Our Own Doofie Girl.......needs our prayers & well wishes!

snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cliques 2012/07/15 20:05:49
well wishes & Cheer for her safe return, and
PRAY for her situation to improve soon!

***To each and every one of you, my much loved friends, thank you! I'm sure

most of you have heard by now all my trials during those days of no

power! My phones are tied in with my cable and internet, so all I had

was the cell phone, and it is useless unless you have phone numbers! I

lost 3 freezers full of food, but my dogs were extremely happy! They

were Very well fed! My shih tzu now rolls instead of walking, she put on

so much weight! I could keep the cell phone charged with a cord we have

for the car. ALL my phone numbers, etc. were stored in my computer!

Won't do That anymore! Have a hard copy now! We had a sudden windstorm

of flat winds of 70 to 80 mph, gusting to 100 mph. Lasted about 45 min.

Uprooted thousands of trees, most of which came down on power lines! No

way to contact anyone but my daughter in TX., but couldn't get her into

my addresses for anywhere else! I don't remember now how long he waited,

but bucc, bless his heart, called the Emergency Services of Beckley and

those people came 20 miles out to the house to check on me. They were

Much impressed that I had a friend in England who would go to that kind

of trouble (To tell the truth, so was I LOL! ). They e-mailed him back,

and had brought me his phone number so I could text him to finally let

him know everything was ok. . He probably regretted it, as my son gave

him grief for Days! We had no power from 6/30 until 7/11. With no power,

my sump pump to the septic tank couldn't pump, so the heat wasn't too

bad, but the stench was awful! Price gouging was rampant! A sack of ice

(IF you could get one ) cost nearly 5.00! And generators were tripled in

cost! Gasoline went from 3.95 to nearly 6.00 a gal. I had no damage to

the house, and none of us were hurt, so I felt blessed from the start! I

don't want to do this to any of you, but if you have someone you Really

dislike, I have a 17 yr. old grandson I will send to them all expenses

paid! I'm still playing catchup on soda, and didn't find this until

today. I missed you all so much! I love you all even more!
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  • DUGGINS 2012/07/16 04:06:34
    Property damage doesn't compare to a person injured or killed in one of those storms, glad to hear you escaped unharmed. Send him to me and after a couple of weeks he will be begging you to come back.
  • Maria 2012/07/16 04:00:51
    A Christian learns from reading the Bible that God desires relationship with us, and we communicate with Him through prayer. The Bible also teaches for us to pray for our friends, to "bear one another's burdens." Proverbs 17:17 says, "A friend loves at all times." We love our friends when we pray for them.
  • Rocko 2012/07/16 03:43:03
    aww this sucks well of course i will say a prayer and send well wishes for a safe and happy return to sh i hope everything is rectified very soon so we can have doofiegirl back where she belongs :)

    prayer send safe happy return sh hope rectified doofiegirl belongs

    in the meantime we will miss ya doofiegirl :) and hope to see you again soon
  • richie 2012/07/16 03:34:32
  • The Birdman ~ PWCM~JLA 2012/07/16 03:23:02
    The Birdman ~ PWCM~JLA
    MERCY! DG, we all hope things will normalize soon for you! We're all very glad no one in your family were hurt! I don't think anyone here is going to be able to help with the 17 y.o. but you could put him on latrine duty, that will keep him busy! We all know O-Vomit will do very little to help your situation, but you have friends here and if someone wants to get the ball rolling, I'm willing to throw in to help you with the added costs of ice and so on! What say Friends of Doofie-girl??
  • JanHopkins 2012/07/16 03:22:39
    Hold on tight DG. We are all rooting for you.
  • Wayne 2012/07/16 02:54:35
    Sorry you had to go through that. You will be in my prayers and thoughts go your way. God bless.
  • Franklin 2012/07/16 02:50:02
    Sorry things are so bad girl – I have 5 generators right now and keep 100 gallons of gas on hand at all time ...learned the hard way after the 04 storms to “be prepared “ as far as the 17 year old / I just got ride of the ones my brothers and sisters dumped on me ….I really need a month or two with the house empty before I take on another ...BTW you said he is 17 ? I have a friend who is always looking for workers , three times this week he had people just walk off the job (yes in this economy ) if your kid needs a leg up at the end of the summer and is willing to work in the Florida heat ...e-mail me
  • Ozzyboy 2012/07/16 02:25:35
    Glad to hear you and yours are safe. This appears to be a test and you have passed with flying colors. When you are up and running, is there any advice you would like to pass on to the rest of us for the future?
  • abubincrazy 2012/07/16 02:15:00
    I didn't know.
    I'm glad you came through it okay, Doofie.
  • jessiesgirl4463 2012/07/16 02:05:22
    You are in my thoughts and prayers! So thankful to hear you and your family (and your home) are safe and okay.
  • Don Leuty 2012/07/16 02:04:48
    Don Leuty
    Thank God you are safe. You are on our prayer list
  • zbacku 2012/07/16 02:04:45
    light at the end of the tunnel prayers are with you
    Strength to Doofiegirl.
  • marylou5 2012/07/16 01:43:24
    We are so happy all is "basically" back to normal in your area. You have a good friend who cared about you and that tells us you too are a good friend! You gave us all some good electronics advice, intended or not!
    Our area was off the grid for seven days and phone for three. Our cell phones do not work in the house! We have generators so we really "suffered" very little compared to others!

