Obama's school speech. What are the reasons you are for or against it?

Michael 2009/09/08 05:55:21
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Conservatives have gone crazy over Obama's speech to school children. If you are conservative, what is your main issue. Most Democrats support his speech. What is it about his speech to school children do you think is worth supporting.

This is not an "us vs them" question, I just want to better understand each sides perspective. Remember you are not going to change the view of the opposite side, so stay respectful and try to offer a good explanation.
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  • gtstc 2009/09/08 07:33:10
    I do not support the speech. I am not worried about brain-washing or propaga...
    What more is there to say? It is removing parental consent and the school is a place to learn , not be influenced by a politician. It doesnt matter who it is.
    My kids will be home for his speach and discuss it with family not a teacher that has nothing to do with our families belief system.

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  • Red hig... no1badb... 2009/09/08 15:43:45
    Red high priestess in Nyx I trust
    Thanks for the support!
  • keepitr... no1badb... 2009/09/08 16:58:09
    Boy, and Sparky WTH , Look the last 8years do your stats on that then you come back to Sherlock !
  • no1badb... keepitr... 2009/09/09 15:05:07
    I do do my stats, I am not disagreeing with you. Bush did a lousy job of running this country. He couldn't mulit-task worth a damn and let the economy go till it was to late. He focused to much on the war. On the other hand we now have a president that has driven us into a trillion dollar deficit. Unemployment is at all time high and instead of keeping our jobs at home he's giving them to other countries.
  • Johnny-O 2009/09/08 13:02:21 (edited)
    I support the speech. The President is the leader of America and has the cha...
    I seriously do not understand all the furor; this man is the President of the United States! What is the big deal? The parents & school systems who have banned this speech have played right into the hands of the Far Right, and actually strengthened the Democratic Party's case that he is not being given a fair chance by the GOP 'base', and mark my words, it will help Obama's position in the future as well.

    This speech is about the virtues of staying in school and sticking with it in any endeavor in life, and it is a message American students sorely need to hear,

