Ohio: Obama Couldn’t Even Fill Community College Recreation Center, Organizers Forced to Recruit Students…

✿✿✿RoseD1st✿✿✿ 2010/09/09 03:38:03
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Ohio: Obama Couldn’t Even Fill Community College Recreation Center, Organizers Forced to Recruit Students…

ohio obama community college recreation center organizers forced recruit students

Oh how the mighty have fallen…

PARMA, OhioWith less than an hour before President Obama’s scheduled speech, 75 seats remained empty in the recreation center at Cuyahoga Community College’s Western Campus.

So organizers went around campus and recruited more students to fill the seats.

Student Jennifer Rahal, of Parma Heights, whose class was canceled
today, was working on her art work in the coffee shop in the basement
of the building when the call went out for more guests.

After dropping off their stuff at a bag check, the newly invited guests cleared security and filed into the gym.

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  • Planman 2010/09/09 18:11:46
    This was an invitation only event not open to the public.
    If u want to blame anyone blame the staff for not booking the event properly...
  • KCurtis 2010/09/09 11:07:43
    Glenn Beck can fill the national mall, and President Obama can't even fill a gymnasium. I think this is the biggest news story of yesterday.
  • XZQZQ 2010/09/09 10:23:55
    Glenn Beck throws a rally, and hundreds of thousands of people show up.... Obummer gives a speech, and the staff has to round up bodies to fill the seats....
  • HillaryLover 2010/09/09 08:09:28
    I disliked Nixon and Reagan and I can't the sight of George W. Bush. Neither am I a fan of Barack Obama. However, I greatly revere the office of President. If the president, regardless of party, came to my town I would make an effort to respectfully see him.
  • Desert Cloud 2010/09/09 05:29:14
    Desert Cloud
    It definitely looks like obie has already been thrown under the wheels of the bus by Soros and the NWO. They'll be looking for a new puppet soon.
  • P.B. 2010/09/09 05:12:44
    That's pitiful and funny.
  • garyt212 2010/09/09 04:15:19
  • Phillip 2010/09/09 04:09:16 (edited)
    They have a full house waiting on him...........................in Hell.
  • nyc conservative gal 2010/09/09 04:04:39
    nyc conservative gal
    There is hope for the nation's youth if they see the reality of who this Conniver-in-Deceit really is.
  • Jimbob 2010/09/09 03:45:55
    Maybe he should've brought a keg
  • Dan (Politicaly Incorrect) 2010/09/09 03:45:40
    Dan (Politicaly Incorrect)
    Pretty pathetic, NOV. is going to be a political blood bath.
  • Debbie 2010/09/09 03:43:50
    LMAO even students are figuring it out, Colbert must be having quite an effect on them!
  • No nonsense NanC...don't BS... 2010/09/09 03:40:19
    No nonsense NanC...don't BS me!
    Wonder how much they paid them. I know at the Carnahan fund raiser in Missouri
    they had to reduce the price of tickets..................bargain basement prices?
  • wtw 2010/09/09 03:40:08
    Who wants to meet a president that is an embarrasment?
  • DoingMy... wtw 2010/09/09 03:43:38
    There have been Presidents in the past that although I may have disagreed with, I still would have been willing to meet them. Not this clown.
  • Andrew ~ PWCM 2010/09/09 03:39:28
    Andrew ~ PWCM
    LOL, they probably paid them. I bet there was complimentary Kool-Aid too.

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