On Discrimination

Discrimination has a bad rap. On one hand, no American should feel discrimination because of race, faith or status. Yet discrimination is what keeps us safe in so many ways from a plethora of danger. Do we randomly ingest anything that looks like a mushroom without certifying its safety just because mushrooms are food? Do we normally pick up snakes and play with them? A discriminating palate is one that can tell the difference between quality and inferior wines. So while discrimination in the workplace and in school and generally in public is bad, at some point we have lost our ability to use whatever God given gut instincts allow us to survive.

Example. If you are a single woman driving through an unfamiliar neighborhood at night, is it discriminatory or self-preservation that tells you to lock the car door? Likewise, when you are a small, puny freshman, is is discrimination to avoid the large group of unruly jocks in the hallway? I ask this because while nobody should feel the blind brunt of discrimination for living a normal life, practicing their faith or demonstrating their status, the federal government has proceed to remove all barriers to common sense acts that could save lives.

For example, in Dallas along one stretch of I35 there was a spike in the number of DUI related accidents. One of the deputies suggested that a highly successful mobile DUI program be implemented along the area in question. Yet, because there were a large number of Tejano clubs frequented by Hispanics, the sheriff demurred and said they couldn't do the program because of the perception of discrimination. So even though the program was successful in a white suburb, it could not even be considered for an urban area. This sends out two messages-one, that suburban white lives are more important and that if a sheriff is Hispanic they will not dare to police their own neighborhood.

A further and far more tragic example of the perils of ignoring gut instincts is the shooting at Fort Hood. Here was a man who had joined the military, allowed it to pay for college and medical school, but who at the same time appears to have led a double life. His cousin makes excuses by saying he was discriminated against. But at the same time he was posting favorable comments about suicide bombers, wearing middle Eastern garb and embracing a far more narrow flavor of Islam than the average Muslim American citizen. All these details were noted, but because of our PC blindness, they were dismissed. How many of those who ignored these warning signs would gladly change their reports today to see 13 people still alive?

At some point we have to be allowed to take actions that will protect ourselves. It appears the government expects us to slough off warning signs at our own peril. I also appears that our government is not particularly concerned about the sovereignty or welfare of our nation. That Congress would continue to push legislation in the face of this domestic Islamist terror act-the fourth one in the last two months-points to their own ambitions and tunnel vision as to where the United States is right now. Who are these people?
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