Oregon Woman Arrested After Filing False Taxes, With $2 Million Refund

doctorwho_guru.†=♡ 2012/06/10 22:20:06
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  • Brosia - KarmaRaven 2012/07/02 18:54:00
    Brosia - KarmaRaven
    How come this wasn't caught in the IRS? Aren't they supposed to be the ones catching this kind of fraud?

    And, what kind of idiot doesn't keep track of their ill gotten gains? Seriously?
  • bettyboop 2012/06/16 13:20:48
    That's a damn shame. She was probably getting food stamps and other assistance from the government as well. There are so many thief's draining the system and who knows how many fool the IRS. How someone who filed a claim this large was not automatically investigated is beyond me. It should of been a red flag.
  • Mike 2012/06/13 14:54:12
    epic fail
  • La 2012/06/12 11:48:09
    That's slack. Reporting earnings of $3 million and a return of $2 million? She wouldn't have even paid $2 million in tax.
  • beach bum 2012/06/12 04:37:19
    beach bum
  • HipJipC 2012/06/11 23:36:14
    She should have at least become a government official before implementing such a big move. That way she could have easily gotten that and more from the taxpayers and gotten away with it.
  • cate 2012/06/11 20:22:24
    Dumbass. She called and reported the debit card lost. Dimwit.
  • Alummina 2012/06/11 18:01:27
    Her face tells all!
  • Lili13 2012/06/11 16:06:37
    Gosh people now-a-days
  • Charles Braley 2012/06/11 11:01:03
    Charles Braley
    Stupis is,what does! That includes the Oregon Dept of Revenue!
  • crewzer1 2012/06/11 10:04:12
    The syory would have been way spectacular if she would have got away with it. I just wish the Government could Govern as well as they keep track of OUR money...
  • myfoxmystere 2012/06/11 08:01:16
    Deport her to Siberia after she does 25 Years in prison.
  • Matt Forrester 2012/06/11 06:47:58
    Matt Forrester
    And yet she looks like someone who could offer so much to society...not...
  • Kiosk Kid 2012/06/11 02:58:29 (edited)
    Kiosk Kid
    Hopefully, big government figured out it was a hoax before they sent her the 2 million dollar refund.

    I think that when someone uses fraud they should be banned from ever receiving welfare programs.

    I can't hear so I don't play the Videos clips
  • La Kiosk Kid 2012/06/12 11:49:25
    No....they did not figure out it was a hoax until they gave her the money and she spent several hundred thousand of it. There was a link to a story. I never watch the videos either.
  • Kiosk Kid La 2012/06/12 18:08:04
    Kiosk Kid
    Well, government isn't know to be logical.
  • Me 2012/06/11 02:31:04
  • Jorge Enriquez 2012/06/11 01:56:00
    Jorge Enriquez
    money doesnt worth your freedom
  • Heavy 2012/06/11 00:29:17
    This isn't as bad as the millionaire family that was receiving food stamps for 5 years.
  • Kirby 2012/06/11 00:26:39
    Look our tax dollars hard at work , keeping her ass in twinkies! Whatever nitwit approved her refund should be fired after an extensive look into whether the was foul play. She should get the max prison sentence!
  • Reggie☮ 2012/06/10 23:41:17
    Have a good stay in prison.
  • 4dc 2012/06/10 23:31:07
    observe the face of stupid
  • Christo... 4dc 2012/06/11 00:06:51
    Christopher Brady
    The REAL stupid was the State of Oregon who APPROVED it in the first place. They could have checked her background from the various sources of information, like her driving record and information they have ON FILE.
  • 4dc Christo... 2012/06/11 01:51:24
  • jackie 2012/06/10 23:21:15
  • HannahFitz 2012/06/10 22:38:43
    woah, where's her eyebrows.
  • Næthan ... HannahFitz 2012/06/10 23:03:41
    Næthan Æterna
    She probably burnt them off when she was making/smoking Meth.
  • Nameless 2012/06/10 22:35:46
    I absolutely abhor dishonest/lying people. What a PoS - and stupid, too.
  • HillaryLover 2012/06/10 22:35:30
    State revenue officials should have been arrested, or at least fired. How could she have pulled this off without inside help?
  • Inquisitve Kat 2012/06/10 22:27:09
    Inquisitve Kat
    "State revenue officials did not discover the fraud until Reyes reported the card as lost or stolen."
    LMAO Wow, and I thought she was stupid just because of the fact that she filed for a $2M refund.
  • Melicio... Inquisi... 2012/06/10 22:29:38
  • Mamaknows 2012/06/10 22:24:58
    LOL how in the world i that possible?
    #1 that she got that amount
    #2 that she LOST the debit card?!
  • Melicious Kiss of PHAET 2012/06/10 22:24:30
    Melicious Kiss of PHAET
    o.O If I stole two million dollars from the government, I'd be living some where NOT in the United States.
  • Jack's Pearl 2012/06/10 22:21:46
    Jack's Pearl
    How? I don't get how you can do that and not get caught. Dumb ass!

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