Oregon Law Would Make Cigarettes Prescription-Only: Good Law?

Fef 2013/01/24 18:00:00
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Rep. Mitch Greenlick, from Portland, Oregon, introduced a bill in the state's legislature to classify cigarettes as a Schedule III controlled substance. The bill states:
Directs State Board of Pharmacy to adopt rules making nicotine Schedule III controlled substance. Provides for phase-in of penalties by board. Creates crime of unlawful possession of nicotine, effective until rules adopted. Punishes by maximum of one year's imprisonment, $6,250 fine, or both. Creates crime of unlawful distribution of nicotine, effective until rules adopted. Punishes by maximum of one year's imprisonment, $6,250 fine, or both.
KPTV.COM reports:
If Rep. Mitch Greenlick has his way, possessing cigarettes without a prescription could cost you up to a year in prison or a $6,250 fine.
mitch greenlick possessing cigarettes prescription cost year prison 6250 fine

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  • Matt 2013/01/24 13:16:01
    Good Grief!
    Just what we need; more laws, more policemen more criminals, more prisons, and more taxes.
    funny prohibition

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  • Anthony Souls 2014/02/18 23:21:59
    Good Grief!
    Anthony Souls
    I'm not for people smoking in the public but making smoking prescription only is just plain stupid. When would cigarettes ever be used for a health benefit? What would they prescribe it for? Nicotine withdraw or nervous or stress problems? Just silly since there are better ways of dealing with those types of problems.
  • Falcon 2013/04/04 00:14:56
    Good Grief!
    So what malady does tobacco get prescribed for?
  • CaptCrash 2013/03/18 02:52:20
    Good Law
    Proscribed would be a better choice.
  • GoDucks5 2013/03/04 02:29:58
    Good Grief!
    That doesn't even make sense.
  • turtleedie 2013/03/03 18:01:22
    Good Law
    UGH!!!! I meant to click GOOD GRIEF!!! This is truly asinine! Why do people get so stupid about smoking????
  • Tangerine Sky 2013/02/12 18:17:56
    Good Grief!
    Tangerine Sky
    Don't we have too many laws dictating us how to live our lives already!
  • wolf 2013/02/07 23:34:52
    Good Grief!
    WTF ! this country was born on tobacco money, doesnt make sense- so u just get someone to buy your smokes, what's the big deal.... what about electronic cigarettes
  • fightingquip 2013/02/07 13:59:21
    Good Grief!
    How stupidd. That's all we need is another leash. I don't smoke, but I mean, c'mon. If you want to destroy your health that is your business.
  • Miss Fiona 2013/02/07 04:16:46
    Good Grief!
    Miss Fiona
    Under what conditions could one obtain cigarettes via prescription? This policy embraces a loophole allowing Portland to incorporate a controlled-substance classification, and this isn't fair. Are we a free country anymore?
  • Tina 2013/02/06 03:13:17
    Good Grief!
    Fix one problem, add another, maybe more than one. There's other stimulants that are better
  • MsDianna 2013/02/05 20:22:19 (edited)
    Good Grief!
    we can't have a law against everything! Lord help us JESUS! smoking is bad but show people what is does to them. show kids theirs lungs after smoking for a few years and then let them decide! but making by presciption will only cause a lot of chaos! Aren't some states trying to legalize pot? are they going to make money off of something that is so harmful?
  • bt sedlock 2013/02/02 22:56:24
    Good Grief!
    bt sedlock
    Cigarettes cause lung cancer. Why would doctors want to prescibe them as a drug at a local pharmacy?
  • Evan 2013/02/01 02:01:44
    Good Grief!
    What would be the requirement for prescription, so stress and wanting to enjoy yourself every once in a while?
  • colton delaney 2013/01/30 20:46:29
    Good Grief!
    colton delaney
    Dont you feel silly for voting for this dumbass Mitch Greenlick? He gets voted into office and this is his bright idea? this is what he wants to be his baby? OMG where the hell do this freaken losers come from?
  • Michael 2013/01/30 18:47:01
    Good Grief!
    Good grief, legalize marijuana and illegalize cigarettes!
  • trap flapper 2013/01/30 17:05:42
    Good Grief!
    trap flapper
    The good representative Greenlick needs to find something to do. He needs to fill his spare time with some brain building exercises....starting from nothing is very hard, but I believe Greenlick can do it....
  • Scout 2013/01/30 04:12:17
    Good Grief!
    I honestly cannot even think of an appropriate response, other than, WHAT THE HECK IS THAT GUY SMOKING?!
  • monkeyking908 2013/01/29 21:35:25
  • Ramón 2013/01/29 18:36:28
    Good Grief!
    I say let people smoke without a prescription. Why should a doctor violate the hypocratic oath to do no harm by writing a prescription that does harm?
  • Wag 2013/01/29 18:18:53
    Good Grief!
    And thats worked so well for pain killers.....
  • Bill 2013/01/29 17:52:24
    Good Grief!
    Can I get a prescription for trans-fats? 16 ounce sodas? Salt? Fatty foods?
    Now cigarettes. LOL These liberals are truly trying to run our lives by imposing their lifestyle on the rest of us. I'd let this run all the way up to the Supreme Court.
  • Sionann 2013/01/29 16:29:10 (edited)
    Good Grief!
    It amazes me how the state govts vilify cigarettes and tobacco companies ->(which pay most states millions of dollars each year) and never seem to worry too much about alcohol. (MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY....MOOOONEEEEY) They complain about the health care costs of smokers. (which they get compensated for from tobacco companies) They never complain about the health care cost of scoliosis of the liver, child abuse, domestic violence, car wrecks, rape.....all things that can be attributed to the use of alcohol. I am in no way for banning alcohol because I believe in personal freedom and choice. But it's getting to the point that I wouldn't be surprised if some Representative that didn't like broccoli, tried to ban or limit the use of broccoli. lol. The level of stupidity within our state and federal government is reaching epic proportions.
  • Flowers 2013/01/29 13:53:48
    Good Grief!
    Enough with the regulations already people. When will government learn that putting restrictions on something only makes people want to do it more
  • Aleksandr 2013/01/29 12:16:18
    Good Law
    I am sick and tired of smokers!!!!polluting the parks, workplace with that hideous smell.
  • bt sedlock Aleksandr 2013/02/02 22:59:07
    bt sedlock
    Cigars and pipes are better with that very nice aroma.
  • Roe Aleksandr 2013/03/27 18:53:47
    The ban on smoking OUTSIDE really annoys me quite a lot. - Have we become a control freak nation?? WTF.
  • Pele Emerging 2013/01/29 05:50:08
    Good Grief!
    Pele Emerging
    I don't smoke and never have. However, they didn't even jail car thieves when I lived in Portland. The jails were so crowded that they simply charged and released car thieves. So, if you're some person passing through the state of Oregon with cigarettes in your pocket purchased legally in another state, you're suddenly guilty of a crime in Oregon. STUPID!
  • Hannie 2013/01/29 04:35:38
  • alyssa 2013/01/29 04:28:37
    Good Grief!
    wait a minute, perscription cigarettes? people get perscriptions BECAUSE of cigarettes. Thats like perscribing cancer
  • Nichole 2013/01/29 04:04:15
    Good Grief!
    So...let me get this straight. We all complain about how over-crowded the prisons are and how all these prisoners are costing us too much in tax dollars, but this Greenlick guy from Oregon wants to basically, ban cigarettes? Oh yeah, that'll help. *eye-roll*

