People at school hate me because I'm a weird Pagan girl.Do you think it's wrong for them to think i'm weird or a freak because of my religion and/or beliefs?

Isabel-Publius 2009/01/23 02:47:19
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  • Fiona.McK 2013/08/31 10:16:36
    yes i think it is wrong becuase ...
    It doesn't matter what religion you're in. you live on this planet so you have rights. greetings from a fellow pagan :)
  • Heather-Turner 2013/05/20 20:18:38
    No i do not think its wrong i think paganism is stupid and should be outlawed
    *face plam* I'm an idiot. I meant to click 'I think...' but stupidly didn't.
    I am weird ( so is that word. what happened to 'i before e'?)
    I'm Pagan.
    However I tend not bring this up around people that aren't my friends. But am slowly telling more people.
    If i get any hate i dont give a dam. I dont care what they say.
  • Jessica Knott 2013/01/19 17:46:13 (edited)
    yes i think it is wrong becuase ...
    Jessica Knott
    i am also a Pagan, and I have had grief before from my friends, and people at school. Honey, you are not the only one, be proud of your religion! My own parents are totally in shock as to why I am Pagan, and they don't like it at all. Stay strong, and always look within. Trust in your beliefs. Do not let mean comments from people get you discouraged. You are not weird, you are Pagan.
    Blessed Be )O(
  • ellie 2012/07/11 17:48:33
    i think ...
    i have the same problem, the only reason we're made fun of is through sheer ignorance..chin up sweetie x
  • TheLadder14 2009/11/20 22:10:55
    yes i think it is wrong becuase ...
    No matter what you believe, you will have enemies for it. If you're pagan, then you risk making enemies with any who are not. If you are Christian, then you risk making enemies with any who are not. I could go on. Bottom line, if love your enemies and your friends, and do good to both from the heart, who can cause you spiritual distress? To Love is to be spiritual, and to be spiritual is to Love - so love everyone and everything, and forgive all for every wrong from the heart. In doing this, you will prove the wicked to be mad, and the righteous to be pure, and you will have peace in your heart, mind, and soul.
  • jasper_holic 2009/08/05 06:16:47 (edited)
    i think you should ....
    i think you should be proud of your religion and not care what others think. if they don't want to be your friend based on your religious views, obviously they're not going to be good friends.

    I have the same problem at my school, but I don't care. I have my friends, and they're the only ones whose opinions i care about

    (Actually, I have a shirt on it with the Goddess symbol and it says blessed be on it. Tis one of my favorite shirts. I'm going to get another pagan on for Pagan Pride Day ^_^)
    -gives you support hug-

    Please clear the path before her
    Help her find her path when she is stuck
    Send her on her way with blessings
    And just a little bit of luck ^_~
    Blessed Be )O(
  • ... 2009/07/20 22:02:36
    what's paganism?
    I went through something like that once... a bunch of people got mad at me for saying something about Hitler to a girl who just happened to be Jewish... bad memory.
  • sean kirkham 2009/04/01 19:42:11
    yes i think it is wrong becuase ...
    sean kirkham
    dont let them pick on you for youre religon , in my school religon dose'nt matter
  • James Tobin 2009/03/01 01:08:01 (edited)
    yes i think it is wrong becuase ...
    James Tobin
    It is completely wrong, and you should have the right to be frustrated.
    Hate has consistently been directed towards those like you because you are comfortable with your individuality, and most conformist-MTV-Zombies ( as I call them) who direct such terrible negativity at you are, in my own observations, jealous. They have lost their humanity in a futile attempt to be accepted, and cannot deal with those who are truly accepted by the people that matter most: themselves.

    As long as you are comfortable with yourself, you should not allow their snide comments and actions to affect you majorly.
    Just remember that in most cases, you may be better off than them, and try to think of why they show so much hate towards you.
    However, try not to linger on whatever they may say that hurts you most. It will just cause angst and self-hatred which will just make everything worse.

