Obamas parents divorce papers mysteriously missing page 14--

DOCUMENT FOUND! obamas LONG FORM CERTIFIED EMBLEM EMBOSSED RAISED SEAL B.C. feeble attemts by the obots to forge,falsify,and conceal this document have failed-

Actions, Supporting Documentation
The Kenya BC, that I am seeking to be authenticated, is more plausible then the short version HI BC posted by Obama
August 5th, 2009 FreeRepublic.com

August 5, 2009

Few people know the prima facie facts tied to the Obama’s mother’s 1964 and 1980 divorces as well as a handful of us here on Free Republic. I know it probably better than most.

When I started looking at the date (Feb 17, 1964) on this new Kenyan birth certificate, I immediately started comparing it with the dates of the 1964 divorce between Obama’s mother and father – TRYING to REFUTE the Kenyan birth certificate. Was it at all PLAUSIBLE, at least based upon what we know as prima facie facts, confirmed by an independent source – such as a judge in a divorce case? If you wish to refer back to this initial comparison, the information is on Post 2,222 of the Free Republic thread “Is this really it? (re: possible Obama’s Kenyan B.C.)”.

There’s been a fair number of fake Obama documents surfacing in the days and weeks leading up to the release of the Kenyan birth certificate, quickly debunked, designed to create confusion of prima facie – so, many of us are naturally suspicious. You can cry “wolf” only so many times before others stop believing you, even though later there may truly be a wolf. That said, I’m not a forensics expert, nor have I seen the Kenya birth certificate – but I can connect dots.

Although ANY document can be faked, I find it incredibly difficult to believe that a sneaky pro-Obama “operative” came up with a fake document that also plausibly MATCHES the timeline of the 1964 Obama divorce and other events, as well as the new Kenyan birth certificate does. Anything is possible of course, but I see the Kenya birth certificate as a believable document – for various reasons that I’ll outline below.

Not all of the deductive reasoning used in Post 2,222 came from 13-page divorce decree. For example, information regarding the 10-day “knock and nail” notification for Obama SR in Boston came from work with a local Private Investigator and a clerk in a Hawaii Court records office (who will remain nameless to eschew FURTHER harassment to them from the Left). These “contacts” also explained that Marriage and Birth Certificates are NOT Public Record in Hawaii, but divorce decrees ARE Public Record. However, documents that are NOT Public Record have occasionally “popped-up” mixed in with Public Records upon modern review, due to sloppy record-keeping decades ago, as well as changes to Hawaiian privacy statutes since the cases were judged.

Additionally … there’s the issue of the missing page from the 1964 divorce papers … page 11 …
In assisting with the retrieval of the initial 8 pages a couple of weeks before Obama’s Inauguration, I and a few other researchers subsequently discovered from the clerk in Hawaii that there were 6 MORE pages, or 14 total pages total. The clerk read the index information directly from the microfiche machine over the phone when the request was placed. “14 pages total,” she said, very clearly, repeating the answer when queried several more times on the page count.

I mailed off a check for the other 6 pages to be sent. Imagine my surprise a few days later when I opened the envelope and only saw 5 pages – page 11 was missing – bringing the total page count to 13.

See the whole Obama 1964 divorce on Scribd.com or as 13 individual images below (in proper order):

http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/blog1/ <<<<< divorce papers shown here

I immediately called the clerk in Hawaii and asked where the extra page was. She looked, and counted, and said that there must be some mistake in the records – she counted only 13 pages that are available for reprint. I pointed out to her that the page count she sent skipped from page 10 to page 12 – page 11 was missing. To that, she suggested that perhaps the pages were simply misnumbered before they where archived into the microfiche.

I accepted her answer, not thinking much about it at the time. Perhaps it was just a clerical error in the 1960s, when hand-filed paper records and IBM punch cards were how court documents were tracked and maintained.

I have since come to learn that Obama and his team of lawyers have been working to sanitize his records since he announced that he’d run for President circa November 2004. Now in the White House, he’s still ACTIVELY blocking subpoenas for such documents as his Cambridge and Occidental College records TODAY – the same type of documents promised to be made available during his campaign. Obama and his lawyers are exceedingly adept at exploiting loopholes in Hawaiian birth certificate law to keep Obama’s past hidden from the American people.

This missing page – page 11 – very likely is a copy of the original birth certificate, based upon the prima facie timeline of the 1964 divorce. The Kenya birth certificate was likely requested on Jan 23, 1964 by either Judge King (to award custody on the next trial date), or recommended to Ann Dunham by her attorney for the ex parte divorce, where only one parent was expected to be present.

