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mimi 2012/09/24 13:57:07
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Money & Politics with Dan Bubalo Posted on 22 September 2012

A perspective is lacking and accountability is non-existent
with respect to how this country has been run over the past several decades and
it’s ready to come home to roost. And it is going to be ugly. We now clearly
have two choices: one who considers himself the anointed Robin Hood, and one
who is telling people to get off their butts and go to work. The irony is that
“Robin Hood” has personally ruined the economy as well as the job market, and
Mr. Romney, who is being vilified by the press actually knows how to light the
fire. It’s clear whom the press favors, but the question is who are they to

Can we recover? Possibly. It will take the guidance of Mitt

Romney to put on the breaks. It will require drilling our own oil, getting
closer to our ally in Canada and telling the Middle East moolahs, the hustlers
and hucksters who have held us hostage over energy to take a hike.

If members of Congress were running a business they would all go to jail, and yet, they have the temerity to write laws to incarcerate CEO’s for mismanagement, an irony and hypocrisy so large and oversized in concept that it warps the mind of reasonable people. Aside from the 16 trillion dollars in national debt, an ominous number in its own right, the country has nearly 60 trillion in unfunded liabilities. Think that through for a moment or two and then get back to me. I’m calling current and past members of Congress criminally negligent, I’m calling them irresponsible, incompetent, and I’m calling them delinquents. Why? I’m doing so to illustrate a point, a concept,an absolute, and I do believe those people to be indefensible in reality, andif there was a means to hold them accountable, they’d all be wearing stripes.

Let’s start with our own households. My grandfather preached “you can’t spend two when you’re only making one.” Not eloquent, necessarily, but right on the screws if you think about it. I can’t spend twice what I make. YOU can’t spend twice what you make. So why has Congress continued to do so? Why has nobody stepped up to the plate, or, moreover, why is nobody in the media willing to ask the tough questions instead of discussing a candidate’s favorite color? We have an idealistic fool in the White House currently, and a man vying for his position who knows the time of day. It matters little that Mr. Obama might be engagingly pandering to freeloaders; what matters now is how do we right the ship? By misappropriating other people’s money to give to malingerers, or by suggesting people get off their duffs and go back to work? Mercy sakes.

Debt is not always bad, and debt can be useful. How do you
afford a home? You borrow. How do most of us buy a car? We borrow. But what
prompts idiots to pass laws that promise people that which they cannot deliver?
Moreover, what type of criminal mentality allowed, permitted, convinced people
in Congress to spend my Social Security contributions with mere IOU’s. Are we
watching the movie, Dumb and Dumber? No. I believe we’re watching something
worse. It’s like Harry and Lloyd putting an IOU in the briefcase to pay for a
Ferrari for crying out loud!

The Gross Domestic Product is roughly 16 Trillion. Our country owes 16 Trillion. So far so good, right? Not really, so, why? There’s a little thing called interest, and the interest on 16 Trillion buckareenos is ominous, it’s crushing, it’s enormous beyond what any of us might comprehend,but, we’re going to HAVE to comprehend it because the bank vault is empty. Put another, more graphic way, we’ve reached the point where it’s falling out of the cow faster than we can put it in, and that is just the debt load, the mortgage, what we owe on our cars. We haven’t even approached what is owed inSocial Security, Medicare, or unfunded pensions.

Are you beginning to see the problem? Yet, we have the likes of Michael Milken and others who do not even receive a phone call. We have Mitt Romney, an incredibly accomplished man being demonized.

So, let’s ask. Who’s to blame? We had what experts would
term “reasonable” debt prior to 2007. Put in laymen’s terms? We weren’t
completely over-borrowed. The statistical irresponsibility created by the
Democrat-led Congress are things Nancy Pelosi should take to her grave, and for
which her family should forever be shamed. And she continues to run her mouth,
and Mr. Obama continues to ask for another chance. They didn’t misappropriate
our money, they stole it by granting promises for which they know they couldn’t
pay, and, though somewhat manageable until 2007, Congress, under Nancy Pelosi
and Mr. Obama’s guidance, spent us right down into the rat-hole, the sewer from
which we might not recover.

Can we recover? Possibly. It will take the guidance of Mitt Romney to put on the breaks. It will require drilling our own oil, getting closer to our ally in Canada and telling the Middle East moolahs, the hustlers and hucksters who have held us hostage over energy to take a hike. It means putting 100,000 people to work on a pipeline and watching the price of oil fall to levels unseen since the 70’s, and will require self-reliance once again. Our country used to be pretty good at that type of thing and then lost its way.

We should also tighten our borders and evict the squatters.
Ooooh. How harsh. I think I just advocated enforcing our laws, at
re-establishing our sovereignty, at suggesting we act like adults and protect
that which we still have, and I am certain that offends people who want to be
everything to everybody and those who are here illegally who are sucking us
dry. And guess what. I DON’T CARE.

It is time to buckle up, strap it on, pick your analogy.

It’s fixable, but it’s going to take a reality-check to do so. Jimmy Carter
granted illegal aliens the same retirement benefits in 1977 we all worked for.
Like it or not, those people are blood-sucking vultures from a foreign land and
they’re drinking from a well Americans drilled. Get rid of them. Round them up.
Shut down the borders and let’s get down to business.

Oh…………I forgot. Eric Holder sued the sovereign state of Arizona. Janet Napolitano created a hot-line for foreigners to gripe and complain about being here illegally and then expecting equal rights. They have neutered our law enforcement officials, sued them in court, and keep reminding law abiding citizens that WE are the problem.

We’re not the problem, people. Mr. Obama and his band of
gypsies are, and it’s high time and past time to send him and the leftists down
the road while we still have a voice. If not?

Start taking classes in “Spanish as a second language.”

Time to stand up. Time to start talking turkey. Time to say,
“Hit the road, Jack, and don’t you come back no more no more.” If the world
doesn’t like it?

Too bad.

This post was written by:

Dan Bubalo - who has written 39 posts on The Daily Rant:

Black Conservative Mychal Massie's Hard Hitting Commentary on Race, Obama and

Daniel J. Bubalo was hired by the venerable firm of Kidder

Peabody in 1978, before becoming a shareholder and partner with Drexel Burnham
Lambert in 1984. He ultimately bought his own brokerage firm and steered it
successfully through the market crash of 1987 before starting a venture capital
and advisory company in the early 1990's. He has been a broker, manager, owner,
trader, financier, and advisor on mergers and acquisitions, and throughout his
career has opined regularly about the intractable nature of government and its
inextricable hold and influence on financial markets. A securities violation
landed him in federal prison from 1999 to 2003 which served to only sharpen his
observations, watching in dismay at the dissolution of the Glass-Steagall Act,
the 2001 dot.com bubble burst without so much as an investigation or arrest,
and has since lectured between 2005 and 2011 at the Neeley School of Business
at Texas Christian University on government intervention and ethics, as well as
being presciently critical about Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank.

Read More: http://mychal-massie.com/premium/whos-to-blame/

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  • PoliticalSanity 2012/09/24 14:52:32
    The Supreme Court allows too many things that are clearly unconstitutional, appointing themsleves as the ultimate legislators. The number one issue is the Court's ability to refuse to hear a case without comment as to the merits or the reasons for remanding back to the lower Court.
  • mimi Politic... 2012/09/24 17:08:31
    I do believe you are right about this. Thanks.

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