    Blessed be! /|\
  • Backpacc 2009/02/13 04:39:55
    yes i think it is wrong becuase ...
    Paganism is older than christianity and just because "christian" followers of the ancient times tried to wipe out our pagan ancestors and left fewer of us left in the world doesn't make you weird at all. If those people hate you for what you believe in then they are not worthy individuals of your time or effort and it shouldn't matter what they think anyway. They cannot even follow thier own religion correctly so how can they judge you for following yours.
  • Nicole 2009/01/28 00:57:03
    yes i think it is wrong becuase ...
    You can believe what you want. I am curious to know what pagan group you belong to though? I am a Christian and I would not treat you any differently at school. People are afraid of what they think is different or don't understand. As long as your not doing weird stuff like drink goats blood or something they should accept you for you.
  • Isabel-... Nicole 2009/01/28 01:37:46
  • indigo_star 2009/01/27 13:26:36
    yes i think it is wrong becuase ...
    freedom of religion
  • Isma'ila (God has heard)! 2009/01/27 12:18:19
    i think you should ....
    Isma'ila (God has heard)!
    Realize that real Christians would not treat you this way! realize real christians treat
  • Chris - The Rowdy One! #187 2009/01/26 21:55:27
  • Isabel-... Chris -... 2009/01/26 22:29:44
  • American Rhetoric Review 2009/01/26 17:02:14
    yes i think it is wrong becuase ...
    American Rhetoric Review
    That's ridiculous,,, If they had half a brain they would realize that most all religions are based on Pagan principals.... It's the foundation all of them were built on... and most carry many pagan traditions tweaked to fit their particular practices.... Stupid is as stupid does!
  • Isabel-... America... 2009/01/26 17:07:30
  • $:BeAuTiFuLeYeS:$ 2009/01/26 15:11:09
    yes i think it is wrong becuase ...
    its wrong because people should like u for who u r not a religon dont be ashamed or fell weird cuz of that k 8)
  • Isabel-... $:BeAuT... 2009/01/26 16:59:31
  • Dragonfli 2009/01/25 22:42:42
    i think you should ....
    embrace what you believe or feel drawn to. Screw "them"...I'm not personally a Pagan, but from what I have read or learned from other's it seems to be a beautiful, peaceful, coexistence with nature and the energies. Follow you own truth.
    personally pagan read learned beautiful peaceful coexistence nature energies truth
  • Isabel-... Dragonfli 2009/01/26 14:38:11
  • Dragonfli Isabel-... 2009/01/30 04:12:02
    True, but I do belive more people slowing are turning away from organized religions and looking more to spirituality and within for what is real.
  • YourObamaUpdate.com 2009/01/25 22:03:37
    i think you should ....
    stay strong and do what you believe is right. Find others with similar views and be a good person... don't lower yourself to the level of those who are "haters"...

    stay strong views person level haters
  • Isabel-... YourOba... 2009/01/26 14:37:20
  • TheRevo 2009/01/25 21:56:25
    yes i think it is wrong becuase ...
    The pagans and Wiccans I have known are mostly harmless. People need to judge on who you are not your beliefs.
  • Isabel-... TheRevo 2009/01/26 14:36:51
  • R[A]ndom[ffliction] 2009/01/25 21:34:49
    yes i think it is wrong becuase ...
    they must base what they think on the way you are
  • Isabel-... R[A]ndo... 2009/01/26 14:35:52
  • R[A]ndo... Isabel-... 2009/01/26 20:10:38
    i know, people usually is afraid or criticize what's different/unknown to them
    if someone calls you a freak just because you don't think like them, then they're freaks too, because they don't think like you
    if they don't know you enough they don't have the right to talk about you, and if they do, don't listen to them, cuz they don't have enough knownledge to criticize
  • Isabel-... R[A]ndo... 2009/01/26 23:25:34
  • Dark N Lovely 2009/01/25 19:30:33
    i think ...
    Dark N Lovely
    you should explain to me what paganism is !
  • Isabel-... Dark N ... 2009/01/25 19:52:38
  • Dark N ... Isabel-... 2009/01/25 19:57:15
    Dark N Lovely
    thx,I've gotta go here in a minute as well! if u could send me a reply back and I'll check you out later! have a nice day!
  • Isabel-... Dark N ... 2009/01/26 14:34:25
  • Silver Dark N ... 2009/01/26 04:45:27 (edited)
    A good place for simple explanations is www.witchvox.com
  • Dark N ... Silver 2009/01/27 18:23:39
    Dark N Lovely
    thx Silver!
  • Shadow13 2009/01/25 00:56:32
    i think ...
    You shouldn't worry about them. In years to come everyone will grow up or at least grow older. If your beliefs give you internal peace then who are they to tell you otherwise. They might grow to understand and respect one's beliefs, they might not. Be who you are for your own sake.
  • Isabel-... Shadow13 2009/01/25 18:22:38
  • Silver Isabel-... 2009/01/26 04:44:31
    Shadow is absolutely right.

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