ONLY IF YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF A LIBERAL; A pure Liberal or a close proximity of the same! Voted for the present ADMIN or did not vote at all!

doc moto 2012/09/21 02:47:21
I am a LIBERAL and I like how the DNC got that vote out, get god out of politics! Of course the vote was a tad shady, but who cares; right? No LEFT all the way! Lie only when we are cornered and have too, too much lately, but who cares?
I know what the DNC is up to and will NOT fall for it TWICE, President Obama is a Permanent Foreign Student and a FRAUD, He LIED his way into and got the votes to do as his handlers have wanted, but that is it; time for a change! ABO, OMG, voting him out!
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Yes, now is you chance to trash it, but first go read and view the video; a scam or what? Have a good time!

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