Pentagon Plans June Pride for Gay Servicemembers: Approve?

Fef 2012/06/14 22:48:23
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"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (DADT) no longer applies in the U.S. military. Now gay, lesbian and bisexual members of the armed forces can parade their sexual orientation in public. The Pentagon will salute its non-heterosexual members with a gay pride parade.

“Now that we’ve repealed ‘don’t ask, don’t tell,’ he feels it’s important to find a way this month to recognize the service and professionalism of gay and lesbian troops,” said Navy Capt. John Kirby, a spokesman.

Gays in the military feel good about the military's transition to allow openly gay soldiers, airmen, sailors, marines, etc.. “I don’t think it’s just moving along smoothly, I think it’s accelerating faster than we even thought the military would as far as progress goes,” said Air Force 1st Lt. Josh Seefried representing Outserve, a professional association for gay service members.

President Obama signed legislation to repeal the 18-year-old policy of DADT on December 22, 2010. ArmyTimes.com reports: Last summer, gays in the military dared not admit their sexual orientation. This summer, the Pentagon will salute them, marking June as gay pride month just as it has marked other celebrations honoring racial or ethnic groups.

pentagon planning militarys event formally recognize gay lesbian troops press

Read More: http://www.armytimes.com/news/2012/06/ap-military-...

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  • Daryl 2012/06/14 23:03:46
    Our military should focus on competence, honor and valor not on celebrating homosexuality.

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  • Samantha Cuppajo 2012/06/16 03:17:09 (edited)
    We're discussing equality.
  • Cuppajo Samantha 2012/06/18 18:14:45
    Actually, Samantha, in this case you have no idea what I am discussing with another individual. You have never been in the military and thus have no frame of reference from which to speak.
  • Samantha Cuppajo 2012/06/19 16:12:05 (edited)
    I don't have to be in the military to recognize the bigotry against homosexuals.

    Since you blocked me, I have to edit here. Why did you block me? Heterosexuals aren't discriminated against in the military.
  • Cuppajo Samantha 2012/06/19 16:17:56
    And I respond, "so?"
    Homosexuals are just as biased against heterosexuals, Sammy. Make no mistake.
  • elijahin24 Cuppajo 2012/06/16 14:43:43
    Yeah, they don't really have that rule anymore.
  • Cuppajo elijahin24 2012/06/18 18:13:39
    Yeah. They do. In the real military, anyway.
  • elijahin24 Cuppajo 2012/06/18 18:30:58
    Ok, well, I wear a real Army uniform, and I have a real M-16 (hopefully soon to be replaced by an M-4) and I've been to real Iraq, where they shot real mortars and laid real IED's for me. Two of my friends are real dead, and I have real scars. All the while I was (until recently) married. So I think you don't know what the hell you're talking about.
  • Cuppajo elijahin24 2012/06/18 18:39:08
  • Wahvlvke 2012/06/15 13:23:59
  • SiliconSorcerer 2012/06/15 13:10:24
  • The Judge 2012/06/15 11:19:08
    The Judge
    I expected more from you Fef, why the lie?
  • MR. 2012/06/15 11:01:11
  • Blue Dog 2012/06/15 08:55:52
    Blue Dog
    Just goes to show you how immoral our services have become! Making fools out of themselves as well as our entire military forces. Bad enough that obama has weakened our country to it's lows that has never been seen before economically, but now we can also be ashamed of our military for what they have become both ethically and morally corrupt. The Boy Scouts have and are sticking to higher moral values than is the military, they have become truly an embarrassment not only to their own country but have also become nothing more than a joke around the world............disgusting.
  • elijahin24 Blue Dog 2012/06/15 15:05:14
    Let's send the Boy Scouts to Afghanistan, and see how they fare.
  • rknothead 2012/06/15 08:46:48
    they are in the armed forces, not the govt workers union! No parades, no special treatments.
  • elijahin24 rknothead 2012/06/15 15:05:54
    Um, dude, St.Louis gave all of the military a parade, just a few months ago.
  • Constit... elijahin24 2012/06/15 23:43:31 (edited)
  • elijahin24 Constit... 2012/06/16 14:37:14
    They have. They've also had a black-pride parade. We have an Irish pride parade every March 17th, and a Mexican pride parade every May 5. And in all of these parades, people are allowed to march in uniform. So, what exactly is the problem.
  • aneed2know 2012/06/15 08:32:06
    uh kind of misleading there arent you Fef? The plan on allowing gay soldiers march in the parade, just like they would have to allow me if i was still in the military to allow me to march in a Black American pride parade the same as they would have to approve of any service person to march in any parade who will be in Uniform.

