OK America, it is your turn to grade Obama's 1st year performance as President of the United States of America! What do you think?

Scalded Eagle 2009/12/14 23:19:57
Sunday on 60 minutes, in an interview, Obama was asked to grade his job permance as President at the end of his first year! He gave his self a good solid B+. Do you agree?
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  • Bill - McGee - 2012 "I am a... 2010/01/18 14:45:46
    Bill - McGee - 2012 "I am a Terrorist "
    no, I do not agree...
  • I yams what i yams 2010/01/09 04:21:44 (edited)
    I yams what i yams
    "-F" Biggest flapping lipped liar ever!!!
  • Bureauc 0Bamao 2009/12/29 21:27:31
    Bureauc 0Bamao
    Swatting flies he gets an "A-". Minus because he has pissed off PITA, after all flies have feelings too.
    In all other catigories he ranges from "F" to "Z minus".
  • rich714 Bureauc... 2010/01/07 01:00:04 (edited)
    its PETA so he doing nothing thats your bitch?? peta
  • Mrs. Daydreamer :) 2009/12/28 01:13:36
  • Angelmedic40 2009/12/27 05:06:26
    I'm still waiting for his college records to come out?! I would give him as F for Failure or an L for Liar..
  • naneus 2009/12/26 19:35:44
    F for being a good President A for destroying America
  • PeaceLo... naneus 2009/12/27 02:11:38
    If you believe in history: President Obama did not inherit a surplus of money but trillions of dollars in debt. So you can thank your republican President George Bush and his cronies for saying "Mission Accomplished" trillions dollars debt republican president george bush cronies mission accomplished
  • Angelme... PeaceLo... 2009/12/27 05:07:53
    I will give you a K for Kool-Aid drinker..
  • PeaceLo... Angelme... 2009/12/27 06:01:02
    No thanks! I don't drink republican drinks. However, I will give you a G for G.O.P. (Greed Over People).

    drink republican drinks greed people
  • naneus PeaceLo... 2009/12/28 02:01:52
    Then why is it that Republicans give a much higher percentage of their income to charity than Democrats?
  • Angelme... naneus 2009/12/28 02:03:26
    Kudo's to you...right on!
  • PeaceLo... naneus 2009/12/31 16:57:45
    Greedy people can afford to give more because of the nature of greed. If you extort others, monopolize others, hold others back just to keep your greed; then you should give more. If a man has billions of dollars; then it is nothing for him to give $1,000 to charity.
  • The One... PeaceLo... 2009/12/29 02:48:47
    The One Who Questions
    I believe that you will be really surprised as to the number of Millionaires in the Democrat party compared to the Republicans. Also, why is it that the Democrats hated all of the bonus money being handed out when they give themselves and their staff enormous pay raises when the President tells us that WE are the ones that must sacrifice. Just read about our great Max Baucus, D MT Senator.

    Why is it that when a Republican has a problem with morals that they must step down, but when a Democrat does or even causes a death of a staff member because of his cowardliness they get re-elected. Go figure.

    P.S. before you accuse me of being a Republican I am not --- I am a free thinking Independent! I vote for the person not the party!! Do yourself a favor and open your eyes and read other materials than the left wing stuff and turn the channel on your TV and radio.
  • naneus The One... 2010/01/01 17:06:42
    Thanks the One. I am not going to comment to One that knows nothing, waste of time.
  • naneus PeaceLo... 2009/12/28 02:01:00
    Caused by the Democrats
  • PeaceLo... naneus 2009/12/31 17:00:16
    Republicans amassed over a trillion dollars in deficit for over 8 years during the Bush administrations. And they the republicans stayed rich with bonuses. Greed Over People.
  • SlimTheMan PeaceLo... 2011/08/06 20:23:10
    Only a trillion??? I guess Obama's 2 is better then 1???
  • PeaceLo... SlimTheMan 2011/10/23 14:32:28
    Hey, the high interest rates don't stop just because you enter office. Greedy banks still want to get paid or else they will wreck your economy. Why did the republicans fail to pay their bills before leaving office? Now there's a question that they don't want to answer. Hypocrites!
  • AmericanMade 2009/12/24 02:49:14
    I can't think of a letter grade for this man. He is trying to bring this country down to third world levels. An "F" is much to good for this Socialistic %^&*) $%^#@ !!!! Redistribution of wealth my ass! He's never had a job! His money has all come through bullsh*t !!!
  • krayzrick 2009/12/23 23:00:01 (edited)
    I'll give him a .......
  • America... krayzrick 2009/12/24 02:49:43
  • Jackie G - Poker Playing Pa... 2009/12/23 19:36:59
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    D - on everything -
  • Alicia 2009/12/23 19:03:36
    F- for perfomance but A+ for arrogance.
  • birdman 2009/12/23 06:37:25
    I give him a C-.
    That might be a bit high but that is my grade for him.
  • Scalded... birdman 2009/12/23 07:01:41
    Scalded Eagle
    Fair enough, th is about discovering opinion! Thanks Birdman!
  • ~1seahawksfan~ 2009/12/22 18:43:42
    I give him a Z. An F is way too good!
    For those of you that do not know what a Z is, it is an incomplete in College often taken when one is failing but does not want to lose GPA points.
  • Scalded... ~1seaha... 2009/12/23 07:04:10
    Scalded Eagle
    He needs to drop the coarse! and stick to reading!!!
  • ~1seaha... Scalded... 2009/12/23 17:44:59
    He might be able too if he shut up long enough. I somehow doubt he is capable.
  • Leeaqua 2009/12/21 18:41:43
    One year is not enough to grade him. It may take decaees ti clean up the mess he was left with .
  • Jack Leeaqua 2009/12/22 05:25:58
  • ~Faith_N_Jesus ~ is returni... 2009/12/21 02:37:48
    ~Faith_N_Jesus ~ is returning to the old landmark
    Maybe a E for effort to make things worse and a B+ for doing so.
  • plowboy 2009/12/20 19:33:21
    I give them both an F.

  • Scalded... plowboy 2009/12/23 07:06:03
  • ~Faith_... plowboy 2009/12/23 17:03:12
    ~Faith_N_Jesus ~ is returning to the old landmark
  • ♐☆ ♥ Deni ♥☆♐ 2009/12/20 08:01:17
    ♐☆ ♥ Deni ♥☆♐
    I've never seen a POTUS promote himself like this. all have always said something like "ask the people or check back in a few years" never oh I give myself a B
    what a lame idiot!
  • Scalded... ♐☆ ♥ De... 2009/12/23 07:07:14
    Scalded Eagle
    You nailed it Deni! Thanks
  • 70sGirl 2009/12/19 23:11:37

  • Scalded... 70sGirl 2009/12/23 07:08:13
    Scalded Eagle
    .........at the least!!
  • Deere Guy ~POTL~PWCM~JL~PWC... 2009/12/19 21:48:31
    F for total failure......is there an "S"?........Maybe "SF"........Socialistic Failure.........
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