The missing page, 11, should be chronologically-numbered as all other pages were in the original docket file, by the court clerk at the time. Starting at page 8, Exhibit A is placed where it would have occurred by date in the paperwork (and appeared on microfiche), even denoting an erased, yet barely-readable “8″ on both pages of the returned notification sent to Obama SR. The missing page, numbered as page 11, would likely be a page that would have been admitted to the divorce file sometime in mid- to late-February 1964 – almost as if it were an undocumented “Exhibit B”.

Here’s a very plausible timeline merging the 1964 Obama Divorce papers and new Kenya birth certificate:

Jan 20 (Mon) – divorce request is filed by Stanley Ann D. Obama
Jan 23 (Thur) – divorce orders for trial are given by Judge King at chambers (note – if the judge, or Ann Dunham’s attorney, told her to order the Kenya birth certificate, it would have been mailed 10,000 miles away, to the “Coast Province” Registrar’s office of the “Republic of Kenya”, likely arriving around the first week of February 1964 to be processed)
Jan 28 (Tue) – Gail A. Watanabe, presumably an assistant of Ann Obama attorney George Kerr, mails the notification for trial to Obama SR (her affidavit is signed Feb 3 and filed)
Jan 30 (Thur) – via Air Mail, notification of trial arrives at Obama SR’s Cambridge, Mass, address. The 10-day “knock and nail” notification would have expired on Sun, Feb 9. Therefore, the next trial date would have been automatically set, per Judge King’s instructions, for the first Tuesday, 30 days later, on March 3
Feb 10 (Mon) – allowing for a 10-day “knock and nail” notification for trial, Obama SR’s trial notification would have been retrieved by the US Post Office on this date, to be mailed back (as events turned out – UNSIGNED by Obama SR) to Hawaii as an exhibit for trial
Feb 17 (Mon) – the Obama Kenya birth certificate is signed by the “Coast Province” Deputy Registrar, to be mailed back to Hawaii for receipt by Ann Obama and/or her attorney (note: mail time would have ranged from a few days (Air Mail) to a couple of weeks (ship), arriving back in Hawaii in the last week of February to first week of March 3 (Tue). Based upon Judge King’s Jan 23 orders for the next trial date, “at 9:30 a.m. on the first Tuesday after thirty (30) days have elapsed from and after the date” that Obama SR would have been served with the notice of trial. That notification came back, unsigned, by Obama SR, so Ann’s attorneys surely requested, and received Default Judgment for the divorce in her favor for “grievous mental suffering”
Mar 5 (Thur) – trial takes place in favor of divorce in Hawaii, placing custody of Obama JR to his mother by default (note: the trial was likely rescheduled 2 days after the automatically set date of Mar 3, possibly for the convenience of the judge and/or parties)
Mar 20 (Fri) – the divorce decree is signed by Judge King

In Hawaii, birth certificates are not Public Record. If the Kenya birth certificate was a part of the divorce decree, it may have been pulled out at the end of the trial, or more recently by a watchful archivist or attorneys wishing to remove unfavorable information about Obama.
To date, despite other honest attempts to refute the Kenya birth certificate, such as dealing with when the “Republic of Kenya” came into existence as a republic have been “un-bunked.” Dishonest alterations of the Kenya birth certificate have been maliciously created by sites such as Democratic Underground, designed to discredit the Kenya birth certificate – they’ve been un-bunked as well.

Having not actually seeing the Kenya birth certificate, and it’s chain of evidence, no intellectually-honest person can say if it’s real or not. By the same token, none of us have seen or touched the short-form “Certification of Live Birth” that has appeared on Obama’s “Fight the Smears” or FactCheck.org websites.

No one can confirm the chain of evidence of Obama’s “Certification of Live Birth” that has appeared online, which is the abbreviated-version of Obama’s true, 1961, original long-form(s) “Certificate of Live Birth” and associated vital statistics records. Even the Hawaii Department of Health directly refuses to verify Obama’s online COLBs.

Hawaiian law would have allowed for Obama to have been born in a foreign country. The “Certification of Live Birth” can’t confirm if Obama has EVER been eligible to hold the office of Commander in Chief, based upon loopholes in pre-statehood, transitional and current Hawaiian statutes. Inconsistencies, such as conflicting hospitals in Hawaii that Obama, his friends and family have publicly-stated he may have been born only add to the confusion. Obama’s abstract “Certification of Live Birth” doesn’t tell us if there were ANY “certifying officials” present who independent verified the “facts” of his birth – it’s anyone’s guess.

Obama himself cannot guaranty that he was born on American soil – really, who can remember their own childbirth?! Furthermore, his mother’s whereabouts are unconfirmed, inconsistent, and unknown, from the time of Obama’s conception, until a few weeks or months after his birth.

