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Ousted white mayor told to 'kiss my black ass'...

- In a shock result in Alligator (population 220), Tommie “Tomaso” Brown, 38, defeated Robert Fava, the mayor since 1979, owner of the general store and once his opponent’s boss, by 37 votes to 27.... Read full article »
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  • Bill - McGee - 2012 "I am a... 2009/07/13 17:38:46
    Bill - McGee - 2012 "I am a Terrorist "

    oh well, that's no different than on election night at a truck stop just west of here, a white lady truck driver was waiting to be seated when a black man came up behind her and said "get out of the way whitey, we own this country now..." he pushed the woman aside and walked into the dining area and seated himself..

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  • Bear 2009/07/14 17:26:59
    A major victory in a minor venue. An inspiration to swampbillies everywhere.
  • BillySteve 2009/07/14 00:20:59 (edited)
    Some kids did that to a store owner who was the Mayor who just lost the election. Kids do stupid things like this from time to time.

    The new Mayor has been gracious to the former Mayor. Nobody is upset and the former Mayor is even pleased to have given the burden to someone else.

    Let's not make too much of this kind of thing..... the kids who did this are children.
  • ken 2009/07/13 23:17:03
    So Fu#$ing what..who cares?? He is the Mayor of a town of 220..who knows maybe he will be the next president..he can't do any worse than the black we have in there now...
  • Nanny 2009/07/13 22:48:50
    Does that surprise anyone?
  • Javimendo 2009/07/13 22:19:08
    Let's get some more color here...

    Tomaso can kiss my "brown" a$$!
  • American Male 2009/07/13 21:34:39
    American Male
    typical dumbass black..they are ignorant as hell...
  • bacon bits America... 2009/07/15 12:40:20
    bacon bits
    To do something like that proves nothing except stupidity and lack of respect for their bodies...
  • Nobamaforu 2009/07/13 21:32:54
    The new mayor promised a swimming pool (and a black mayor). Problem with that is, there has to be the funding to back up his promises. Clearly, there isn't. On top of that, the new mayor has no background (unless drinking with underage kids counts). At least the incumbent had the experience of running a business.

    If he follows Obama's policies like he followed Obama's rhetoric, he'll raise the taxes and the three business in town will close up and the town will die. Of course, they'll all blame it on the white folks when really, it was their own fault.

    Best of luck, Alligator! You're gonna need it.
  • <--That guy 2009/07/13 21:29:20
    <--That guy
    A white guy saying "kiss my black ass."

    Wow! I'm speechless.
  • Antarct... <--That... 2009/07/13 22:06:44
    Antarctican Pride 101
    No, he was told to "kiss my black ass" .
  • <--That... Antarct... 2009/07/13 22:36:56
    <--That guy
    Oh, I stand corrected.

    Either way, it's still kind of funny.
  • Antarct... <--That... 2009/07/13 22:40:15
    Antarctican Pride 101
    yeah, it not a big deal. Kiss my lily white ass !
  • itoldyouso Antarct... 2009/07/14 05:44:26
    I second it.
  • Dwight Mann 2009/07/13 21:17:13 (edited)
    Dwight Mann
    Good luck with that , a mayor that drinks beer with the kids. . .
    "I don’t care if someone’s orange, as long as they’re honest. I don’t go by black and white. I go by right and wrong.”
  • Lanikai 2009/07/13 21:16:58
    Well, blackitude alive and well and showing up a lot more. Jerk, he should be fired for that, a white mayor would have,
  • Tiger Annie. AMERICAN. . w... 2009/07/13 21:14:56
    Tiger Annie.  AMERICAN. . waving the flag!
    I'll bet that Robert Fava didn't know what hit him. I'm glad to see the south changing in positive ways but Tommie Brown shouldn't have said what he did to the man. Be better than he was.
  • Ric O'Shea® 2009/07/13 21:06:58
  • itoldyouso Ric O'S... 2009/07/14 05:45:09
    Make sure you say their.
  • sdisbrow 2009/07/13 20:47:27
  • Bigoot 2009/07/13 20:16:24
    The electorate has spoken and they live with what they elected.

    I sure hope that Tommie Brown can deliver what he promised and not change to only destroy the town, like what's his name in Washington has done to our nation.

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