Penguins, Polar Bears, Glaciers, Arctic Ice All Thriving

Teri- Oregon 2012/04/18 02:04:49

Global warming alarmists debunked yet again by reality

Paul Joseph Watson


Monday, April 16, 2012

Even as climate alarmists amplify their call for a
worldwide tax on carbon dioxide emissions in the name of preventing
global warming – penguins, polar bears, Himalayan glaciers and Arctic
sea ice are all thriving.

With dire proclamations of ice free Arctic summers
vehemently debunked, the latest data indicates that both wildlife and
the environment in earth’s coldest regions has not experienced the
catastrophic devastation predicted as a result of man-made climate

Forecasts that Canada’s polar bear population would
significantly decline due to global warming have been proven completely
inaccurate. The latest study shows that the Hudson Bay area polar bear
population has remained steady at around 1000 – the same number found by
a 2004 study, confounding the “doom-and-gloom” predictions of
environmentalists about the demise of the polar bear (which) have failed
to come true,” reports the Canadian Press.

“We are not observing these impacts right at this moment
in time. And it is not a crisis situation as a lot of people would like
the world to believe it is,” said Drikus Gissing, Nunavut’s director of
wildlife management.

Meanwhile, “A new study using satellite mapping
technology reveals there are twice as many emperor penguins in
Antarctica than previously thought,” reports Live Science.

Using state of the art technology that can single out
penguins from other birds, researchers counted almost 600,000 penguins
around the coastal regions, almost double the previous estimate of

But it’s not just wildlife that is contradicting the
claims of climate change alarmists, the environment itself is not
behaving as global warming data models predicted.

Satellite data produced by French researchers shows that
glaciers in the western Himalayan region are “putting on mass” rather
than melting completely as doomsayers had warned in a 2007 UN IPCC
report, which claimed that most of the region would be ice free by 2035.

Despite the findings, BBC News,
an ardent promoter of climate change propaganda, blamed the thickening
of the glaciers on man-made global warming. When the earth last showed
similar activity back in the 1970′s, the same scientific establishment
which now pushes anthropogenic global warming blamed the changes on global cooling.

New research from the Arctic’s Bering Sea also found that ice is thickening.

“The amount of floating ice in the Arctic’s Bering Sea –
which had long been expected to retreat disastrously by
climate-Cassandra organisations such as Greenpeace – reached all-time
record high levels last month, according to US researchers monitoring
the area using satellites,” reports the Register.

The article points to a 1999 Greenpeace prediction that
sea ice in the area “could vanish altogether,” another piece of alarmist
propaganda debunked by reality.

Despite a multitude of data that continually serves to
eviscerate the pseudo-science behind man-made global warming,
illustrating again that the earth has gone through natural warming and
cooling cycles since its very genesis, climate change snake oil salesmen
like NASA’s James Hansen,
who this week will call for a global tax on CO2 emissions, continue to
ignore real science in pursuit of their political agenda to exploit
heartfelt environmental concerns for profit and power.

Read More: http://www.infowars.com/penguins-polar-bears-glaci...

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