    This message has also been endorsed by no less a pair of GOP personages as former First Lady (and teacher) Laura Bush and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, which if you ask me puts the LIE to the objections of the Far Right that the speech is some form of 'indoctrination' - why would they wholeheartedly support it otherwise?
  • highlatte Johnny-O 2009/09/08 13:57:57
    I agree with all you say. Please remember when and if the next Republican president ( I don't see in the near future anyone but the two parties in office) does the same. Bush and Reagan took some heat from the MSM when they did the same.
  • Johnny-O highlatte 2009/09/21 14:10:18
    Hahahaha! I'll say! I can't imagine who they'll run, either.
  • American Rhetoric Review 2009/09/08 13:01:10
    I support the speech. The President is the leader of America and has the cha...
    American Rhetoric Review
    After 8 long years of the president lying to our children I would think that it would be great to have one tell them the importance of staying in school and working hard and working for their nations prosperity..... Certainly would be different than "the boogie man's going to get you" the WMD lie or Iraq war lies.... They could use a good dose of truth but it appears they parents can't handle truth anymore and don't want their kids to hear it either.... They prefer the Mushroom education prescribed by the RNC instead! I suggest they take them out of school altogether…. They don’t stand a chance in hell of ever surviving reality after being pumped full of BS anyway!
  • Truthbeknown 2009/09/08 11:15:27
    Other (leave comment)
    I support the speech as long as he doesn't pull a Reagan and try to politicize it. Keep the message to something appropriate.
  • DIAMOND MIKE 2009/09/08 11:00:30
    I do not support the speech. I believe the president's influence can easily ...
    the reason i am against any of obama's gestures to show his compasion , love and patriotism and stuff like that is because , i know obama uses a stratagy of deception, what ever he says it is merely a mask for what he is doing.
  • O-America DIAMOND... 2009/09/08 15:38:37 (edited)
    Hopefully, a good and complete school attendance to graduation will teach our children to use SPELL CHECK!
    school attendance graduation teach children spell check
  • DIAMOND... O-America 2009/09/09 03:30:42
    my daughter just graduated from the university of virginia, and is now taking her lsat test later this month to go to law school probably yale or nyu, my second daughter is 13 and in the alps program (advanced learning ) doing school work 2 years above her grade level. as for me i grew up in the ghetto raised by a black conservative grandmother when i wasn't with my drug addicted mother, i did not finish school but i had learned that we are responsible for where we land and although i am for the most part self taught and cannot spell that good not being liberal in the midst of liberals, has led me to have started over ten business in my life, owning two houses a successful marraige of 24years, three beautiful daughters (the youngest is 4) that know how to save , live modestly and happily no i don't use spell check i barely have time to do this , i have a family and wife to enjoy, and i am not embarrassed about my spelling because every one is lame somewhere mine is spelling, is yours dodging the message and focusing on the messinger, would you want wright,rahm, aires, alinsky, ezekiel, jones, or the rest of the lunnies talk to your kids, well when obama talks to them its like all of them and more rapped into one , sorry i don't take chances with my kids future.
  • ENR 2009/09/08 10:51:10
    Other (leave comment)
    I don't know if what I read last night was the original speach (or edited down). The speach that I read was okay by me. At first I was against it because he was going to preach what to do for him and focus it on him and his policies. The speach I read was more about studying and not to quit school (to try to get good grades). I don't see anything wrong with that speach so as long as he keeps it at that, I"m okay with it. Hopefully, the teachers will leave it at that as well.
  • gtstc 2009/09/08 07:33:10
    I do not support the speech. I am not worried about brain-washing or propaga...
    What more is there to say? It is removing parental consent and the school is a place to learn , not be influenced by a politician. It doesnt matter who it is.
    My kids will be home for his speach and discuss it with family not a teacher that has nothing to do with our families belief system.
  • America... gtstc 2009/09/08 16:01:37
    American Rhetoric Review
    Be sure and serve up a big ole glass of the Right Wing Kool-aid! Don't expose them to anything but more of the same ole Shit~!
  • jay gtstc 2009/09/08 16:50:42
    Our entire school district banned the Obama speech from the classrooms.
  • gtstc jay 2009/09/08 17:05:43 (edited)
    My kids even found places in his speech that he planted seeds for future use. They also questioned who paid for the brain cancer and the girls college courses. Knowing that the state of Texas and California has a huge illegal alien problem they were also curious as to if they were taking funds for legal Americans.----I suspect those two were to provoke a bit of sympathy for illegals, but thats me------
    They are aware that BO didnt have such a tough life. Its hard for most of us to imagine life being so hard when you have the ability to live and move from country to country.

    Other than that the speech was fine

    BTW we watched it at home and now they are excited to educate their friends at school.
  • jonatha... gtstc 2009/09/08 17:44:47 (edited)
    You can't be serious, "removing parental consent"? So when your child asks you why you pulled them out of school for a presidental pep talk, you say what? I don't want the educators to give their point of views? The heck is a family belief system? Your children aren't allowed to develop their own point of views/beliefs through day-to-day interaction with the public? How you got nine votes for that marlarky is beyond me.
  • gtstc jonatha... 2009/09/08 18:16:09
    how you can be so unbelievably shallow is beyond me. It is not a teachers job to give that kind of a point of view! it is a parents job. If you dont know what a belief system is you obviously dont have one and that is a big part of your issue.
  • jonatha... gtstc 2009/09/08 19:55:11 (edited)
    If your "family belief system" is so solid and based on the truth, why are you worried about how other people's point of views will effect your child's beliefs? Nothing you say makes a bit of sense. You shouldn't force your polictial views on your child. They do that with children that strap bombs to themselves and blow up buildings in third world countries.Your children should be able to live and develop their beliefs based upon facts different perspectives.
  • gtstc jonatha... 2009/09/08 20:25:01
    I dont force anything, but I do make absolutely sure that they are allowed to come up with THEIR OWN ideas thoughts and conclusions. I will play the devils advocate as well as my own opinion.

    Either way it is not up to the public schools to instill political views upon them. Do you believe that parents still have a part of raising their children or do you send your kids to school to relieve you of your responsibilities?
  • jonatha... gtstc 2009/09/08 20:41:45
    I said nothing about relieving my responsibilites by sending my children off to school. I'm saying that for you to take your child out of school so that he/she will know not to associate theirselves with the ideal of striving for success is utterly ridiculous. Nothing in Obama's speech had any polictical jargin. You had the opportunity to read it before you decided to take your child out of school. It's irresponsible of you to try and bring your child down to your level of ignorance.
  • gtstc jonatha... 2009/09/08 21:09:54
    are you really that dumb as not to read what I wrote? They did hear the speech and were able to discuss all of his speech.
    Talk about ignorance , look in the mirror
  • jonatha... gtstc 2009/09/08 21:26:09 (edited)
    I read what you wrote and all I get from it is that you choose to deny your child a day of note taking, agenda establishing, and material gathering, for nothing more than your selfish need to oppose the new administration no matter what.

