JoeBtfsplk 2011/10/06 17:13:15
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To educate the community on STD prevention, raise funds for the organization, and offer scholarships for aspiring fashion designers, Planned Parenthood of Central Ohio (PPCO) started a particularly unorthodox fashion show. In 2008, PPCO created the “Condom Couture Fashion Show” exclusively featuring garments made entirely out of condoms. And if that’s not enough to startle you, consider that it involves students.

The third annual event is set for October 19 in Columbus, OH. The event website encourages area students to attend to “compete to win cash prizes, all in the name of fun, fashion and health.” How do they compete? According to the group’s site, the students actually design the outfits and “community leaders” model them:

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  • DesTay896 2011/10/07 00:05:33
    other (notice: fairness in choice options)
    they didnt force them to join. plus, i use to live in columbus, they do cool stuff like this all the time. comfest (i loved it this past summer), parades, tons of contests, etc. and this isnt the first time columbus has done the condom fashion show. its the probablyy the first time lots of people are freaking out about it. plus, if you design clothes/wanna be a designer when you get older, it one way to get your designs seen.
  • JoeBtfsplk DesTay896 2011/10/07 01:13:51
    your argument is prophylactic.
  • DesTay896 JoeBtfsplk 2011/10/07 16:08:04
    what does that word even mean?
  • Hobbitt / Oldsquid 2011/10/06 18:18:35
    Hobbitt / Oldsquid
    Right, condone dangerous activity by dressing it up...Planned parenthood MUST be Investigated and stripped of ALL public funding...I don't want my tax dollars going to them.
  • JoeBtfsplk 2011/10/06 17:14:26 (edited)
    other (notice: fairness in choice options)
    read both comments taken from original story:

    Seriously, the biggest problem I have is the sexualization of children.

    Stay vigilant on the sex-ed in schools.

    Planned Parenthood International works with UNESCO to promote it world-wide. Another reason to kick the UN out.

    According to them, masturbation (disguised as learning about areas of pleasure) should be taught at a kindergarten level.
  • JoeBtfsplk JoeBtfsplk 2011/10/06 17:16:06
    “Sexualisation of children”….ie. Bubba Clinton.

    I had to endure my 12 y.o. son asking…”Dad what is oral sex?” I told him to ask his mother cause she wouldn’t know either.

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