I feel like crap later on and I get hungry again and crave those same foods ... I definitely feel “addicted” to these foods. In the beginning, I did not like soda, but now I can’t go a day without, otherwise I’ll get the headaches, bad mood, etc."

What, no pizza?

His journey into obesity is interesting enough, but he's still got to start reversing the damage in four weeks, and that will be where the core of his experiment takes place. On his official website Manning writes, "I want to share my comprehensive fitness knowledge with my followers so that they can know how to lose weight successfully, even though for many it’s going to be a struggle. People that are overweight have to overcome both physical and emotional barriers when it comes to losing weight. I hope to have a better understanding of this through my experience over the next year."

Read More: http://fit2fat2fit.com/

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  • Brightsprite62 2011/10/19 23:36:48
    He admitted he had no idea what it felt like to be fat. People who are thin and/or fit like to think they know how easy it is to just change habits and addictions. I take my hat off to the guy. The next time he works with someone he'll be able to feel more empathy, (I hope). I want him to be fit again, but I want it to be a struggle for him to get there. There's a saying "Grant that I may not criticize my neighbor, til I have walked a mile in his shoes". Mr Manning is doing some walking.

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  • GOPgirl 2011/10/20 00:37:04
    I read this and hope to follow his progress, his website wasn't available because he'd reached his maximum bandwidth. I think it will be beneficial in helping him better understand where his clients are coming from and what they go through. I believe it will make him a better trainer by giving him a better perspective.
  • shar 2011/10/20 00:14:02
    but i still think it will be easier for him to lose it over some one who hasn't exercised in a long time and loves there junk
    he is only eating crap and staying away from exercise to fatten up
    but clearly he already enjoys working out and maintaining a healthy diet
  • Laura 2011/10/20 00:07:34
    I think it's a bit crazy, but it is also pretty cool.
  • Dan™: Real Change, Not Fals... 2011/10/20 00:04:03
    Dan™: Real Change, Not False Hope
    I think he's just making excuses for letting himself go.

    I'm sure his girlfriend is thrilled ...

    On a more serious note, pay attention to the foods he listed as contributing to his startlingly rapid physical degradation: "sugary cereals, granola bars, juices, white breads, white pastas, sodas, crackers, chips, frozen dinners, mac n cheese."

    Notice that he didn't list a bunch of foods loaded with fat or red meat -- which are usually blamed for causing obesity. No, the foods he listed are all high carbohydrate crap foods.

    In other words, his experiment -- if indeed it really is an experiment -- has demonstrated what many of us have been saying all along: fat isn't the problem, nor are calories per se the issue. It's the carbohydrates. It always has been the carbohydrates. It's all the starch and sugar carbs.

    People, if you want to lose weight and stay healthy, you've got to stop eating so much bread, pasta, sugary drinks and all the other major sources of carbohydrates. Human beings are not meant to live on carbs. You need a diet rich in protein and animal fats.
  • Ami Kate 2011/10/19 23:47:52
    Ami Kate
    As long as he can go back to "fit"
  • Brightsprite62 2011/10/19 23:36:48
    He admitted he had no idea what it felt like to be fat. People who are thin and/or fit like to think they know how easy it is to just change habits and addictions. I take my hat off to the guy. The next time he works with someone he'll be able to feel more empathy, (I hope). I want him to be fit again, but I want it to be a struggle for him to get there. There's a saying "Grant that I may not criticize my neighbor, til I have walked a mile in his shoes". Mr Manning is doing some walking.
  • deBrice Brights... 2011/10/21 18:13:28
    Sport is also addictive after 2 weeks, you just can't stop it. So it shouldn't be hard for him to lose this wait. Meaning, some fat people just don't exercise and don't understand the fit guys passion for it.
    Want to lose weight, it's so very easy, replace your diner by something light and workout on a sport that you like tennis, basket, running - me it's climbing. it will take you 2 weeks to get addicted, and get used to light diner. Then, you'll lose weight everyday, feel great, sleep well and looking forward to your end of the day workout.