    People are going to smoke cigarettes, cigars, and pipes whether others like it or not. Just like people are going to continue to smoke marijuana whether others like it or not. All banning cigarettes is going to do is make more people break the law to get that nicotine fix. Trust me, most people don't really want to deal with a smoker who is needing his or her nicotine fix.
  • Roe Nichole 2013/03/27 18:58:06
    How about a serious black market being created because of this stupid law. What about the taxes on the butts, where will they go??
  • Nichole Roe 2013/03/29 04:19:25
    I don't know, I just think this is an idiotic idea.
  • kimmie 2013/01/29 02:56:24
    Good Grief!
    We don't need anymore stupid new laws in this country because they are making my head hurt !
  • AnonymousDino$aur 2013/01/29 01:49:06
  • Little Angel 2013/01/28 22:50:02
    Good Grief!
    Little Angel
    In what way could cigarettes ever be used as a medicine???
    cigarette smoking
  • izzybean Little ... 2013/01/29 12:34:54
    do the same for dope
  • America... izzybean 2013/01/29 13:09:10
  • izzybean America... 2013/01/29 15:25:00
    So you are saying that smoking dope is safe and will not cause cancer? Really? List the chemicals involved when puffing on dope, that is if you can find a list. Next you will say there is not recreational use of dope.
  • America... izzybean 2013/01/30 08:12:38
  • izzybean America... 2013/02/03 15:47:17
    Okay I really buy that. The only reason it doesnt is because the left wants dope legalized.
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