    Our road has 30-40 trees down, along the roadside so no real damage. Fortunately a lumber mill wants our trees for furniture grade lumber and are in the process of cutting and carting away. They left the rest all cut up for our use in the fireplaces and wood stove. That was a blessing all around. Needless to say, I'm one of many people happy you are back safe and sound.
  • Rabbit 2012/07/16 01:17:51
    My prayers are with you doofiegirl. Hope you see some light at the end of this tunnel soon.
  • stevmackey 2012/07/16 01:10:51
    Hey, Snell I hope you get it all back together soon. Somehow you never appreciate what you had till it is gone. I will pray for you.
  • Christine/Rest in peace Pet... 2012/07/16 01:10:28
    Christine/Rest in peace Peter Br
    I hope things get back to normal for you soon. prayer for hardship
  • pumpkin1960 2012/07/16 00:59:22
    Thank God you and your family ar safe and your house is ok. I lost power for 16 hours once and my 80 year old father freaked. Strange since he grew up with out TV. I guess he assimilated to the 21st century. My prayers are with you.
  • amazinggrace 2012/07/16 00:50:50
  • ITALIAN CLICKER 2012/07/16 00:47:00
  • Beagle Mom 2012/07/16 00:43:08
    Beagle Mom
    Please take care. Praying for you!
  • Nam Era Vet #1 DNA TLC 2012/07/16 00:38:59
    Nam Era Vet #1 DNA TLC
    Already did pray.
  • jumpboots 187th PIR 2012/07/16 00:22:10
    jumpboots 187th PIR
    God bless Doofie Girl.....My prayers are with you. Jseus chirst
  • Wayne 2012/07/16 00:08:57 (edited)
    Shoot, what a bummer for you and yours, I have missed seeing your posts and wondered where you were. I will put you in my prayers . Pet the dog for me. :)
  • tommyg - POTL- PWCM-JLA 2012/07/16 00:00:28
    tommyg - POTL- PWCM-JLA
    Dang doofie, sounds like you hit a rough patch.

    Prayers on the way girl.
  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/07/16 00:00:07
    And I love you, too.
  • Red 2012/07/15 23:49:58
  • Maddog 2012/07/15 23:41:42
    OMG!!! That's terrible! I'm so sorry to hear this! I know how you feel, I've been through two hurricanes and these kinds of natural disasters seem to bring out both the best and the worst in people. Price gouging in these situations is unconscionable! I sure hope your situation improves SOON!
  • Oaces_boss_yo® 2012/07/15 23:27:20
  • Charge 2012/07/15 23:26:21
  • Tennessee3501 2012/07/15 23:22:42
  • ReconMarine~PWCM*AVA*BTTB*JLA* 2012/07/15 23:19:06 (edited)
  • Firefly 2012/07/15 23:18:33

    Many Prayers For You, Doofie-Girl,

    That The Lord Restore Your Peace, and

    Re-fill Each Of Your Freezers, Seven Fold...

    And, TWICE the prayers for that teen grandson !

    You are Blessed with such friends as bucc, and snell,

    and your friendship is treasured by many others here too ~

    Stay Strong, Be Safe, Keep Your Sense of Humour, an'Party On ;0 )
  • Mr. T Firefly 2012/07/16 00:36:35
    Mr. T
    I love this photo
  • Firefly Mr. T 2012/07/16 00:52:15
    It is pretty awesome, isn't it ?

    Glad you like it too ;0 )
  • Ken 2012/07/15 23:15:54
    It's good to hear from DG again, my prayers are with her.
  • Rodney 2012/07/15 23:13:33
    We all missed you too Doofie. I was really happy when Bucc finally got through and let Lea and I know you were surviving (although that is enough in my book). I want you to know, if there is ANYTHING I can do, you know all you have to do is ask.

    God Bless you and keep you safe.
  • snipe 2012/07/15 23:06:30
    Holy Cow, Doofie, you take care and get back to us real soon!
  • apachehellfire65 2012/07/15 22:59:58
  • keeper 2012/07/15 22:57:25
    Doofie...you will always be a Heroine to us!!! ;o)

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