Osama Dead Body Photo - Real?

Fef 2011/05/02 19:06:49
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Photo of Osama Bin Laden's dead body. It looks like Osama bin Laden with his beard, brains blown out. Friends on mine with "connections" sent me this and I think the press can't act fast enough to post it with confirmation.

Either way, we know that Navy SEALs killed Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden (OBL) dead with gunshots to his head.

UPDATE: Apparently I've got the wrong photo.... this dead guy looks like Osama Bin Laden, but Photoshop and coincidences can make that happen...

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  • RU Mad 2011/05/03 03:18:53
    I think...
    RU Mad
    Burial at sea and no pictures, just word from politicians?

    I need some more proof!

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  • Beccy 2012/04/15 23:45:18
    I think...
    He's was died for 10 years before these pictures were shown. It is a war crime to show pictures of died leaders like this. Wonder how Americans would feel if someone killed our leader and posted the gory pictures?
  • BreeMoore 2011/05/08 20:32:02
    I think...
    Real or not, I don't want that kind of proof. Simply hearing it from an official's own mouth (Obama saying it would be swell) would be enough for me. I appreciate the effort to provide proof, but I'm not so bloodthirsty as to wish to see him with his brains blown out.
  • ashley. 2011/05/06 23:46:55
    Not Osama Bin Laden's Dead Body
    No that picture is a fake.
  • Dora Rachael 2011/05/06 17:30:39
    I think...
    Dora Rachael
    Not unless he died his beard :)
  • joe59 2011/05/06 04:32:02
    Not Osama Bin Laden's Dead Body
    That's a fake thats been online, a real gunshot wound looks nothing like that.
  • Flamingo Flame Gem *AFCL* 2011/05/06 03:41:51
    Not Osama Bin Laden's Dead Body
    Flamingo Flame Gem *AFCL*
    According to hearing what was told, he was shot thru the left eye shattering and exposing his skull. The left eye in this picture is not shattered is the skull shattered exposure.....Total fake.
  • Bob, the reasonable one 2011/05/06 03:22:53
    Not Osama Bin Laden's Dead Body
    Bob, the reasonable one
    it's photoshop all the way...fake photo
  • Otter04256 Bob, th... 2011/05/07 20:14:10 (edited)
    I dare you to go up to a Navy Seal and tell him his buddies helped fake this whole incident. You are a total arsewipe. And so are all the other photo shop idiots on here.
  • Bob, th... Otter04256 2011/05/08 00:23:56
    Bob, the reasonable one
    Otter, you are looking silly on this one...the real photos will not be released for a long time...for many reasons that president Obama has given...and about Seals....I am retired Navy, I worked with Seals during Shield and Storm...I have 14 years of sea-duty, I know a handful of former seals...I know more about them then you can fathom....
  • Otter04256 Bob, th... 2011/05/08 11:43:27
    You have no idea what I know about Navy Seals, which makes this exchange most amusing. Thanks for your military service, thanks for the info correction on Mr. Rogers, thanks for being a teacher. There are two kinds of boats in the Navy, submarines, and targets. I knew a guy who was one of the writers for Cat Ballou. Both he and Lee Marvin were heavy drinkers, and some of the stories he told of his friendship with Lee are so tall they must be true.
  • Otter04256 Bob, th... 2011/05/08 11:44:00
    Nice play on words in your last line. Bust me up.
  • Nadrasta 2011/05/06 03:14:33
    Not Osama Bin Laden's Dead Body
    It's blatantly obvious that this photo is photoshopped.
  • momma-on-the-hit-list 2011/05/06 02:24:58
    Not Osama Bin Laden's Dead Body
    Amazing, none of the blast hit his mouth or nose or ear so we could identify the body? but more importantly it is the same photo used in 2000, someone is pulling our leg and to think the gov is going to such great lengths to praise Obama, then the Seals, then God I think we are being screwed and there is no credibility in THIS administration even the last one.
  • atomikmom 2011/05/06 02:14:41
    Osama Bin Laden Dead Body Photo
    Very!!! real!!!!
  • Chris D 2011/05/05 18:26:38
    I think...
    Chris D
  • MoonshineMotor 2011/05/04 21:57:16
    Not Osama Bin Laden's Dead Body
    Seriously?! People actually think this picture is real! *facepalm*
  • kate.lace 2011/05/04 16:36:28
    Not Osama Bin Laden's Dead Body
    look at the mouths... this photo is a total fake. its been edited!!
  • toutankamom 2011/05/04 12:56:54
  • Razzy R... toutank... 2011/05/06 02:05:24
    Razzy Ratchets
    Did Bush not know about this death?
  • momma-o... Razzy R... 2011/05/06 02:26:31 (edited)
    I think they both do.
    http://www.ask.com/wiki/Aaron... This guy was in the know and had nothing to gain from his speaking the truth, he is dead, but warned back in 1990 this was happening.
  • joshbalto 2011/05/04 07:54:31
    Osama Bin Laden Dead Body Photo
    Lemme start off by saying Osama bin laden is dead, he's rotting in hell prbly sharing a room with Hitler, Stalin, and lord voldemort. However the picture is a fake. If u have photoshop or some form or way to do it try it for ur self I layered the images and turned the opacity down and the images lined up perfectly (i didn't even need to resize either images but that was pure luck I'm sure). The picture was prbly made by some reporter that wanted a scoop. The picture is a fake but the story is not
    I 100% believe our Elite group of special forces killed him.
    And I don't think he shoulda got a traditional burial. We shoulda had him stuffed and kept in a warehouse next to the ark of the coventant and the crystal skull...

