Obama's #epicfail: America 'was warned of embassy attack but did nothing'

☆astac☆~PWCM 2012/09/16 18:38:27

Maybe if this epic failure of a President wasn't skipping over half of his daily intel meetings, maybe lives would have been saved. During 2011 and the first half of 2012, Obama's attendance at Presidential Daily Brief (PDB) — the meeting at which he is briefed on the most critical intelligence threats to the country.became even less frequent — was just over 38%. George W. Bush almost never missed his daily intelligence meeting.

Washington Post 911 (before the attacks) had this: PostScript: Thiessen, Obama and the daily intel briefings

By Rachel Manteuffel

Another 9/11 is upon us, and fittingly, one of the most-read stories on WashingtonPost.com is Marc Thiessen’s opinion/news jam about President Obama missing more than half of the daily intelligence briefings arranged for his benefit.

The enemedia, in the greatest act of perfidy in American history, is covering up, misleading and deceiving the American people in their furious campaign to re-elect the most dangerous President in American history.

"Revealed: inside story of US envoy's assassination" Independent

Exclusive: America 'was warned of embassy attack but did nothing'

The killings of the US ambassador to Libya and three of his staff were likely to have been the result of a serious and continuing security breach, The Independent can reveal.

American officials believe the attack was planned, but Chris Stevens had been back in the country only a short while and the details of his visit to Benghazi, where he and his staff died, were meant to be confidential.

The US administration is now facing a crisis in Libya. Sensitive documents have gone missing from the consulate in Benghazi and the supposedly secret location of the "safe house" in the city, where the staff had retreated, came under sustained mortar attack. Other such refuges across the country are no longer deemed "safe".

Some of the missing papers from the consulate are said to list names of Libyans who are working with Americans, putting them potentially at risk from extremist groups, while some of the other documents are said to relate to oil contracts.

According to senior diplomatic sources, the US State Department had credible information 48 hours before mobs charged the consulate in Benghazi, and the embassy in Cairo, that American missions may be targeted, but no warnings were given for diplomats to go on high alert and "lockdown", under which movement is severely restricted.

Mr Stevens had been on a visit to Germany, Austria and Sweden and had just returned to Libya when the Benghazi trip took place with the US embassy's security staff deciding that the trip could be undertaken safely.

Eight Americans, some from the military, were wounded in the attack which claimed the lives of Mr Stevens, Sean Smith, an information officer, and two US Marines. All staff from Benghazi have now been moved to the capital, Tripoli, and those whose work is deemed to be non-essential may be flown out of Libya.

In the meantime a Marine Corps FAST Anti-Terrorism Reaction Team has already arrived in the country from a base in Spain and other personnel are believed to be on the way. Additional units have been put on standby to move to other states where their presence may be needed in the outbreak of anti-American fury triggered by publicity about a film which demeaned the Prophet Mohamed.

A mob of several hundred stormed the US embassy in the Yemeni capital Sanaa yesterday. Other missions which have been put on special alert include almost all those in the Middle East, as well as in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Armenia, Burundi and Zambia.

Senior officials are increasingly convinced, however, that the ferocious nature of the Benghazi attack, in which rocket-propelled grenades were used, indicated it was not the result of spontaneous anger due to the video, called Innocence of Muslims. Patrick Kennedy, Under-Secretary at the State Department, said he was convinced the assault was planned due to its extensive nature and the proliferation of weapons.

There is growing belief that the attack was in revenge for the killing in a drone strike in Pakistan of Mohammed Hassan Qaed, an al-Qa'ida operative who was, as his nom-de-guerre Abu Yahya al-Libi suggests, from Libya, and timed for the anniversary of the 11 September attacks.

Senator Bill Nelson, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said: "I am asking my colleagues on the committee to immediately investigate what role al-Qa'ida or its affiliates may have played in the attack and to take appropriate action."