  • Centurion~PWCM~JLA 2012/06/15 07:02:35
    I served for 22 years. I probably served beside many gay members but I DID NOT KNOW.

    I would rather NOT KNOW now either.

    Honor the servicemembers, don't even focus in on their "preference."

    I don't want to know their preference and I sure don't want "this" issue flaunted in my face. It really isn't any of my business.

    Some things are better left out of sight and out of mind.
  • elijahin24 Centuri... 2012/06/15 15:07:35
    Did you ever discuss a girflriend or wife, with your buddies, when you were in? Did you ever check a woman out, while sitting with your buddies? Did you ever give ANY indication of your sexual orientation?
  • Centuri... elijahin24 2012/06/15 16:43:56
    When I first enlisted, I was asked about my sexual orientation. Being straight, I was allowed to proceed.

    I checked out many ladies as did my comrades. That is what we did. Most of the time I had a wife or girlfriend in my life. We never thought much of it beyond that I suppose.

    Same rule applies though, if one is gay, I don't want to know. I would prefer that they just live that part of their lives and I not know about it nor be a part of it.
  • elijahin24 Centuri... 2012/06/15 17:21:37
    So why is it ok that your battle buddies know your sexual orientation, but it's not ok for you to know if one of them is gay? You didn't hide it. Why should they have to?
  • Centuri... elijahin24 2012/06/16 02:24:30
    I never asked one to hide it. Between my service and the current service, we are talking three generations and three different mindsets.

    When I served, "don't ask, don't tell" was not yet in effect. While nobody took particular notice if a fellow had a girlfriend (unless she were really hot) or didn't, being gay would get a person discharged. As I said before, I have no doubt that some of them were gay but it was none of my business.

    I was never an inquisitor to anyone's sexual orientation one way or another. While I have the respect for a person to not pry, I would appreciate if a person does not wave it in my face.

    Quite honestly, at this point, gay servicemembers are "waving it in our faces." I don't appreciate it and I doubt that many others do either.

    You might want to just let it rest.
  • elijahin24 Centuri... 2012/06/16 14:35:26
    Ok, well, they're not. It just seems that way, because they aren't hiding it anymore. I'm not going to let it rest, because it is ridiculous the way people in the majority, bitch about their rights being trampled upon, just because the minority, is starting to GET the rights that the majority had denied them.
  • Samantha Centuri... 2012/06/19 16:13:01
    Homosexuality isn't a "preference."
  • Centuri... Samantha 2012/06/21 17:49:40
    I've been under the impression that it was.
  • AL 2012/06/15 06:06:12
    Hot dogs on the grill, come and get em!
  • Asa 2012/06/15 05:47:29
    That's great to hear.
  • Simmering Frog 2012/06/15 05:22:46
    Simmering Frog
    More taxpayer money wasted on stupidity.
  • Samantha Simmeri... 2012/06/19 16:13:42 (edited)
    Taxpayer money wasted on stupidity is the amount of money we waste on military bands and those silly, wasteful air shows.
  • doctorwho_guru.†=♡ 2012/06/15 05:18:08 (edited)
    Awesome !!!

    awesome Awesome gif Awesome gif
  • Simmeri... doctorw... 2012/06/15 05:29:32
    Simmering Frog
    Yea, like that's really improving America.
  • doctorw... Simmeri... 2012/06/15 05:32:58 (edited)
  • Simmeri... doctorw... 2012/06/15 17:02:02
  • HAlex1972 2012/06/15 05:10:05
    'bout time
  • Fashionable60s 2012/06/15 05:03:32
    Lifestyle of the homosexual is no longer a separate thing even the Pentagon caved in in the name of political correctness. Acknowledging the gay lifestyle began to sound like the "new" normal. What happened to the pride month for the heterosexual U.S. military? Since they are the majority, shouldn't they get a heterosexual pride parade? What happened to honor and valor that apply to all members of the military regardless of their sexual orientation and should be celebrated rather than the homosexuality of some?
  • Kaleoku... Fashion... 2012/06/15 05:25:37
    No evidence of any parade. You may have been misled.
  • aneed2know Kaleoku... 2012/06/15 08:33:53
    they have approved of allowing gay service men/women to wear uniforms in next months gay pride parades. so Fef is misleading people hear, its a not a Pentagon parade its a gay pride parade that happens every year.
  • rknothead aneed2know 2012/06/15 08:50:46
    thanks for the info...then I agree. Let them march. glad you brought that out. Just don't want the military to get involved with sponsoring a gay march...everyone's equal in the military and that shouldn't change.

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