    And if we had to bury him at sea shouldnt we have at least hooked him up to a dunk tank - @stephanathome

    Lastly I feel sorry for Obama... It must be hard dealing with the lost of his hero, mentor, rolemodel, and friend... osama bin laden
  • toutank... joshbalto 2011/05/04 13:03:38
    you're an idiot if you believe the americans killed him. if they had they would have showd pics and videos and would have made cups and tshirts w/ his pics on etc...
    as i said obl is dead, he died cuz he was severely ill, he got his proper traditional burial and everything he wanted, it upsets america that they were never able to catch him all these years with all the money they stole from the american people
    osama bin laden got america owned BIG TIME! lol
  • joshbalto toutank... 2011/05/05 17:59:40
    Ur entitled to your opinion I respect that bro, have a great rest of the week and a good weekend
  • Smita42... toutank... 2011/05/07 10:38:06
    Yes,it is real
  • Lerro DeHazel 2011/05/04 02:05:20
    I think...
    Lerro DeHazel
    He died 2-years earlier in Afganistan, from the results of a Kidney Disease that got the best of him when it traveled to his Bladder, Liver and Pancreas. If only he would have been able to turn himself in to an In-Patient at a Western Hospital, he might still be alive today . . . However, he knew what would happen if he did dare seek that kind of life-saving treatment. Of course, he would have been arrested and then treated and then sent up for Life Imprisonment . . . It is so stupid how BH quickly began to clear the way for no-pics-of-remains when he came up with that wild-ass story about some kind of Islamic Burial At Sea like as if the Ragheads are running a whole Fleet of Naval Warships out on the Tigris-Euphrates, or wherever? . . . Like the Red Sea or some such . . . That they would go for a quick Burial @ Sea as if it was their quite-common protocol . . . What an IDIOT!!!!! Can't someone do something with that sorry son-of-a-bitch beides Impeach him?? Pulllleeeeeeeeease!!!!
  • nadya1995 2011/05/04 01:11:31
    Not Osama Bin Laden's Dead Body
    How come he died with the same smile he had years ago?
  • Chicklet 2011/05/03 17:42:16
    Not Osama Bin Laden's Dead Body
    "UPDATE: Apparently I've got the wrong photo.... this dead guy looks like Osama Bin Laden, but Photoshop and coincidences can make that happen..."

    Really? Who would have thought that a charlatan would actually post something on the Internet that is not genuine?
  • wombat 2011/05/03 17:09:57
    Not Osama Bin Laden's Dead Body
    You can see a fine line below the eyes. Underneath its USAma Bin Laden, above and the body/background is someone else. Its a fake made in 2009
  • Keith 2011/05/03 17:01:10
    Not Osama Bin Laden's Dead Body
    This is the POS ! pos osama s dead body
  • Flaming... Keith 2011/05/06 04:47:39
    Flamingo Flame Gem *AFCL*
    LMAO... Now i'm falling off my freaking chair.You're a riot Keith.
  • lawlerskates 2011/05/03 16:53:30 (edited)
    Not Osama Bin Laden's Dead Body
    They shot Osama in the left side of his head which must have blown off the entire top. And this photo is old.
  • mr stiff 2011/05/03 16:48:34
    Not Osama Bin Laden's Dead Body
    mr stiff
    consider that this photo is showing up on places like facebook and e-mails and is a virus. i would be careful when this photo shows up asking u if you want to see the death photo of bin ladan.
  • hazel 2011/05/03 16:42:50
    I think...
    I think this is an old years ago photo....Osama was grey in beard and hair and the photos are exact... clearly a fake
  • raj 2011/05/03 14:40:32
    I think...
    May be
  • ETpro 2011/05/03 13:27:41
    Osama Bin Laden Dead Body Photo
    Oh please -- not another loony conspiracy theory. That's not bin Laden's photo, and the real death photos have not been released. Probably shouldn't be,m just so the Photoshop crowd doesn't go nuts cooking up OBL resurrected by alien abduction stories.
  • jdcaprio2000 2011/05/03 13:00:24
    Not Osama Bin Laden's Dead Body
    i dont get it... is it the media to anxious bout the pic, or they just miss-look it... media should be pro bout the pic b4 they reveal on tv
  • Yankee Traveler 2011/05/03 09:50:49
    I think...
    Yankee Traveler
    It's already been proven fake
  • Kirino 2011/05/03 09:17:48
  • VICTORIA 2011/05/03 05:49:38
    Not Osama Bin Laden's Dead Body
    No, your friends don't have connections- they just read internet gossip that's years old-
    It's from the British newspaper the Telegraph.
  • Shark 2011/05/03 05:30:49
    Not Osama Bin Laden's Dead Body
    Check the pixelization. They are not rendered in the same platform. Obvious.

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