Pacu, Testicle-Eating Fish Species, Caught In Lake Lou Yaeger In Illinois: Do Dangerous Fish Stories Make You Uncomfortable?

deBrice 2012/07/09 19:35:39
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It started almost 30 years ago, in 1975, with "Jaws." This movie had me wonder so many times if swimming in the ocean was a good idea after all. Well, here's another story -- except this one is true! A fish that eats testicles has been discovered in a lake in Illinois -- and has already bitten off the testicles of two fishermen!

When biologists say the pacu fish eats nuts, they may be correct in more ways than one. The pacu, a toothy fish that can weigh up to 55 pounds, has been spotted in Lake Lou Yaeger in Illinois, KSDK reports.
pacu fish

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  • Daryl 2012/07/09 19:47:59 (edited)
    No, I'll swim almost anywhere.
    Joke's on the fish.

    My testicles are made of titanium.

    kick in the balls

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  • The One 2012/07/11 03:44:13
    Yes, I'll only swim in a pool.
    The One
    I n water I can see the bottom of!!!
  • Pakki 2012/07/11 03:13:31
    No, I'll swim almost anywhere.
    I officially have a new most hated fish.

    It use to be the fish that swims up your butt and proceeds to try and live there.
  • Theresa Pakki 2012/07/11 22:34:41
    Yeah it is a small species of Catfish.
  • Pakki Theresa 2012/07/12 00:27:24
    I remember hearing about it years ago
    I never knew what kind of fish it was or where it even lived.
    I was young and never skinny dipped in a pond or lake again.

    but not butt : )
  • Mark In Irvine 2012/07/11 02:59:23
    No, I'll swim almost anywhere.
    Mark In Irvine
    what i want to know is what were the guy's testicles doing out where the fish could get at them ...
  • ohsmith ☮ R P ☮ 2012 ☮ 2012/07/11 02:45:37
    No, I'll swim almost anywhere.
    ohsmith ☮ R P ☮ 2012 ☮
    It look too much like it been photoshop.
  • Buoyant Leadraft 2012/07/11 01:38:33
    Yes, I'll only swim in a pool.
    Buoyant Leadraft
    it's teeth look almost human on the bottom...scary
  • hippietim Buoyant... 2012/07/11 04:33:58
  • poopppp 2012/07/11 01:01:19
    I don't swim.
    Well lucky thing I don't have testicles! If getting hit in the balls hurts, I can't imagine what getting bitten by that fish would be like.......
  • JCD aka... poopppp 2012/07/11 07:31:12
    JCD aka "biz"
    At least now the ladies know how to deal with a cheating boyfriend, "let's go for a swim!".
  • ALLiiEG-13 2012/07/10 23:08:43 (edited)
    No, I'll swim almost anywhere.
    That's too bad, my balls fell off in a freakish blowjob accident.
  • Walt 2012/07/10 21:16:24
    No, I'll swim almost anywhere.
    Usually, unusual fish being present wouldn't cause me not to swim. I've had minnows nibbling my toes in both fresh and salt water...

    But this fish story would keep me out of the water.
  • Ben 2012/07/10 20:19:42
    No, I'll swim almost anywhere.
    A fish with a taste for balls. Time to make another movie....sigh.
  • Maria 2012/07/10 20:02:35
    No, I'll swim almost anywhere.
    grew up swimming lake and beach too..didn't think too much about it...
  • Willski 2012/07/10 19:00:00
    I don't swim.
    Don''t, can't, same thing.
  • wpsark 2012/07/10 18:36:25
    No, I'll swim almost anywhere.
    freakishly human-like mouth...
  • Rohit 2012/07/10 18:24:50
    No, I'll swim almost anywhere.
    I will fight them with all my attitude unless they eat my eggs.
  • Marianne 2012/07/10 17:54:35
    No, I'll swim almost anywhere.
    But I would take precautions. Originally, these fishes are sweetwater fishes from Amazonia and are mainly vegetarians; with their crushing jaw system, they can brake seeds, nuts. Actually, they are omnivorous and will try to eat anything, even fingers. Aquaculture and their introduction in many other countries all around the world had dramatic consequences on local fish species, while they are endangered in Amazonia.
    Accidents and heavy injuries were indeed reported.
  • Sheila 2012/07/10 17:15:37
    Yes, I'll only swim in a pool.
    And I dont even have nads!!

