Occupy organizer Harrison Shultz tells Sean Hannity the government should provide free housing, food, dental care, transportation and healthcare.

Blackjack 2012/05/04 13:22:38
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  • JJ Rage 2012/05/04 15:17:41
    a good social program is get a job
    JJ Rage
    I wake up at six am every morning and walk on buildings, some as high as ten stories. I pull metal sheets up the side of those buildings. Yeah I have one of those jobs that are beneath that little bastard.

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  • Franklin 2012/05/04 14:31:58
    a good social program is get a job
    LOL – all the same things China and Cuba and Russia thought they where going to get if they fallowed the same idiotic talking points Obama socialist economy Obama forward
  • Dogzebra~PWCM~JLA 2012/05/04 14:30:32
    other, I think this
    I would never have let this OWS kook into the studio.
  • whitewu... Dogzebr... 2012/05/04 14:48:58
  • Someone Else 2012/05/04 14:21:35
    other, I think this
    Someone Else
    Free stuff!! Where?
  • S and S Someone... 2012/05/04 14:22:58
  • LisaSmith Someone... 2012/05/04 15:08:22
    free government housing
    Right here.
  • WinterLynn LisaSmith 2012/05/04 15:26:22
  • LisaSmith Someone... 2012/05/04 15:15:44
    cabrini green
    And here is your free house, hope you like the neighbors.
  • Dagon 2012/05/04 14:20:33
  • prosper... Dagon 2012/05/04 15:26:51
    Oh no, he's a citizen claiming the benefits due any citizen in a civilized society. No one should have to work for anything. Stuff should just appear by magic. Besides, Jobs are hard to get. And, they're unpleasant. Did you know that when you get a job, they expect you to do stuff? I mean stuff like show up on time, showered & sober. And, then you have to actually do work. That's not cool. It's boring. No, you go ahead and work if you want to. I'm just gonna hang out & be cool in the land where unicorns shoot rainbows out of their asses.
  • Dagon prosper... 2012/05/04 16:33:06
  • 'Zedd prosper... 2012/05/04 20:01:32 (edited)
  • SFCDDT 2012/05/04 14:17:09
    a good social program is get a job
    I would like to assume Shultz understands that all of those "free" things he is asking for MUST be paid for by somebody, and is thereby advocating the enslavement of those who he expects to provide the freebies without compensation. Nobody could possibly be so stupid as to believe that any good or service is "free". Right? Lazy, evil bastard. Two rules to live by:

    1. Life isn't "fair"
    2. Nothing is "free"
  • WinterLynn SFCDDT 2012/05/04 15:27:00
  • prosper... SFCDDT 2012/05/04 15:28:10
  • SFCDDT prosper... 2012/05/04 16:49:02
    I know right, and we can also power our vehicles with compressed unicorn farts.
  • prosper... SFCDDT 2012/05/04 17:19:27
  • SFCDDT prosper... 2012/05/04 17:21:57
    How do I get on that gravy train?!?!?
  • prosper... SFCDDT 2012/05/04 19:00:17
    they have forms at your local social service office. Sorry, but yeah, you gotta fill them out yourself.

    Maybe you can start a protest movement demanding that someone else fill out your damn form.
  • cmdrbnd007 2012/05/04 14:09:12
    a good social program is get a job
    When did we get to this? When did we start relying totally on the government? I don't think this guy is old enough to remember the Soviet Union but I remember seeing pictures of lines to get a loaf of bread, seeing the run down apartment buildings those people lived in. Why would anyone want to go to a system that offers that? soviet union bread lines soviet era housing
  • LisaSmith cmdrbnd007 2012/05/04 15:22:25
    I remember an article from when I was a kid that told about a Russian who saw a picture of a supermarket and thought that it was set up by our government as propaganda to make them think we had more then we did because a supermarket was something foreign to them.
  • cmdrbnd007 LisaSmith 2012/05/04 15:26:38
    I seem to remember something like that too. I think it is unfortunate that these people do not have those memories and a guide to what socialism really brings.
  • LisaSmith cmdrbnd007 2012/05/04 15:35:33
    They have always had it easy and lived in a world of plenty, they really don't know what poor is but they will soon.
  • LisaSmith cmdrbnd007 2012/05/04 15:33:43
    Because they are lazy and have no initiative and think free is good. They haven't got enough brains to figure out that nothing in this world that's worth having comes easy.
  • cmdrbnd007 LisaSmith 2012/05/04 15:37:18
    They just assume the money for all this just magically appears. They have no idea how that will be paid for.
  • LisaSmith cmdrbnd007 2012/05/04 15:47:18 (edited)
    They remind me of my children when they were young. If we went to the store they would think I had money to buy anything they wanted. They really didn't understand when I said that I was broke that I had no money. One time one of my children said, just write a check, not understanding that there has to be something in the bank to back that check up. The liberals remind me so much of my children when they were little. Just write a check.
  • cmdrbnd007 LisaSmith 2012/05/05 13:01:12
    Why should they care where it comes from, most of the OWS group pay no taxes whatsoever so it's not their money.
  • LisaSmith cmdrbnd007 2012/05/06 04:59:45 (edited)
    It is true that you understand the value of money a whole lot more when you have to work your ass off for it.
  • cmdrbnd007 LisaSmith 2012/05/06 12:24:48
    That's the truth.
  • Laura Lovegood 2012/05/04 14:05:10
  • S. Gompers 2012/05/04 14:03:46
    other, I think this
    S. Gompers
    I guess he thinks I should grow his food for free. What a idiot.
  • S and S 2012/05/04 14:03:14
  • johnc 2012/05/04 14:00:08
    a good social program is get a job
    Watched it, pretty much confirmed what I have been saying, Not only did Obama create OWS, supports it with words, but also found a way to financially support it with student loans, food stamps and other great society benefits.

    the LBJ great society has been to create a dependent welfare state.

  • maggiemay 2012/05/04 13:54:16
    a good social program is get a job
    Here is his house obama
  • Sgt Major B 2012/05/04 13:44:18
    a good social program is get a job
    Sgt Major B
    Amen, Brother Hannity... I believe!!
  • Kat ♪ ~ ♪ 2012/05/04 13:38:04
    a good social program is get a job
    Kat ♪ ~ ♪
    These people are mentally ill.
    Nothing is free, everything you think you get free, someone pays for.
    Someone is overtaxed, has to work more for their needs, has to go without
    just so someone else can be lazy.
    Sounds like we should ship them all off to a communist or socialist country, they're not going to get everything they think they deserve there either, but the government will have the balls to tell them to sit down and shut up.
  • Sport_Geoff 2012/05/04 13:37:51
    a good social program is get a job
    Here's the video...notice this idiot actually claims that the police sent rapist, alcoholics, and other dregs to the park. What an idiot.

  • BrianD3 Sport_G... 2012/05/04 13:39:08
    he is an occupier, of course he is an idiot
  • Sport_G... BrianD3 2012/05/04 13:46:56
    Very seldom do I think someone needs to be slapped silly but this guy just moved to the top of my list.
  • Demonic... Sport_G... 2012/05/04 13:53:14
    Demonic Rat Hunter
    You may need to pack a lunch because it will take a lot of slapping for that occupee'er. pack lunch slapping occupeeer

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