Ocean Spray, Tropicana, Gatorade also on list of products using ABORTED FETAL cell lines

Katherine 2012/03/26 18:07:21

Ocean Spray, Tropicana, Gatorade also on list of products using aborted fetal cell lines

by John-Henry Westen
Mon Mar 19, 2012 12:53 EST

Children of God for Life, has provided a handy one-page full list of products which have used aborted fetal cell lines. The pro-life group recently exposed Pepsi Company and other organizations as having contracted with Semonyx which uses aborted fetal cell lines to test its food and beverage flavour enhancers.

Beyond Pepsi soft drinks, the company is responsible for such popular offerings as Mountain Dew, Ocean Spray, Seattle’s Best coffee, Aquafina water, Lipton tea, Gatorade, and Tropicana.

Kraft and Cadbury products also fall into the same category. Chiclets, Clorets, Dentyne and Trident are some of the products listed on the Children of God for Life one page product list.

In case something happens to that PDF list, I'm posting it here:

aborted fetal cell lines

I would suggest printing this for your records. Perhaps contacting the companies.

Read More: http://www.lifesitenews.com/blog/ocean-spray-tropi...

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  • rohrertalentmanagement 2015/04/12 17:05:18
  • Bozette 2012/03/27 05:16:41
    Thanks for posting this list Katherine!
  • Katherine Bozette 2012/03/27 05:49:05
    No, I want to thank you for replying..... I feel like I'm going to burst into tears. You are about the only person to read this (I've made two, with different titles). It's freaking frightening! I can't get help, no one's interested. Maybe I'm too obsessed with the abortion topic. Anyway, I really appreciate that you've read this and replied. Thank you, thank you so much.
  • Bozette Katherine 2012/03/27 17:34:14
    Take heart, Katherine. I am passing this along to others. For years people have laughed at me for boycotting businesses whose practices I am against, asking what can one person really do. It is all the "one person"s put together that make the difference.
  • Katherine Bozette 2012/03/27 17:50:24
    Thank you. Boycotting is an excellent way to let a company know you don't like their practices. They boycott, too. This is a pretty darn good reason.
  • Bozette Katherine 2012/03/27 18:01:37
    It is. I copied the list and as I have other products/businesses I will not support the list is getting a bit long. I'm going to put them all together in a pocket notebook so I can take it into the store with me as there is no way to remember them all.
  • Katherine Bozette 2012/03/27 18:15:37
    Lol. That's a good idea. I'm already boycotting Walmart and the Home Depot. Nestea, I believe, also uses these cells. Planned Parenthood is involved with the Girl Scouts..... Yeah, it'd be a good idea to make a list.
  • Bozette Katherine 2012/03/27 18:23:11
    Walmart was the first one for me. People cannot believe that I don't shop at Wally World or Sam's Club...I shop locally as much as possible. Mom and Pop's owned by people who live in my community and spend in my community. I get far better service, they know me by name, and in many cases they are competitive with or even cheaper than the big corps. Until recently, I even had a local grocery store, but it burned downed and they haven't rebuilt. I loved that place! They stocked produce from local farms and bought "lots" at discount and passed those discounts on. They still have one store in a nearby town, if I can plan it right, I'm going to try and go there once a month. Girl Scout cookies went on my list when I found out the connection with PPH.
  • Katherine Bozette 2012/03/27 18:48:53
    Wally World and Sam's Club? What happened with them?

    Shopping locally is a great way to help the community. I'm surprised to live in the most agricultural state in the US, but grocery stores get their produce from other countries. Guatemala? I don't think local growers are very competitive here (it's California), but the produce is better than the supermarkets.
  • Bozette Katherine 2012/03/27 19:02:53
    LOL We call Walmart "Wally World" and Sam's Club is owned by Walmart.
  • Katherine Bozette 2012/03/27 21:38:02
    Lol, oh.. Glad you told me about Sam's Club!

    I have to take back the competition thing, at least with pumpkins. Last Halloween I got a great deal -- the day before, they would have had to throw them out anyway, so they gave a pretty big discount purchasing literally a car load of them.
  • Bozette Katherine 2012/03/27 21:51:10
    Depends a lot on where you are. We have a very nice farm market, here as well as many people with roadside stands.

    I had to laugh when the locally owned pizza place, with much better pizza btw, forced Little Ceaser's right next door to lower their price on "Hot 'n Ready" pizzas! LOL
  • Katherine Bozette 2012/03/28 04:48:07
    Hah, nice!
  • Katherine 2012/03/26 18:56:27
    A little back info:

    Senomyx is a biotech company that produces artificial flavors. It enhances the way our food tastes. They are so clever their website states that they “focus on the discovery and development of savory, sweet and salt flavor ingredients.” Last year another discovery was made, that Senomyx uses, in its research, HEK 293. HEK 293 are the human embryonic kidney cells taken from an electively aborted baby to produce those receptors for food enhancement.

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