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People who love blogthings

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people who love to to quizes from blogthings

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If there's a twilight here is DEFINITELY going to be a Harry Potter. cuz its 10000000 trillion times better and its so friggin awesome it deserves to have a column. so if you don't like it deal with it.


you can lump all of those ect. personality quizzes into this forum <----(awesome word)

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  • What instrument should you play?
    You Should Play the Guitar You're very independent - both in spirit and in the way you learn. You can teach yourself almost anything, even if it makes your fingers bleed. You're not really the type to sit patiently t...
  • What's Your Stereotype?
    You Are a Geek You love to learn, especially when it's about technology. No subject is too obscure for you. You enjoy tinkering with things to see how they work. You aren't a traditional learner either... you need to ...
    10 votes
    MassxVelocity 2010/02/13 00:25:44
  • How Do You Think?
    You Think Creatively Your brain works best when you let your intuition be your guide. You like to imagine, speculate, and fantasize. You have fun playing with ideas. You are interested in theories. You enjoy studying...
    5 votes
    MassxVelocity 2010/02/13 00:21:22
  • What Sign Do You Look Like?
    You Look Like a Scorpio It's likely you look very dramatic and perhaps even exotic. You have very intense (and sometimes haunting) eyes. You are neither thin nor fat. You have a strong build. You tend to gain weight ...
    7 votes
    MassxVelocity 2010/02/13 00:17:35
  • The Gemstone Test
    Your Gemstone Says You Love Being Happy You are a well centered, balanced, and grounded person. You make good decisions and regret little in your life. You consider yourself a fortunate person, and you find it easy to...
    6 votes
    MassxVelocity 2010/02/12 22:57:35
  • What Primary Color Are You?
    You Are Red You are lively and fiery. You embrace the world and live passionately. You are moody but generally enthusiastic. You love so many things. You are able to have a lot of drive and focus. Some people would c...
  • How sinful are you?
    Your Deadly Sins Sloth: 100% Greed: 60% Pride: 40% Wrath: 40% Envy: 20% Gluttony: 0% Lust: 0% Chance You'll Go to Hell: 37% You will get bugs, because you're too lazy to shoo them off. And then you'll die. ...
  • What Season is your Soul Connected To?
    Your Soul Is Connected to the Fall You are a somewhat sensitive soul with a tough exterior. You are street smart and wise about the world. You have the heart of a poet, but you're not too eager to let anyone else see ...
    8 votes
    MassxVelocity 2010/02/12 22:47:33
  • What do Guys Like About You?
    Guys Like That You're Fun You're the type of girl guys brag about knowing That's because you're cool, funny, and laid back You're smart enough to know how to be one of the guys But flirty enough to know how to make th...
    5 votes
    MassxVelocity 2010/02/12 22:40:12
  • What's your word?
    Your Word is "Fearless" You see life as your one chance to experience everything, and you just go for it! You believe the biggest risk is being afraid and missing out on something amazing. Sometimes your fearlessness...
    6 votes
    MassxVelocity 2010/02/12 22:30:55