"Oh, he was killed in a drug deal."

JoeBtfsplk 2012/03/18 14:49:12
"I had a woman do an excellent interview," says Holly Wolf, who's currently the chief marketing officer with Conestoga Bank in Pennsylvania, but was formerly responsible for hiring staff for an emergency clinic. At the end of the interview, when she asked why the woman wanted to be a nurse, she explained that she had gone back to school after her husband passed away, and she wanted to serve as a good role model for her young girls.

"She was about 33 so that was an incredible accomplishment," Wolf says, "so I said, 'I'm sure your husband is proud of you and what an excellent role model you are for your daughters.' She looked at me and said, 'He really wasn't a good role model for our children. He was killed in a drug deal that went bad.'"

Bringing up losses of friends or family members in an interview can be a touchy subject. Bringing up the illicit and illegal dealings of your late friend or family member is an example of taking it too far. It can be acceptable if you're careful to bring it up in a casual way, and without so much detail that it makes someone uncomfortable. Despite it being an excellent interview, the candidate tainted it by sharing more than was necessary.
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  • Cat 2014/05/27 04:24:38
    Not fair. The woman didn't break the law ans she admitted it was wrong of her husband to do.
  • lm1b2 2012/03/18 19:32:41 (edited)
    You would of had the Woman lie to you,and say her scumbag of a husband was a good man,when he wasn't?She gave the scumbag the credit he was due,I applaud her! Thats whats wrong with our society they look down on honest people,instead of rewarding them for their honesty!
  • swivelhead 2012/03/18 15:55:40
    the recruiting process extends well beyond interviews as well....if a person really wants a/the job they should do a reality check of their narcissism and objectively review the content of their social media accounts and the security permissions to view them.....
  • JoeBtfsplk swivelhead 2012/03/18 16:03:23
    whewee! sounds like you've been there!!!
  • swivelhead JoeBtfsplk 2012/03/18 16:54:10
    I have as a hiring manager....
  • lm1b2 swivelhead 2012/03/18 19:37:57
  • lm1b2 swivelhead 2012/03/18 19:37:38
    In plain english you would not have hired her,she is to honest for your taste,Amigo?
  • swivelhead lm1b2 2012/03/18 20:43:50
    there's many things taken into consideration when evaluating a candidate for a position and how they compare to their competition....can't say whether I'd have hired her or not however her admission cannot be overlooked not only because she is applying for a nursing position at a clinic, but also who she chooses to associate with.....her honesty has nothing to do with it and the story in this post is spot on -- she tainted her interview by sharing more than was necessary.....I do believe in giving someone a chance, but it has to be the best person for the position and company all things considered......
  • lm1b2 swivelhead 2012/03/18 22:15:12
    Your right of course,what does honesty have to do with anything,right Amigo!

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