    Obama could break through a wall of fire to save you from certain death and you'd think he did it to somehow appease a third world dictator.
  • gtstc jonatha... 2009/09/08 21:36:48 (edited)
    you obviously dont understand much.
    my children get more of an opportunity to learn more than most.
    go back and re-read.

    here I will help you-------
    I dont force anything, but I do make absolutely sure that they are allowed to come up with THEIR OWN ideas thoughts and conclusions. I will play the devils advocate as well as give my own opinion.

    incase you dont understand devils advocate that means I will play the part of someone I dont agree with and will question them that way also.

    but it is up to me and me not the school. end of story.
  • jonatha... gtstc 2009/09/09 00:18:07
    Oooh now I get it...."family belief system" means to tell your children what to believe and then play devil's advocate to make sure they know go to townhall meetings and interrupt with immature rants.

    Face it, there is no real reason you had to take you're child out of school. We don't leave in Korean. We have more freedoms in America than anywhere else. And you act as if we all of a sudden don't because of the new administration.
  • gtstc jonatha... 2009/09/09 01:25:20
    go back to school and learn to understand what you read. Until then you arent even worth my time
  • jonatha... gtstc 2009/09/09 01:48:07
    You go back to school. Just because you lack the ability to critically think, doesn't mean you should pull your child out of school because of your immaturity.
  • MBattis... gtstc 2009/09/08 18:16:55
    Can I make a suggestion? check your spellcheck: speach is spelled speech ;)
  • gtstc MBattis... 2009/09/08 18:21:47 (edited)
    my spell check doesnt work on these postings (or I havent found it) . Im just a human and make mistakes, unlike some that think Obama is..................
  • Hula gi... gtstc 2009/09/08 18:33:09
    Hula girl - Friends not Followers
    Can you show me in the Constitution where there is Separation of Church and State? That's the misinformation that our schools are teaching these days.
  • gtstc Hula gi... 2009/09/08 18:40:36
    No I cant, but I can show you the separation between of state and private . I think that there should be prayer allow in shools but not taught.
  • Hula gi... gtstc 2009/09/08 20:45:45
    Hula girl - Friends not Followers
    It's not there...that's why no one can show it. It was a myth spread starting in the 1960's and taught by the liberal school system. Prior to even the 1940's people knew the truth about our founding fathers and their intent on a Godly heritage. Ever since they took prayer out of schools our morals and education have been going down hill. They stopped teaching morality.
  • Ron gtstc 2009/09/08 19:00:21
    Please help me understand. You will send your children to school to learn the 3 R's from a teacher (s) but keep them home because you do not wish them to discuss the speech with that same teacher (s).
  • gtstc Ron 2009/09/08 19:07:16 (edited)
    it is not their place to discuss political opinion. It is their place to teach hard facts. letters numbers science and the only possible opinion they should offer will be in history.
    Why is that diificult to understand?
  • Ron gtstc 2009/09/08 19:22:23
    Not difficult to understand on my end, just needed some clarity.
  • wise up gtstc 2009/09/09 14:32:59
    wise up
    How did that discussion go? Where you able to debrief them........how about that precident..the right got it wrong agian doing what there best at, scaring you..
  • gtstc wise up 2009/09/09 14:41:16
    dont worry I wouldve done the same with Bush and Mother Teresa. Go ahead and rejoin your collective.
  • flounderteeth 2009/09/08 06:45:07
    I do not support the speech. The similarities to a socialist or totalitarism...
    he is a community organizer....
  • Truthbe... flounde... 2009/09/08 11:16:04
    So were a lot of people.
  • Johnny-O Truthbe... 2009/09/08 13:10:52
    Well, America lives in a 'Global Community', don't we? What better leader for us than a Global Community Organizer?

    Think about it.

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