Obama's lisp

Common Sense Conservative 2011/01/25 06:18:40
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Tomorrow night when you are listening to the State of the Union with Obama delivering his speech to America please take note of his LISP when there is an "S" or a "C" in the word. It's getting worse by the day and soon he will be breaking crystal glass with the high pitches that he is delivering. I'm confident that all dogs in the DC area howl and bark at the moon when he talks because it has to hurt their ears as well as his speech hurts the American peoples ears when he speaks.
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  • Ms M 2011/01/25 06:46:56
    Obama's next job will be working for a dog whistle company
    Ms M
    I notice his studdering and lisp since his days of campaigning. I'll be listening tomorrow. That teleprompter instructs him to do that you know?
  • Common ... Ms M 2011/01/25 06:49:38
    Common Sense Conservative
    LOL, he can't poop without his teleprompter you know.
  • Common Sense Conservative 2011/01/25 06:42:10
    Yes, Obama's speaks with a lisp
    Common Sense Conservative
    It's like listening to a dog whistle at a police academy

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