Obama's Speech Gets A Thumbs Down From The Press. What Do You Give It?

zbacku 2012/06/14 23:46:12
Thumbs Up.
Thumbs Down.
What Say You?
He's Blaming Others Again, When Will He Take Responsibly For His Own Actions?
Sounded Like He Was Campaigning For 2008 All Over Again.
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President Obama’s Speech Gets A Thumbs Down From Political Press Corps

By Hunter Walker

Prior to President Barack Obama’s marathon 54 minute speech in Ohio today, the Obama campaign sent our several statements promising the speech would be a major address framing the campaign going forward. Despite the hype, the speech was mainly a rehash of themes and ideas from the president’s recent stump speeches and his remarks were widely panned as overly long by the political press corps.

In the speech, President Obama outlined his view that this election is a choice between “two fundamentally different views of which direction America should take.” He characterized Mitt Romney’s vision as being the same as the “policies of the last decade,” specifically deregulation and tax cuts for the wealthy while he described his own “vision for America” as boiling down to five things: “Education. Energy. Innovation. Infrastructure. And a tax code focused on American job creation and balanced deficit reduction.” President Obama also stressed that the economic crisis began during the Bush administration and that is “started growing again” after he took office and has since “continued to grow.”

All of these points have already been featured in the president’s other recent speeches. Between the pre-speech hype from the campaign, the lack of new material and the overall length of the speech reporters were clearly dissatisfied with end result. Read on for a sampling of Tweets from the political press slamming the president’s speech.

Before the speech was over, Politico’s Mike O’Brien begged the president to stop.


In terms of politics, this speech could have ended about 20 minutes ago. Drive your message, take your ball, go home.

14 Jun 12

On the air, MSNBC’s Jonathan Alter said it was “one of the worst speeches I’ve ever heard Barack Obama make.” He refused to back down.


Just cheerleading BO doesn't help him. He needs a sharper, more cogent message with some memorable lines. I ain't walking my criticism back

14 Jun 12

ABC News reporter Devin Dwyer felt like we were all being lectured.


Obama speech in Ohio felt more lecture or courtroom arg than rally. He streamlined pitch, imbued urgency, said voters will break stalemate.

14 Jun 12

John Hayward of Human Events compared the speech to a filibuster.


This Obama speech is so long-winded it might be the first attempt to filibuster an election.

14 Jun 12

Yahoo! News White House correspondent Olivier Knox took note of the massive word count of the speech (for the record, the official White House transcript clocked in at just under 6,500 words).


I ask colleague for CQ transcript of Obama speech. Response: "Sure, but it looks like they only have the first 45,000 words."

14 Jun 12

The long running time of President Obama’s speech made Politico’s Jennfier Epstein think of a new inspirational maxim for the country.

Jennifer Epstein@jeneps

In America we don't quit til we've spoken for 54 minutes

14 Jun 12

Buzzfeed’s Zeke Miller was clearly unimpressed.

Zeke Miller@ZekeJMiller

There is nothing new in this speech.

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  • will 2012/06/25 23:19:06
    He's Blaming Others Again, When Will He Take Responsibly For His Own Actions?
    i would give him a thumb down but he would blame bush again
  • NEVER FORGET, NEVER FORGIVE... 2012/06/22 04:32:40
  • The Duke 2012/06/15 01:45:31
    Thumbs Down.
    The Duke
    Reminds me of an old poster I saw with Snoopy on it: If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullsh*t.
  • apachehellfire65 2012/06/15 01:32:35
    He's Blaming Others Again, When Will He Take Responsibly For His Own Actions?
    i thought it was stupid. whaa whaa whaa its everyone else's fault whaa whaa whaa! on a side note the media is openly attacking obummer more and more each day. to me this is compounding evidence that he is toast in 2012.
  • Magnus ☮ RP ☮ 2012 ☮ 2012/06/15 01:17:20
    He's Blaming Others Again, When Will He Take Responsibly For His Own Actions?
    Magnus ☮ RP ☮ 2012 ☮
    ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
    ..........''...\.......... _.·´
  • Speedy 2012/06/15 01:12:38
    Thumbs Down.
    He doesn't worth more than that.
  • Evil 1 2012/06/15 00:51:45
    What Say You?
    Evil 1
    Same s**t, different worthless speech.
  • dubbie 2012/06/15 00:38:18
    Thumbs Down.
    You know its going bad when lame stream pulls out on you before you finish your whining. Same old down right lies
  • Brian 2012/06/15 00:28:57 (edited)
    He's Blaming Others Again, When Will He Take Responsibly For His Own Actions?
    I'd rather they give their thumbs down to the guy who gave it rather then the speech.
  • Rusty Bubbles 2012/06/15 00:13:43
    What Say You?
    Rusty Bubbles
    I'm sure Obama spoke very eloquently, with perfect punctuation, enunciation, all the while uttering all the right catch phrases and in the end ~~~

    ~~~ didn't say a flippin' thing
  • Mr. T 2012/06/15 00:09:46
    What Say You?
    Mr. T
    I give it a "one finger", straight up.
  • NPC 2012/06/15 00:03:52
    He's Blaming Others Again, When Will He Take Responsibly For His Own Actions?
    Barack OStupid has nothing new to say to us. We have heard all this blame game, excuses and lack of leadership before. This idiot is in serious denial that he has really screwed up as POTUS. VOTE BARACK OUT IN 2012.

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