According to security sources the consulate had been given a "health check" in preparation for any violence connected to the 9/11 anniversary. In the event, the perimeter was breached within 15 minutes of an angry crowd starting to attack it at around 10pm on Tuesday night. There was, according to witnesses, little defence put up by the 30 or more local guards meant to protect the staff. Ali Fetori, a 59-year-old accountant who lives near by, said: "The security people just all ran away and the people in charge were the young men with guns and bombs."


An eight-strong American rescue team was sent from Tripoli and taken by troops under Captain Fathi al- Obeidi, of the February 17 Brigade, to the secret safe house to extract around 40 US staff. The building then came under fire from heavy weapons. "I don't know how they found the place to carry out the attack. It was planned, the accuracy with which the mortars hit us was too good for any ordinary revolutionaries," said Captain Obeidi. "It began to rain down on us, about six mortars fell directly on the path to the villa."

Libyan reinforcements eventually arrived, and the attack ended. News had arrived of Mr Stevens, and his body was picked up from the hospital and taken back to Tripoli with the other dead and the survivors.

Read More: http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/20...

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  • getu 2012/09/18 18:56:26
    It should come as no surprise to anyone who has been closely following the egotistical parade of our Imposter in the White House. I use that term with deliberation, not because of the question of his birth, but because of the clear and transparent view we now have of an incompetent, pretending to be a world leader.

    That he despises those he claims to work for is obvious; that he has no concept of why people would work together and compromise to reach common goals is also obvious.

    What is not so obvious is why people refuse to do their own research or even consider that some evidence is there, if they will only look.
  • realityjunkie 2012/09/17 23:09:49
    You should have read the blog you posted. It says nothing about being "warned" but there likely was a security breech. But I don't believe every blog on the internet. The spokesman for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said “This is absolutely wrong. We are not aware of any actionable intelligence indicating that an attack on the U.S. Mission in Benghazi was planned or imminent.”
  • ☆astac☆... reality... 2012/09/18 02:18:39
    That is not what the news is reporting
  • realityjunkie 2012/09/17 23:08:26
    You should have read the blog you posted. It says nothing about being "warned" but there likely was a security breech. The spokesman for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said “This is absolutely wrong. We are not aware of any actionable intelligence indicating that an attack on the U.S. Mission in Benghazi was planned or imminent.”
  • ☆astac☆... reality... 2012/09/18 02:18:53
    That is not what the news is reporting
  • JustTheFacts 2012/09/17 11:09:11
    obama will do anything (or nothing in this case) to see Americans die. This is just further proof.
  • shadow76 2012/09/17 09:36:33
    Someone had to give them that information, This WH is not only leaky they are traitors and muderers!
  • Pedro Doller ~Inc. 2012/09/17 07:31:41
    Pedro Doller ~Inc.
    The Ambassador was set up. Why didn't he go to Tripoli? Who said the Consulate was safe? At first I heard he was killed at the Consulate, now I hear he was killed at a safe house. Who told the hit team where the safe house was, inside job? Now the question is what did he know and who did he have the goods on.
  • mrdog 2012/09/17 05:53:06
    Evidence seems to suggest ... America was warned.... bark
  • ☆astac☆... mrdog 2012/09/17 05:56:09
    A few days before.
  • cddjmikey 2012/09/17 04:16:27
    C'Mon, give the guy a break ! He has WAY more important things to do then sit through the intelligence briefing letting him know where the trouble spots in the world are ! He had to prep for his appearance on Letterman !!
  • lark 2012/09/17 02:20:32
    He couldn't make the meeting Vegas was calling
  • No-to-neocons 2012/09/17 02:02:03
  • ☆astac☆... No-to-n... 2012/09/17 03:33:52
    But he has
  • No-to-n... ☆astac☆... 2012/09/17 03:44:19
    no he has not, like I said he either gets it in written form or over the phone or in person, Just like every other President.
  • ☆astac☆... No-to-n... 2012/09/17 03:51:08
    But he has
  • No-to-n... ☆astac☆... 2012/09/17 04:07:41
    You are one of those ignorant clowns I was talking about. You'll believe anything.
  • ☆astac☆... No-to-n... 2012/09/17 04:15:08
    You are a nothing
  • JustThe... ☆astac☆... 2012/09/17 11:12:03
    Fortunately, you did not have to waste much on time on that denier....
  • JustThe... ☆astac☆... 2012/09/17 11:11:04
    Anybody who is going to disagree with that factual concept is not worth having a discussion with, but he, we have to try....good luck.
  • No-to-n... JustThe... 2012/09/17 13:27:05
  • ☆astac☆... No-to-n... 2012/09/18 02:19:48
    Actually the facts show that the intelligence was pointing to a planned attack.
  • JustThe... ☆astac☆... 2012/09/18 03:42:08
    I think this is the first time I ever heard the wind inside a website....did somebody say something or was it just my imagination?