    LMFAO thinking of the faces made by the male readers of the poll though.
  • hippietim Sheila 2012/07/11 04:37:14
    LOL, I gave U thumbs up and I have nads!!


    :o) timothy leary byrnes
  • Sheila hippietim 2012/07/11 12:34:31
    Well thank you!! (And your nads?) LOL!!

    Have a GREAT day!! ;-)
  • Charu ∞ijm♥∞ 2012/07/10 16:58:45
    No, I'll swim almost anywhere.
    Charu ∞ijm♥∞
    Well this story doesn't bother me. lol
  • firelooker Charu ∞... 2012/07/10 18:20:54
    What if it was the other way around & it went after nipples what then?
  • Charu ∞... firelooker 2012/07/10 18:46:23
    Charu ∞ijm♥∞
    steel cups. ;P
  • firelooker Charu ∞... 2012/07/10 18:52:04
  • Charu ∞... firelooker 2012/07/10 19:07:10
  • bettyboop 2012/07/10 16:48:46
    Yes, I'll only swim in a pool.
    It's cleaner least ways.
  • Grant Straka 2012/07/10 16:27:20
  • Will on the road again 2012/07/10 16:06:22
    No, I'll swim almost anywhere.
    Will on the road again
    But this one does!
  • bags the Indigenous Guru 2012/07/10 16:04:00
    No, I'll swim almost anywhere.
    bags the Indigenous Guru
    Pacu eat nuts....hence them nasty looking teeth. ONE pacu in SA developed a taste for testicles....not the whole flipping species!!! That they are members of the same family as piranha means little. The fact that piranha have been caught in US water....now THAT'S something to worry about!
  • ticlo7 2012/07/10 15:26:06
    No, I'll swim almost anywhere.
    Too bad...I don't have anything to bite off!
  • Gray Pilgrim 2012/07/10 15:22:46
    No, I'll swim almost anywhere.
    Gray Pilgrim
    But this could explain the lack of testicles in chicago politics lately....
  • Sheila Gray Pi... 2012/07/10 17:17:22
  • firelooker Gray Pi... 2012/07/10 18:21:33
  • jmc07806-PWCM-JLA 2012/07/10 15:16:53
    No, I'll swim almost anywhere.
    I will wear a steel jock.
  • mz jane 2012/07/10 15:14:44
    Yes, I'll only swim in a pool.
    mz jane
    I am not comfortable with swimming in a lake. Just something about not knowing what is underneath your feet. Aaggh! gives me the creeps. I guess it is related to the movie 'Jaws'. The Game & Fish Dept. should just drain the lake or just shock kill all the fish and start over. Expensive yes, but what is a human life worth?
  • bluelady 2012/07/10 15:00:12
    No, I'll swim almost anywhere.
    I saw a River Monsters episode about Pacu's....bad fish and how'd it get here from its native land??? another introduced species, when will folks learn DONT do that.

    I dont have testicles but I dont like lakes much anyway, I was raised in a small seaside community (Long Island) and anything other than ocean water just isnt right...course we have the top human predator down there (great whites,occasional browns and other big sharks)
  • The Libertarian 2012/07/10 14:35:59
    No, I'll swim almost anywhere.
    The Libertarian
    Oh man a fish that eats testicles? That fish looks oddly familiar.

    barney fish
  • Charu ∞... The Lib... 2012/07/10 17:00:04
  • Grounds... The Lib... 2012/07/10 18:38:20
    Groundskeeper Willy

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