Pelosi Says Democrats Haven’t Gotten Credit For All They’ve Done. LMAO

Andi 2010/10/25 17:18:42

The Obama-Pelosi-Reid Regime tripled the national deficit in one year.

(The Captain’s Comments)

They doubled the unemployment rate from where it was when they took over Congress.

(Source: US Misery Index)

They passed a failed Trillion dollar Stimulus bill. In fact, 48 of 50 states have lost jobs since the so-called stimulus passed.

They rammed through the most radical piece of legislation in US history… Without even reading it.

Today Speaker Pelosi whined that democrats have not gotten credit for what they’ve achieved.

The Hill reported:

Democrats haven’t necessarily gotten the credit they’re
due for the work they’ve done the last two years, House Speaker Nancy
Pelosi (D-Calif.) said.

Pelosi, in the middle of a tough campaign to defend Democrats’
majority in the House — as well as her own Speakership — seemed to echo a
complaint voiced by other Democrats, that obstacles have made it
difficult for the party’s message to get through.

“You have all those forces at work, pouring millions of millions of
dollars into the media, and now into the campaigns to mischaracterize
everything that we did,” Pelosi said in an interview with Politics
Daily, video of which was posted Monday. “So that’s that. It’s up to us
to go out there. I’m very confident; our members know why they voted for
what they did.

“But you’re right, we haven’t really gotten the credit for what we
have done, but we will take it to the voters and have a Democratic
majority to follow through on it,” the Speaker added.

She’s right.

They should have been ran out of town with pitchforks.

Knowing that reality is a stranger to Pelosi, I can assure her that
Democrats are getting ‘credit’ for what they have done and our
appreciation will be apparent in a week and a day.

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  • DouglasSignorovitch 2010/11/18 23:36:40
    Hey Nancy, thanks for helping to further screw up the economy, increasing unemployment, and lying for your big eared jack a-s boss. By the way don't help us anymore.
  • Tina 2010/10/29 01:04:51
    They can have credit for record high unemployment and destroying the economy. Congrats democrats, you should be proud.
  • none 2010/10/28 18:17:57
  • Ryan 2010/10/27 17:00:33
    Ahh 6 more days and we kick their butts to the curb.

    ahh 6 days kick butts curb
  • Bill in Niantic 2010/10/27 13:21:54 (edited)
    Bill in Niantic
    How Liberals argue! This is really GOOD!

  • Sam 2010/10/27 04:23:07
    The Democrats and Obama himself as well as Palosi have gotten credit for how reality has actually turned out. Of course, had they been actually credited Obama or Palosi would be in Federal Prison..for being a traitor to the U.S for questioning and harrasing Mr.Bush before him along with Biden.
    Harry Reid would have been hung along with Palosi.
  • Mr. Smith 2010/10/27 04:05:04
    Mr. Smith
    I would love it if they did get credit for all they have done to destroy this nation! They have robbed the American working class of money, property, and freedom and have given it to the elite bankers and global corporations......and that goes for many in the GOP too! Time to clean house on Nov. 2nd.
  • went2fla 2010/10/27 03:04:07
    I give them all the credit for the deficit, Obamacare, bank bailouts, unemployment, millions of illegal aliens sponging off of Americans, and Muslim terrorists around the world knowing that this is a weak, inexperienced president.
  • Fr Kelsey Graham 2010/10/27 02:38:20
  • Mr. Smith Fr Kels... 2010/10/27 04:08:15
    Mr. Smith
    I see you too have noticed the continuity of agenda, no matter which Party is in control.
  • truth 2010/10/27 01:18:42
  • aebe 2010/10/26 23:42:40
    Could not know what's in it until it's been passed ? Nancy had a problem with a little endoscopy ?
    There has to be criminal elements to what the progressives have done,and in spite of or because
    the O'Bummer picking a fight with the Supreme Court,why haven't they stepped up and decided on the legality of health reform ?

    Bachmann/Malkin '12 !