    PS: Avoid 24h fitness and all those kind of gym, it's not fun, you meet few people and there is no shared passion but loosing weight, sport is fun when it becomes a passion ;)
  • Haley Smith 2011/10/19 23:30:59
    Haley Smith
    He was really attractive as a personal trainer!!
  • RosaG 2011/10/19 23:28:05
    It's not good to play with your health, also if it's to "prove a point".
  • hasher 2011/10/19 23:23:30
    i can understand in a way but i believe there is a way to enjoy the junk and eat healthy too. just dont over do the junk food. everything in moderation has always been my motto. i dont gain weight i just dont lose any either. i just dont overeat. there was someone who did nothing but eat twinkies and ding dongs. and lost weight!! how? by watching the amount of calories he consumed. its not what you eat its the amount of calories you put in your self. the kind of food has nothing to do with gaining or losing weight its all about calories.
  • Swan'song 2011/10/19 23:22:05
    loooove gettin swole. nothin better than poundin down 4k cal before noon lol got to 298 this yr. Then i get to were my back is hurtin and the heal spurs do their whinning and so i diet (booo)&drop; back down. And of course the celery, rice & chicken breast that lady feeds me is not near as tasty as what my friends at In&Out; can whip up)
  • raine 2011/10/19 23:20:25
    Poor guy thinks he will make money with this. But fat isn't that easy to shed. And certainly unhealthy.
  • MyPaperBleedsInk 2011/10/19 23:17:17
    It seems to be both crazy and cool. But actually, it does seem interesting....
  • Odinsown 2011/10/19 23:09:37
    This is great, he is thinking outside the box and hopefully will come to understand us jolly sized people a bit better.
  • Fresno State Fan CB-05 2011/10/19 23:06:44
    Fresno State Fan CB-05
    I know exactly what he means when it comes to the soda. Giving up Coke was like kicking dope. I drank 2-liters of Coke a day for years before health issues forced me to give up caffeine. I went through a week of intense headaches, cold sweats and general malaise after going cold turkey.
  • Valerie Howeth 2011/10/19 23:02:25
    Valerie Howeth
    Don't do that i'd liketo say.You might have trouble loosing it.Or form unwanted Fat cells that you won't want for later.
  • CommonSense 2011/10/19 23:02:02
    If it's something he'd like to do to himself, then so be it. I just hope he's seeing it more as an experiment than thinking he knows exactly what the end result will be. He might be surprised. Then again, he might not.
  • lulzifer 2011/10/19 22:54:55
    good luck getting rid of the skin flaps.
  • ShortyDoWop 2011/10/19 22:45:46
    curious to see if it is as easy as he thinks
  • Boss 2011/10/19 22:45:37
    couldn,t he wait till age would do that anyway??ever seen old weight lifters??
  • 13_JunkyardDog 2011/10/19 22:40:20
    Can't wait to see how this goes
  • road_warri0r 2011/10/19 22:21:40
    Thats like purposely becomming addicted to a strong drug and then planning to withdraw to prove it can be done. Many life long addicts started with only trying it once. Any person who battles with weight can attest that he is playing with fire and very well may get burned. It is a gazillion times easier to gain than it is to get off and then umpteenth more times harder to "KEEP OFF".
  • Belle 2011/10/19 21:54:04
    I have no doubt that he will be able to lose the weight and by doing this he is able to have other obese people follow and take his journey with him. It's not going to be easy but now he can share in the the trial and tribulations and better understand the challenges they face. Yet with his stronger mindset and knowledge he can easily surpass these hurdles and help others overcome them. 10 year of knowledge doesn't walk out the door when you put on 70 pounds.
  • Paradox25 2011/10/19 21:49:38
    Ridiculous, that is what the workday is for.
  • Mr.Hoodz the Truth Troll 2011/10/19 21:47:48
    Mr.Hoodz the Truth Troll
    The MSG and other chemicals in the garbgae food he started to eat has him addicted and got him fat very quickly. Amazing. And people call me crazy when I warn them about it.
  • Common Sense 2011/10/19 21:36:22
    Common Sense
    I will definitely be checking out this guy's progress. It's amazing how fast he packed on the pounds and lost the muscle tone. Damn I gotta start working out again.
  • Jake Blanton 2011/10/19 21:33:13
    Jake Blanton
    It's a lot easier to put the pounds on vs to take them off. Putting them on just means that you need to keep eating high calorie foods while laying around and not using up those calories. Taking it off means that you actually have to WORK to burn those calories. A pound of fat is worth about 3500 calories. Assuming a high energy level workout of 750 calories per hour, you're looking at 4.67 hours of exercise to burn off those calories. He's currently looking at 70 lbs or 245,000 calories that he needs to lose or about 327 hours of exercise. So I guess the question becomes -- how many hours of high energy workout can you do in a day?
  • Belle Jake Bl... 2011/10/19 21:56:05
    He's been working hard for over a decade, I doubt 70 pounds can stop him getting back to his original state. He's got a great mindset and that's what you need above all else when trying to lose weight.
  • XRenX 2011/10/19 21:19:47
    Both haha it is good and brave of him to put himself in another person's shoes. This is inspirational. Even though it's unhealthy! haha I'd never do it, it'dm be too hard but I am proud of him and I don't even know him =P
  • kmay 2011/10/19 21:10:56
    Just to get noticed and at what cost?
  • some idiot who thinks he kn... 2011/10/19 21:08:52
    some idiot who thinks he knows everything
    It sounds to me like he's trying to have a reason to gain 50 pounds instead, so unless he can get back to what he was...
  • John Storz 2011/10/19 21:03:26
    John Storz
    But if he can get back in shape in 6 months he'll be the next big workout thing...
  • Diane 2011/10/19 20:59:03
    Well, it's cool but it's also crazy. It's dangerous for a person to allow themselves to get out of shape. It's not that hard to lose weight. The hard part is keeping it off. I've read that, once you grow fat cells, they never go away. They only shrink.
  • Angela Koshy 2011/10/19 20:35:23
    Angela Koshy
    I think it's kind Of cool and crazy
  • NatAlex23 2011/10/19 20:27:54
    If he can get the weight back off, I'm sure it would increase sales of his program. Plus, it will give him a light as to how hard it is to get back into a workout routine after letting yourself go.
  • mynameisher 2011/10/19 20:24:14
    Thts just STUPID losing your figure to prove a point ppl these daiis SHESHH!
  • NatAlex23 mynamei... 2011/10/19 20:26:30
    That's just STUPID not using real words to prove a point. People these days!
  • mynamei... NatAlex23 2011/10/20 20:21:47
    It's just amazing how people should keep SOME of their replies to themselves *what part don't you get
  • Common Sense Conservative 2011/10/19 20:19:40
    Common Sense Conservative
    Both actually, I wish him luck
  • 200% 2011/10/19 20:19:36
    Looks like he's got it under control

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