On some of SH's pages there is an ad stating that you can enter to win a dinner with Barack. Would you enter?

BARRY0619 2012/05/30 14:50:44
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I cannot stand seeing his mug or hearing his voice on radio or TV so there is no way I'd go. Would you?
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  • LEFT IS NOT RIGHT 2012/06/04 13:13:53
    And lose my dinner afterwards???
  • marylou5 2012/05/31 23:59:12
    No way! if i want to be tortured I'll read the liberal drivel on SH!
  • sglmom 2012/05/31 10:26:12
  • texasred 2012/05/31 08:00:01
    Ain't no way, no how. He'd make me puke.
  • COCO 2012/05/31 03:51:29
    Damn,to think of that makes my stomach revolt,can't stand the sound of his voice and his arrogant self.
  • JanHopkins 2012/05/31 03:33:56
  • gocar 2012/05/31 03:25:14
    I have already entered thank you
  • marcuss....PHART 2012/05/31 02:37:49
    Will the main course be POODLE?

    I would not lower myself to be anywhere near that POS 0WEbama.
  • blushn1980 2012/05/31 02:29:56 (edited)
    Not a chance. I could not stomach being in the same room as him. Not just because his ego would suffocate me ....

    obama big head ego

    obama big head ego
  • lclon 2012/05/31 02:00:42
    I would have a dinner with the President of the United at any time.
  • Cal 2012/05/31 01:55:23
    I block all ads. Can't say I've seen it lol. However no I would not go.
  • ☆WillThompson☆ 2012/05/31 01:45:33
    I would not accept a free meal no matter how extravagant, if it meant enduring the night with him.
  • marylou5 ☆WillTh... 2012/06/01 00:02:23
    Hmmm. I wasn't aware it included, spending the might....LOL!
  • Diane Spraggs Yates 2012/05/31 01:21:58
    Diane Spraggs Yates
    No way I can not stand him why would I want to eat with him I rather have dinner with out getting sick to my stomache!!!!!
  • apachehellfire65 2012/05/31 01:13:27
    NO! NO! NO! unless of course HE was the meal and i could feed him to something else!
  • santa6642 2012/05/31 01:12:26
    Not on your life.
  • Stoner 2012/05/31 00:47:30
    nope i would be in jail before dinner is over
  • Unclecracker 2012/05/31 00:09:25
    No way! I don't like dog meat anyway!!!
  • ed 2012/05/31 00:02:04
  • Cliff 2012/05/31 00:00:57
  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/05/30 23:48:28
    No. First, I don't gamble--and raffling is gambling. Second, I wouldn't want to fill his coffers with money, and that's who's selling the chances. Third, if I had to sit down to dinner with him, I'd have no appetite.
  • john Kills 2012/05/30 23:30:48
    john Kills
    You couldn't make me eat dinner with the son of a bitch. I would throw it at him.
  • blushn1980 john Kills 2012/05/31 02:33:58
    I didn't think of that one,,, I just might enter!
    food fight
  • meme14 2012/05/30 23:01:49
    Yes - I would gladly go
  • dubbie 2012/05/30 22:38:33
    Aint gonna happen , But it would be interesting to see ,if it was pork chops
  • john Kills dubbie 2012/05/30 23:34:05
  • Obama Failed Soda Head Chie... 2012/05/30 21:38:52
    Obama Failed Soda Head Chief Opi
    It's how SH, pay of ever thing here thought ad, so if Team Obama want to to put ad here , SH let them i get the same ad on my You Tube channel , but there, i can turn them off
  • teigan 2012/05/30 21:34:24
  • Mark P. 2012/05/30 21:31:57
    Mark P.
    NO...That would destroy my appetite.
  • Jibbyman 2012/05/30 20:42:55
    Like I've said before. If he came to my house and knocked on my door because he was on fire and needed help I wouldn't piss on him to put him out. Why waste a good pee on an unAmerican peice of crap.
  • Jἐẑḝỹ~ḎẫԻkẶἤgἑ₤
    Good gawd no! Auuggghhh! Just the thought of it makes me gag!
    gawd auuggghhh gag
  • Karen E Jἐẑḝỹ~Ḏ... 2012/05/30 21:20:53
    Karen E
    lol, his voice induces the gag reflex...........
  • Jἐẑḝỹ~Ḏ... Karen E 2012/05/31 03:15:44
    Bwahahaha! Yep! And between the two of using it a lot, there is a short supply of Phenergan too. Ha!
  • Jacob Mahurien 2012/05/30 20:16:13
    Jacob Mahurien
    Yes. I'd invite Tom Woods, John Stossel, and Peter Schiff.
  • LEFT IS... Jacob M... 2012/06/04 13:16:36
    Good idea!!!
  • Chris - The Rowdy One! #187 2012/05/30 19:25:25
  • Emma's Dilemma 2012/05/30 19:15:36
    Emma's Dilemma
    Only if he was paying for it out of his own pocket... As a conservative I'm totally against able bodied people feeding off of the tax payers money.
  • William Weber 2012/05/30 19:12:07
    William Weber
    This is in the wrong section, Barry, Move it to News and Politics.
    And yes I would, not because I agree with his policies, because i don't agree with most of them,
    i would because i'd get to meet a president. That's not something most people can brag about.
  • Emma's ... William... 2012/05/30 19:17:46
    Emma's Dilemma
    This thread has nothing to do with politics...
  • marylou5 William... 2012/06/01 00:06:03
    And meeting him would give you bragging rights...that you met the fraud president?

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