Obamaville: The movie

Farnsworth 2012/03/25 04:33:21
Hated it!
I really only care about myself but I'm voting for Obama because I'm a useful idiot.
Can't wait for the next one
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Watch the spot first and try to guess which part has been flagged as controversial before you click here
to check your answer. I knew he’d get rapped for it the moment I saw
the ad this morning, and if a dummy like me saw it coming, it’s hard to
see how his ad team didn’t. Or maybe, having consumed online political
media voraciously for the past six years (burp), my sense of what gets
them to perk up is simply better honed than Team Sweater Vest’s? Either
way, here’s the campaign’s adamant denial
that they were equating anyone with anyone else. No worries, guys: Our
bipartisan debt bomb will get us before the Iranian bomb does.

Dave Weigel calls this “Umbrage Bait”
designed to offend Team O and get them talking about the (implied)
charge. Maybe, but I’m not sure how that moves Santorum one inch closer
to the goal line of beating Romney.


Farnsworth's take:

All I can say is OH SNAP!

Can't wait for the series

Read More: http://hotair.com/archives/2012/03/23/controversia...

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