Obama's Pipeline Project To Nowhere

jt 2012/03/24 08:13:01
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  • dubbie 2012/03/24 13:23:33
    Yeah, Its like turn on the fan ,Its getting hot up in here , But dont plug it in

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  • ed 2012/03/25 00:20:59
    obama can take his pipeline and stick it where the sun don't shine.
  • frank 2012/03/24 19:33:42
    It's never acceptable to use slang like that on the air. It's not right to condom some one for reading a quote. I don't like it but he did nothing wrong
  • none 2012/03/24 18:42:21
  • phantom8541 2012/03/24 17:33:11 (edited)
    I was laughing at the irony of his handlers thinking it was a great idea to use a pile of pipes as a backdrop.

    Did they not understand that those very same pipes would have been on-site and being installed months ago if the anointed one hadn't shut down the project to begin with?

    How many pipe-fitters, welders, and crane operators could have been earning paychecks instead of collecting unfunded Federal extension unemployment checks?
  • Bob S 2012/03/24 14:33:51
    Bob S
    Most of his GREEN projects do lead to somewhere.......BANKRUPTCY. What more can I say.
  • Mike 2012/03/24 14:05:33
  • dubbie 2012/03/24 13:23:33
    Yeah, Its like turn on the fan ,Its getting hot up in here , But dont plug it in
  • DoxieDad 2012/03/24 12:22:14
    Aside my feelings for Obie. Is it at all possible that to placate the Environuts he opposed the pipeline. But then accepted the construction of the lower half that makes people scratch thier heads. Then, as that nears completion all will seem stupid with out the upper half that needs to be approved making the whole thing a no issue in the first place.
    All of Obie's opponents say he is a conniving SOB and he just might be. Just a thought....
  • Bob S DoxieDad 2012/03/24 14:34:40
    Bob S
    He is an idiot, plain and simple.
  • DoxieDad Bob S 2012/03/24 14:39:15
    Who in Washington does not carry that Title? They are all idiots and we are the idiots who put them there. It's insane I tell you, Insane!!
  • Bob S DoxieDad 2012/03/24 14:48:37
    Bob S
    You got an excellent point. Regretfully I include both sides of the aisle.
  • DuncanO... DoxieDad 2012/03/24 19:54:40
    The President has no input to the southern portion of the pipeline. Only when the pipe crosses the border does it reach the Presidents desk.
  • DoxieDad DuncanO... 2012/03/24 19:56:18
    Ooooo K If that is your story.
  • DuncanO... DoxieDad 2012/03/25 02:45:56
    Not "my story" but the facts of the matter.

    "Here are three facts about what the decision will and won't mean.
    This is not a flip-flop by Obama: Even when Obama blocked the full Keystone project earlier this year, he said he was in favor of this Cushing-to-Gulf portion. And that is the only portion he is backing now.
    Approval of this southern part of the pipeline is not really the Obama administration's call. The northern portion of the pipeline needs administration approval because it would cross the Canadian border.
    The Cushing-to-Gulf segment is much more of a local issue. So Thursday's announcement is more theater than substance.
    "This is pretty routine, but the politics are clear here," said Bob Tippee, editor of Oil & Gas Journal, an industry trade publication.
    Environmental groups oppose even this portion of the pipeline since they don't like anything that increases production of oil from oil sands.
    But compared to the other portion of pipeline, which stirred concerns of Nebraskans worried about underground water supplies, the Cushing-to-Gulf pipeline is relatively non-controversial. More than 99% of property owners where the pipeline will run agree to it."
  • DoxieDad DuncanO... 2012/03/25 02:53:30
    OK I believe you.
  • Laura Lovegood 2012/03/24 12:18:46
  • jer1five 2012/03/24 12:10:00
    Since the President's goal is to increase gas prices, I say that this pipeline is going somewhere - straight to $5+ per gallon for gas. Who says President Obama doesn't know what he's doing? Now he can brag about building a pipeline and stay true to his progressive goals at the same time. This President is the quintessential progressive.
  • psiEnergos 2012/03/24 08:49:39
    Let me get this straight; Obama, the guy that vetoed one pipeline because they did not have 'enough time' to decide (despite the fact it had already been studied for THREE YEARS....how much time did he need?), is now open to options? That mandatory deadline given by congress was to stop the stalling Obama was doing to appease his environmental supporters while giving the impression he gave a damn about a real energy plan (at least until AFTER the election). Well, follow the money and you will see where the veto came from. Only now he is seeing the backlash (he clearly didn't expect his sheep to bleat quite so loudly), so NOW he wants to green light and rush the project? Unfortunately, he blew it, the big project he vetoed, and now he is just pissing off the very interests he was trying to appease WITH the veto.
  • Bob S psiEnergos 2012/03/24 14:36:03
    Bob S
    Besides that...this stretch of the pipeline DID NOT require presidential approval. He wants the American people to think he is doing something when he is not.
  • DuncanO... psiEnergos 2012/03/24 19:56:06
    Same thing the legislature wanted to do for mining in WI.

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