Thus is the purpose of Medical Doctors, Nurses, Midwives and Registrars, acting as “Certifying Officials” of a birth, to ensure the integrity – or chain of evidence – of the birth certificate to be properly recorded within Vital Statistics archives. Judges presiding over divorces ALSO produce a verifiable paper trail, as we can see on the 1964 Obama divorce.

At this time, both Birth Certificates from Kenya and Hawaii lack a publicly-exhibited, independently-verifiable chain of evidence – and chain of custody. As such, the Obama Kenyan birth certificate is as strong and believable a document as the Hawaiian “Certification of Live Birth”. However, Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate possesses something the Certification does not – plausibility, based upon independent prima facie facts – the 1964 Obama divorce decree.
6,799 posted on Wednesday, August 05, 2009 4:22:21 AM by BP2

Posted 2009-08-05 9:51 AM (#19775) By: EternalVigilance

This is a very important post, one that should be sent to everyone on your email list and copied to every forum and social networking site in which you participate.

Posted 2009-08-05 11:45 AM (#19785 - in reply to #19775) By: EternalVigilance
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  • kathleen 2009/08/17 19:46:27
    I had read about this and was not surprised. David Axelrod (and his corporation) has infiltrated many many files and is trying to tie up loose ends everywhere that may lead to the discovery of records pointing to his true birth certificate. If anybody wants to be amazed and learn some very interesting and factually backed information....go to "Lamecherry.com" and go through her marvelous archives. Her writings bring one to wonder many questions. She is on the edge...sometimes out there, but I don't doubt her intelligence, not the fact that much of what she claims has a lot of truth to it. Check it out.
  • Grizz kathleen 2009/08/17 20:32:09
    well here is one they missed--look at my post about his myspace--he has his age listed as 52--that means he was born when hawaii was only a territory--
  • kathleen Grizz 2009/08/18 03:22:24
    What? You're kidding
  • NPC 2009/08/08 16:40:52
    If all the honest legal American citizens keep digging around, there will eventually be a SURPRISE about this Barry character ! Hillary called Bill's adultery-screwing around a "right wing conspiracy" and it was a fact.
  • Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA 2009/08/06 17:46:27
    Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA
    Yep. Even without all this evidence, anyone who pays hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney fees to seal records is guilty of some wrong doing.
  • NPC Torchma... 2009/08/08 16:41:37
    Hiring legal cousel to hide your past is just an inkling ot something is wrong here.
  • Floe 2009/08/06 17:37:56
    Protected records, altered records, or missing parts of records. How convenient!

    Usually the Attorney has a copy of the records only he may have passed away as well.
  • Grizz Floe 2009/08/06 17:40:09
    atty / client privelege--
  • Floe Grizz 2009/08/06 17:57:55
    Of course!
  • NPC Grizz 2009/08/08 16:43:43
    This does not apply to an elected official that is breaking the Constitution and Law ! There will be an indictment eventually. Rahmbo and Axelpuke are complicit in this crap somewhere ?
  • Grizz NPC 2009/08/08 19:00:06
    up to their ears
  • kathleen Floe 2009/08/06 21:05:52
    Or been paid off.
  • Grizz kathleen 2009/08/06 21:06:42
    my personal favorite is "lost"
  • Floe kathleen 2009/08/06 21:08:13
    Loads of taxpayer money to go around. loads taxpayer money
  • NPC kathleen 2009/08/08 16:44:32
    How much does $650 million in DNC campaign funds buy ?!
  • kathleen NPC 2009/08/08 16:47:28
    How much Stimulus or Omnibus found it's way into DNC or Acorn coffers? Lots of missing dough
  • NPC Floe 2009/08/08 16:42:09
    We all want to see the proof so we can kick his dumbass out of the POTUS !
  • Floe NPC 2009/08/08 16:54:24
    Would be a glorious day, what shall we name it???

    Freedom Reigns Day!

    glorious freedom reigns
  • fluer 2009/08/06 11:08:40
    I actually read this as a theory and also there is some theory that when the Republic of Kenya was formed on Dec. 12, 1963 and all it's citizens became officially Kenyan they were issued new birth certificates as Kenyan citizens rather than British. I have seen questions as to why it is in English and since the original time Kenya was a British Commonwealth nation English was one of their primary languages. That is a no brainer. But I do not know what to believe. What I do honestly believe is that the Supreme Court should actively seek to verify this as it is their job to uphold the Constitution. I don't know what will happen or what we would be dealing with but as I have always been told Truth will out. I do however have to lean to this being a true Birth record for one reason only. If it were the fake that the Obama supporters want it to be why would Obama not stop blocking all of his records and just allow the proof ~ I mean come on blocking his college records from public view his papers, his articles, and his records of medical care? This from someone who claims transparency? Were those promises of transparency just words?
  • Fuzzysdad 2009/08/06 03:02:42

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