    What a fool that guy is....
  • Red Branch 2012/09/17 00:51:42
    Red Branch
    Unless the Americans are issued live ammunition and are given orders to shoot to kill if they feels their lives are in danger, well they could just as well stay home. I mean fire without permission. If permission is necessary, put that person between the Marines and the Islamic terrs.
  • ed 2012/09/16 23:43:59
    They would rather us believe it's the fault of the film that was made or our dislike for the radical muslims that are against our country and our way of life.How could any one group hate our way of life that they would blow themselves up to kill innocent people.
  • mk, Smartass Oracle 2012/09/16 23:24:55
  • texasred 2012/09/16 20:53:22
    You know. We had this problem before 9/11 in the Bush Administration. They put all kinds of changes in place to ensure something like this wouldn't happen again. So there's no excuse this time.
  • Kane Fernau 2012/09/16 20:01:48
    Kane Fernau
    Obama denied, Americans died.
  • No nonsense NanC...don't BS... 2012/09/16 19:09:23
    No nonsense NanC...don't BS me!
    There is little or no hope for this country with 0bama as president.........naive, arrogant and disengaged. What a combination for disaster.
  • Dave 2012/09/16 19:09:16
    Too bad our campaigner-in-chief didn't send in the Marines BEFORE the attack. He really does lead from behind ---waaaay behind. It's hard to believe ANYBODY would vote for him after his terrible mismanagement (or non-management) of this sad attack.
  • No nons... Dave 2012/09/16 19:11:02
    No nonsense NanC...don't BS me!
    And then when he sends them to the Sudan, they are refused entry........ Can you
    believe that?
  • Red Branch No nons... 2012/09/17 00:53:10
    Red Branch
    I do have a suggestion to respond to that BS.
  • No nons... Red Branch 2012/09/17 01:24:47
    No nonsense NanC...don't BS me!
    And pray tell, what is that?
  • Red Branch No nons... 2012/09/17 01:45:42
    Red Branch
    Tell Bashir that his palaces will be lit up like the American embassies if he refuses permission. Preferably he will be in one of them at the time.
  • No nons... Red Branch 2012/09/17 03:02:35
    No nonsense NanC...don't BS me!
    sounds like fun.!
  • Red Branch No nons... 2012/09/17 03:04:05
    Red Branch
    You got it. :-)
  • BUCCANE... Dave 2012/09/16 20:14:52
    He is rather fond of being behind behinds

    gay obama
  • Israel 2012/09/16 18:59:13
  • CUDDLY BUT STILL CRABBY 2012/09/16 18:48:15
    My friends who don't mind torturing themselves who watch the mainstream USA media tell me that not one word is being broadcast about this. The media is in full-denial mode and refuse to air anything that may have a negative impact on they're president. They are however pulling out any of the stops to portray Romney as the villain in all of this.

    Maybe seconds before they are lined up before the burial pits after they've been used like the whores that they are, will the American media wake up as to what is happening to them.

    Maybe not even then.
  • wtw 2012/09/16 18:43:07
    And the lying Obama regime blames a video that nobody has seen and they had to hunt down for a few day to even find--what a LIE as always but the lying leftisit non-journalistic media refuse to change -The media has zero credibility!

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