    Where are your 2nd Amendment Rights tonight ?
    Does California still think it has some ?
  • hunter 44 2010/10/26 23:37:35
    hunter 44
    LOL, they distance themselves from what they have done for the last 4 years of controlling the government purse strings yet they are not getting credit.OK, let's talk about the unemployment level,healthcare and national debt. Oh yea, it's Bushs fault as you run away from getting your just deserved credit.
  • Frank 2010/10/26 23:09:43
    I give her credit for spending taxpayer money, raising taxes, creating huge deficit spending, remodeling her office on taxpayer money, and hopefully she doesn't spend taxpayer money on her makeup...........
  • danjac1263 2010/10/26 23:08:23
    well nancy,lets hope they get the proper credit they deserve on november 2
  • boberry 2010/10/26 22:26:24
    Oh, she is so right. It will take a lot of years, taxpayer dollars and courtroom time to make sure they get everything they deserve. Here's a sweet treat for y'all.... an example of what union bailouts have achieved.
  • gr8punkin 2010/10/26 21:11:04
    perhaps we should reward them with some very special jewelry just for her.
    reward jewelry
  • Sam gr8punkin 2010/10/27 04:24:55
    I would like to see her with her head chopped off and bleeding in blood.
  • gr8punkin Sam 2010/10/27 13:12:00
    Rage just makes the progressives more powerful, and helps them to perpetuate their myths about conservatives.
    Never forget that it doesn't matter how bad life seems for you, there is always someone who has it worse. He is usually referred to as Mr. Pelosi.
  • Sam gr8punkin 2010/10/28 00:51:03
    thank you...that was kind of you. i don't feel so bad anymore,,that lifted an ounce of depression off me.
  • ernest bennett 2010/10/26 20:11:11
    ernest bennett
    she's absolutely right!
  • Sam ernest ... 2010/10/28 00:51:50
    about what?
  • csrdrunner 2010/10/26 19:36:46
    OK, I just could not resist, hope you can visit:
    all about pelosi!!
  • holly go lightly 2010/10/26 18:02:47
    holly go lightly
    If people only knew.
  • Rore73 2010/10/26 17:50:36
    I thought I had already responded to this - Will somebody please load-up and give Pelosi what she's due for totally screwing up the country!
  • Ric O'Shea® 2010/10/26 17:47:45
  • maggiemay Ric O'S... 2010/10/26 19:31:32
  • scblues... Ric O'S... 2010/10/26 20:31:31
    If these folks only did a little fact-finding and a little research, they'd understand just how hard this guy has been working. Now admittedly, as with all presidents, I don't agree with everything he's done, but most of it is good stuff, and I appreciate you taking the time to share this important info here.
  • truth scblues... 2010/10/27 01:34:44
  • Sam scblues... 2010/10/27 04:25:56
    oh really how?
  • truth Ric O'S... 2010/10/27 01:32:58
  • CODE 11 2010/10/26 17:11:57
    CODE 11
    Nov 2 is Credit Democrats Day! Go to the polls and show them how grateful you are. Vote them out..send them home for a long deserved rest!!!!
  • Ric O'S... CODE 11 2010/10/26 17:52:56
  • CODE 11 Ric O'S... 2010/10/26 19:13:59
    CODE 11
    First of all,,,The Democrats haven't done anything right..it shouldn't be hard to improve on that. Right now there are no tax cuts for anybody..all the tax brackets go up Jan 1. The Democrats were so concerned that they did what they do best..end the session and go home. The Republicans will come back in Jan. and force the congress to fix the tax cut situation. Businesses and us normal folk will finally know what are tax bill is going to be in 2011. Then we will finally be able to make desistions on what we all want to do finacional this year.

    The stock market should be able to look ahaed, and go up..instead of down. Businesses should be able to look toward new hiring. What could hold everything back is Mr. Veto in the Whitehouse

    The rich have been sitting on the sidelines..waiting to see what the Democrats and Obama are upto. As we can all see they've been holding on to their cash, and creating nothing. That's why they are rich..there careful with their money.
  • Sam CODE 11 2010/10/27 04:35:52
    Obama lied directly to the voters after all..in Palosi words" Words are just words to a Democrat. " Promising Change is what Obama promised. He changed the United States and made a God non existant. President Obama has told people America is not a christian nation..when in fact it is.
    Also if you call being carefull..being deceptive..you would be correct and the hilarious thing......is President Obama promised the whole world and couldn't deliver...i am sorry a perfect society is neither socialistic or capitalist . Its accepting...
    Money is the only thing the leftist are carefull with. Obama doesn't give really a dam about anyone.
  • truth Ric O'S... 2010/10/27 01:35:33
  • davyd god loving patriot 2010/10/26 17:01:28 (edited)
    davyd god loving patriot
    if these idiots were around in 1776 we'd be singing 'God Save The Queen' today
  • Red Buckeye 2010/10/26 15:53:43
    Red Buckeye
    Nasty Pelosi needs to learn to be patient. Her appreciation tsunami will be here on Nov. 2nd.
  • Gunny 2010/10/26 14:39:50
    Democrats are so pathetically transparent in their last minute attempts to hustle up votes. It's a wonder to me that any rational person would actually vote for even one of them. The Democrat Party is no more. It is the Democrat Socialist Party and those who don't realize that are deluded. The same with the Republican Party. It's more of a Republican Progressive Moderate Party who can't make up their minds about who or what they are. Thank God for the Tea Party Movement that woke up a lot of Republicans AND Democrats to what is going on up there in the DC Pig Palace. This whole election is not about a move to the right or toward conservative policies as much as it is a vote against Obama and his communist policies and against Pelosi and Reid who sacrificed our country to further the agenda of their favorite son, Obama. I can tell those Republicans who do get elected next week -- they have 24 months to prove their worth to us or, it's right back to the liberals and Obama in 2012.
  • cutter's falls 2010/10/26 14:37:23
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