Ohio Teacher (Stacy Schuler) sentenced for Sexual Misconduct with Students ...

sglmom 2011/11/13 04:35:39
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Stacy Schuller .. formerly a Mason School Teacher and Athletic Trainer ..
was found GUILTY of the following ..
-- 16 counts of sexual battery
-- three counts of offenses involving underage persons

(in total .. she was found guilty of having sex with FIVE different High School Students)

I just was stunned that the Defense tried to blame her Vegan Diet ..
(as well as Alcohol, Antidepressants and undisclosed Medical/Psych problems)
As a /reason/ for 'impaired thought processes' when she had Sexual contact with these MINOR Students.

Sentenced to FOUR (4) years in Prison
With the opportunity for PROBATION within SIX (6) MONTHS! (yep .. that's correct .. 6 months!)

She'll be under probation for FIVE (5) years ..
and has to register as a Tier III Sex Offender ..

Link to a website with Sex Offender Registry Terms and Requirements defined ..

(the judge noted in sentencing that Schuler 'crossed a line ...')

Link to the Article ...

This article has a composite list of OH Teachers recently under indictment and/or sentenced ..

There's NOTHING More DISGUSTING than PREDATION (especially Sexual Predation) upon our Children ..
But when that person is in a Position of Trust .. that makes the choice to prey on the children even more HEINOUS in Nature ...

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  • EmoPIxxie 2011/11/15 02:19:01
    MY Thoughts ...
    i dont think 4 yrs are enough. having sex with FIVE students is sick!!!
  • Gregaj7 2011/11/14 20:14:54
    MY Thoughts ...
  • FluffyCupcakespanker~PWCM~JLA 2011/11/14 16:56:39
    MY Thoughts ...
    Shes not getting nearly enough punishment for this.
  • John "By God" American 2011/11/14 14:33:36
    MY Thoughts ...
    John "By God" American
    I'm having trouble understanding the guys that testified against her. Not to diminish the trust she has broken, but I would hardly describe them as "children". With all due respect to your passion, iIt's not like she molested a 5 yr. old...
  • Mark Shoffner 2011/11/14 13:57:13
    MY Thoughts ...
    Mark Shoffner
    It's a crime we see more of. I do wonder, since some of these kids are old enough to make the choice to engage, why they aren't held accountable. In a few states, both would be if the kid was at a certain age. Here, we see teachers go to jail all the time for this. A choir director knocked up one of his students, and after grad, they were married. It seems justice had an odd view of things.
  • safari 2011/11/14 12:17:52
    MY Thoughts ...
    SglMom - I DON'T GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!! What can be wrong in a person's head that they look at a child and think sexual thoughts!!!????????????? They are even starting to not treat it as the horrific crime that it is. This disgusts me for our society in general. The tragedies in those children's lives will be felt for the rest of their days and the person responsible should be put away until the end of their life.
  • Beccy 2011/11/14 02:47:13
    MY Thoughts ...
    Seems like some people go into teaching for the wrong reasons.
  • mwg0735 2011/11/14 02:27:11
  • sglmom mwg0735 2011/11/14 04:20:32
    I can definitely state that same thought IF any teacher touched MY children INAPPROPRIATELY ...
  • Farnsworth 2011/11/14 01:41:12
    MY Thoughts ...
    At least in once school district she can just read to the kids
  • sglmom Farnsworth 2011/11/14 04:20:04
    (Shudder .. but that's CA for you .. )
  • Farnsworth sglmom 2011/11/14 12:48:48
    sure is.....
  • Lady Willpower 2011/11/14 01:25:14
    MY Thoughts ...
    Lady Willpower
    The sentence is way too lenient. She should never see the light of day ever again....seriously!! What galls me is that there is no end to the excuses these people come up with for the reasons of their misconduct. Bottomline: anyone who is inappropriately touching a child is a skank.
  • SoCalEx-Dem 2011/11/13 21:55:20
    MY Thoughts ...
    The sentence is way to lenient. Sure am tired of all the reasons people give to excuse extremely bad behavior.
  • teigan 2011/11/13 21:11:45
    MY Thoughts ...
    This is getting to be an insane epidemic. Teachers should be held to a higher standard and therefor a longer sentence. They are in a position of trust, but they can no longer be trusted. Teachers like this makes one suspicous of all teachers. Why do they sentence men much more harshley than women teachers, they are both committing the same crime. I think they should get at a minimum 15 years in prison, register as sex offenders and never be allowed near children again. A harsher sentence would send a message to all teachers. We have seen more and more female teachers commiting these crimes because they always get off lighter than men, this has to change right now.
  • Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA 2011/11/13 14:22:53
    MY Thoughts ...
    Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA
    It will get worse, it will one day be legal. The leftwing passed the 'Pedophile Protection Act' in 2010. How long until they pass another bill in support of homosexual statutory rape groups like NAMBLA?

    Seven members of the North American Man/Boy Love Association (search), including two teachers, were arrested in Southern California and charged with allegedly planning to travel to Mexico to have sex with boys, authorities said.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/story/...

  • Dewymoon 2011/11/13 13:56:23
    OTHER Thoughts ...
    You know I heard a comment on this from Geraldo Where he actually said that the punishment didnt fit the crime ......I am sorry .... But when I sent my kids to school it was to learn .... and not be lured in by some oversexed teacher getting the hots for students ..... This teacher used her position to fill her sick fantasies.... I feel like she actually got less punishment that she deserved
  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2011/11/13 12:54:11
    MY Thoughts ...
    This is an epidemic. Time was when only men teachers did this sort of thing. But the women have been getting theirs for five years or more. Why?

    Though I have to ask: beyond a certain age, who's to say that it's all the teacher's idea? Can any woman force her attentions on a man? How does the young man really feel about it? Maybe he thinks that he's now the BMOC because he S-C-O-R-E-D.

    Though I recall one case in which a teacher (Pamela Smart) in New Hampshire seduced a boy in one of her classes, and then manipulated his emotions so that he broke into the teacher's house and killed her husband. Because she was tired of her husband and wanted him gone.

    Then, too--if you watched /The Lion and the Witch/ closely enough, you see that Tilda Swinton played the White Witch just like a middle-school teacher seducing a male student! Priceless!

    But, like I say: how does this hurt the boy? Unless it gives him a permanently warped perspective...
  • MY Thoughts ...
    ☆The Rock☆ * AFCL* The Sheriff!!
    This crap is going on a lot..Goes to show how this nation has lost its moral backbone! Being a teacher is suppose to be an honorable position but it has lost it value with cases like this!
  • Tom 2011/11/13 09:52:28
    MY Thoughts ...
    You know, it's one thing to sing 'I got it made I got the teacher' and yet another when faced the reality.
  • mustangluver 2011/11/13 09:21:32
    MY Thoughts ...
    I just can't relate. I would not ever want a child, even if he looks like a man..I think it is disturbing. She must be a sex maniac and a perv. Every time you turn around a teacher or coach or clergyman are molesting kids. No one can be trusted. These ppl are disgusting..They should be locked away for life. I cannot understand why they are not.
  • S. Gompers 2011/11/13 07:59:34
    MY Thoughts ...
    S. Gompers
    I think if it was a man teacher they would do more time.
  • Phyl *In God i Trust* 2011/11/13 05:49:50
    MY Thoughts ...
    Phyl *In God i Trust*
    Very happy to hear they are having to pay for the sexual battery.

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